Happy Hips and Joints

Last week we shared a natural flea and tick spray with you.

At the time we were contacted by Pet Naturals of Vermont we were offered the opportunity to to do a Flea and Tick review as well as a Hip and Joint supplement.  I don’t typically do a lot of reviews on this blog, and I admit I was slightly concerned with the timing because both posts needed to be up by the 13th, but honestly I just couldn’t choose between the two!  I love their Flea and Tick spray and I’ve been talking to my vet and she REALLY wants Sampson to be on a Glucosamine/MSM supplement, so I said yes to both.

We were sent Hip+ Joint for Dogs, medium and large version.

Hip and Joint

Hip and Joint

I don’t start my dogs on anything that I haven’t run past my vet, so at Delilah’s wellness exam I said to my vet, “I want you to tell me what you think of this.”  I pulled the bag out of my purse and she almost ripped it out of my hands.

“My cat LOVES these,” she exclaimed. “There are lots of great things in here and from what I’ve heard it’s a very good company. Go ahead and start him on them.”

So we did.

According to the package there are 45 supplements in the bag and a dog Sampson’s size needs between 4 and 6 per day, this means I have a 10 day supply.  Considering Delilah is also a “Senior Dog” I’d like to start her on something as well.  I reached out to my contact and questioned her about this because at that rate, I’d be using three packages a month, per dog, if kept on the low dose.  After a quick calculation on her part, she said for both my dogs it would cost me $150 a month, which is definitely not cost effective. She did tell me there is an XL version of this supplement which I’ll definitely be looking into.

According to my contact the cost is about $25 per bag, but I did find them on Chewy.com for $15.99,

I love that they are soft and chewy and they must be pretty tasty because the dogs love them.  Because of their softness, I can break them up into threes and use them when we are walking for my positive reinforcement instead of filling the dogs full of calories they don’t need. 

The little bone shaped supplements are maybe an inch or so long.

The little bone shaped supplements are maybe an inch or so long.


But they are easily broken up into smaller pieces.

But they are easily broken up into smaller pieces.


 For the purposes of this review, I have only been giving them to Sampson, to make sure the bag lasts the full ten days.   Although I did let Delilah try one when I first opened the bag.

After about a week on these supplements I can say that something is working with Sampson.  Hubby and I both think he is walking better and I can tell he is happier.  He is becoming more and more like his old pre-injury self.  He has more energy on our walks too.  In fact, it’s becoming difficult to keep him walking slowly. 



I won’t say with certainty it is the supplements, because we have done and continue to do many things (more on some of that on Friday) to help Sampson heal.  In general though, I am very pleased with these supplements.

So would you like to try this? Pet Naturals of Vermont will be giving away 1 free bag along with a valuable coupon to the first 100 people who fill out their form.

Full disclosure: I was sent a free sample of Pet Naturals Hip+Joint for Dogs in exchange for my honest opinion. If I liked the product I would receive a year’s supply in exchange for sharing it. While I have been compensated with product for this post, Heart Like a Dog only shares products and services we feel are of value to our readers and would never promote something we didn’t use ourselves.

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  1. Sophie says

    Our last golden had a lot of joint problems. Many times I had to pick her up and carry her to her destination. She was on glucosamine for awhile before we discovered msm. It made a world of difference for her. The combination helped her to ambulate much easier.
    Old puppies are very expensive, but who could turn down that sweet sugar face of Sampson!
    Gus’ Mom

  2. says

    We are trying anything we can find for Katie as her osteoarthritis is getting worse. Thank you for a good, positive review and we will contact them to see if these may offer a touch of help for my sister.

  3. says

    First of all, I’m so happy that Sampson is doing so much better now, and getting back to being the boy we all know and love!!

    Thanks for the form! I filled it out so maybe I’ll get lucky for a change. Have a tail wagging day my friend!!

  4. says

    I like that you can break them into pieces and use them for training treats, so you’re not adding empty calories to their diets.
    Originally I was going to pass on the free offer, because we’re happy with the supplements Sheba is on. But lately my hubby and I have been discussing adding some supplement to Cricket’s diet. Even though she’s a small dog, she is very active and at almost 10 years old I think it would probably not hurt. She’ll be happy if it comes in the form of a yummy treat too, and at her size probably won’t need many in a day.

  5. Frankie and Ernie says

    The savings from Chewy is amazing. We hope that these DO help. Do you suppose there is LONG LASTING effects or will you need to give them forever?

  6. says

    I might have to check out the pet naturals hip and joint. My brother’s dog has been on meds for his hips since he was a puppy because of severe dysplasia. My oldest dog, Linus has slowed down a little bit and I’m thinking joint supplements would be good for him. Thanks for sharing!

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