Dodge Dog

One of the things I’ve been struggling with regarding Sampson’s ACL injury is trying to give him the care he needs, while not letting Delilah feel too neglected.  Many is the time I’ve had to push her away to insure she doesn’t step on Sampson’s bad leg.   Or I’ve been busy with him and can’t give her the attention she’s been seeking.  And that makes me feel very badly.

Luckily I think spring has finally made her way to the northeast, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of the nicer weather to get Delilah out for a walk.

Yesterday my mom came and sat with Sampson so Delilah and I could get out and enjoy almost 60 degree weather.   Typically I let Delilah choose our walk.  We start out with her in the lead and whichever way she turns, I follow.  Of course there are times when I encourage her away from a situation I’m uncertain of, which is how we found ourselves playing Dodge Dog yesterday.

As we were making our way into our favorite park, I noticed an animal moving in the distance.   I pulled my camera out just in case it was a deer, but upon closer inspection it looked like a black lab.  I could hear a woman shouting for it, so I directed Delilah onto one of the side trails.

As I huffed and puffed behind her up the hill, my eyes kept straying to the path I’d seen the dog on.  Within a minute the off-leash dog was joined by another off-leash dog and shortly after that a woman followed.  They headed into the soccer field.  I knew I’d have to keep my eyes sharp if I was going to prevent my leashed dog from encountering the off-leash dogs.

The good thing was, Delilah had not seen the dogs so she wasn’t on the lookout for them.  But I was.  And not being able to anticipate which trail (if any) they would choose, I kept my eyes sharp.  Sure enough as we approached the field from the other direction, I noticed the black dog, in the field.   I contemplated a trail that would take us along side the field, but thought that might be pushing my luck.  So we turned around and headed back the way we had come.

As it turned out, our walk was a bit longer than I had planned, but it was a nice day and we managed to avoid an encounter with the off-leash dogs.

What is Dodge Dog?  Are you setting me up for something?  Is that why you are making me sit, in the dirt no less?

What is Dodge Dog? Are you setting me up for something? Is that why you are making me sit in the dirt?  You have no Dogcorum, dirt is not for sitting, it’s for digging.  Sheesh Mama.

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  1. says

    Glad your walk turned out OK in the end. Must be very hard on all of you trying to juggle everyone’s needs. We hope D is fit and well soon. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. says

    ha ha I know that game well. I’m also a fan of spot a dog at 1000 passes and think what sort of measures you have to take to ensure it doesn’t get to close. Even more fun when played without the dog and suddenly you head across the road for no reason!

  3. says

    My mom has a hard time with the three of us and trying to make sure we all get enough special attention. Glad you got out for a nice walk and it is great for you both that it was longer rather than shorter.

  4. Carol Bondy says

    Well deserved outing for you and Delilah was a great day…and sure Sampson loved being with your mom

  5. Frankie and Ernie says

    Delilah you are SO right… DIRT is fur DIGGING… esp in the Spring when it is SOFT and so FULl of wonderful smells and tastes. Glad that you Dodged the Loose Dogs.

  6. says

    Ha! We try to dodge dogs all the time! Most of the time they are on our walks and all dogs are leashed but there is this one man who walks 2 of his dogs and while the dogs are very well behaved they get excited to see Leroy and their owner has a hard time getting them to settle down. I always try and dodge them when I see them but sometimes there is nowhere to go! Hate when that happens!

  7. says

    When I first began reading your post I was thinking how great for the two of you to be able to get outside, enjoy the weather and relax. Then I got to the part about the off leash dogs. So much for a stress free walk for Jodi :-( Oh, well, right?

  8. says

    It’s so hard to manage different activity levels…I know exactly how you feel when I have to leave one of them behind. I also know the dodge dog game…really don’t like encountering off leash dogs – Jack can be unpredictable with them.

  9. says

    Glad you were able to dodge those off-leash dogs.

    I sure understand the challenges of meeting the needs of more than one dog. I have to do it every day. Ah, but all you can do is your best. Ducky wants attention 24/7, and poor Shadow just can’t stand the competition. Yet, when it was just Callie and Shadow, neither one of them was jealous of the other. Oh well, that’s life I guess. :-)

  10. says

    That’s so great that your Mom was able to care for Sampson so you could get out for a nice long walk with Delilah….I bet she was very happy to have some attention from and alone time with her Mom.
    I took Sheba for a walk yesterday and also had to dodge some off leash dogs. Luckily for me they were down a muddy road which I didn’t mind avoiding anyway! But I ended up sloshing through snow in a field instead…..I sure hope it’s all gone soon.

  11. says

    My dogs always seem to sense (smell) another dog in their zip code or it seems like it. You are lucky Delilah was so well behaved.

  12. says

    Glad that Delilah never saw them so she wasn’t on alert through the whole walk…especially since it ended up longer than you anticipated. Equally glad that the weather is finally warming up. WOO HOO!

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