Follow-Up Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that wraps up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

You Make Me Smile – December 29, 2013

Cupcake said, “Whenever I freeze and stop breathing and stare into the distance, Mom says, “Let’s go. There’s nothing there…” She’s usually wrong.”

Cupcake darling, your comments always make me laugh.

Dawn asked, “I have to take dozens of photos and hope one of them turns out right. How many photos did you have to take to get this perfect one of Sampson and Delilah?”

I think about three.  It’s the rare time I get a great picture right from the get. :-)

A Christmas Eve Walk

Dawn said, “I have to walk Maya and Pierson one-at-a-time or they will get extremely riled up when they see another dog.”

Which is why Hubby needs to be with me if I venture out of our woods.  Sampson usually just wants to greet, but Delilah is a mixed bag of nuts.  You never know how she will react.

Jan K said, “We LOVE our rail trails! Yours look really nice too. Ours are mostly flat though….I wouldn’t mind more of an elevation gain here and there. They do go high over some rivers and roads, but the trail itself is flat. We can walk right to ours from our house too, which is great, and sometimes I drive to other towns for scenery changes. The only downfall is that once we have a lot of snow we don’t use them. The snowmobilers use them then and I don’t trust that they aren’t out there going too fast for our safety.”

Most of the trail is flat, or you don’t really realize the change in elevation, but in this instance to access the trail, it was a huge climb.

We don’t have to worry about snowmobiles here, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the rail trail down here.

Are You Ready for Some Good Carma?

Jessica said, “I thought the whole point of Golden Doodles was that Poodles made terrible service dogs. It’s nice to see somebody disprove that.”

I thought that too.  I thought (oh I’m going to catch some shit from this statement) poodles were high strung. :-)

Pamela asked, “Did you meet Carma and her mom at BlogPaws this year?”

Colored Poodle Sadly, I did not.  I only saw one poodle and it was in my Facebook course.  But she was certainly relaxed. :-)

Then again, she could have been Carma, but if she was I did not know.

This ‘N That Thursday – January 2, 2014

Emma said, “As for the butter…Mom had a similar experience except that Bailie took the top slice of bread off her sandwich which was on the kitchen island about two feet behind Mom’s back. She was going for the entire sandwich but got caught and settled for the bread of which she got about half before Mom attempted to kill her. Well, not really, but there was a lot of nasty yelling going on for sure! Bailie will be a stellar counter surfer when she gets her techniques refined a bit more. I’m proud of her, Mom is not at all pleased! Mom did not eat what was left of the bread, but in your case, she would have eaten the butter.”

LOL Emma, I think Bailie will make a wonderful counter surfer too.  For the record, I would not have eaten the bread and yes, there were some nasty words coming out of my mouth. :-)

Roxy the Traveling Dog said, “I am glad my dogs are to short to counter surf. I would have used the butter too.”

The counter surfing wouldn’t bother me quite so much if she wasn’t so bold.  She will reach into the trash to pull something out while you are putting something in there. 😀

Frankie and Ernie said, “BaaaaaWaaaah what a way to start the new Year… BUTTER UP !! Our mom would have used it too…WAY TO GO DELILAH!!! WE are PROUD of you… even if your mom isn’t. Did she have Tomato Soup with the Grilled Cheese?? THAT is a super meal.”

No Frankie and Ernie, I covered the soup. :-)

And Jessica said, “Lots of good challenges. There’s also the fitness challenge that was posted on You Did What With Your Wiener yesterday.”

So there is another blog hop to add to the list!

That’s it for me, have  a great weekend!!

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  1. says

    Another great FUF. I will gross you out here but once I sat my Mc Donalds double cheeseburger down and walked away when i turned around Norman had it in his mouth and I yelled at him and took it from him and I of course ate it….that is how much I love Mc Donalds! Plus I know where Normans mouth has been and it ain’t all bad. If more people would be like me they wouldn’t be getting sick so much. I hardly ever get sick cuz I have a whole set of germs built up! Have a great night.

  2. says

    Hi Y’all!

    BOL!!! If I even stick my nose near the counter, my Human says sternly “AHT!!!” If I don’t stop and go lay down, she says my “HAWKEYE!”…and it does come out like a cuss word! Even if it’s only my name…

    As for Poodles, my Human’s first retriever was a Standard Poodle. He went everywhere with her except the grocery store or inside a restaurant. There was group who hunted over Standard Poodles in those days. Like any other breed, when trained and socialized properly, assuming parents had good temperament, you get a great dog.

    As for greeting other dogs, I used to like to leap into the air and holler when I’d see another dog approaching. Then my Human taught me to switch over and heel on either side. That way I’m away from the passing dog. She also, if I’m excited and the other dog is too, taught me to “sit stay” at heel on the opposite side from the passing dog. We used to practice this is obedience class. Focusing on our human, each pair would take a turn in the center while all the other dogs circled us.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. says

    LOL fun week. I wish we had rail trails here. Up at the cabin we have to watch for snowmobilers on our roads and trails in the winter. Of course this year there is so much snow, it is hard to get out walking.

  4. says

    Happy FUF! We aren’t real familiar with Poodles, although Mom saw CarmaPoodale at BlogPaws, she did not meet her. I enjoy counter surfing, but Bailie and my cat bro Bert make Mom crazy and they are both food obsessed and have no qualms about stealing right in front of Mom. I prefer the sport style…going in undetected and blaming another pet. The kitchen is kind of a game room these days!

  5. says

    I forgot to comment on the butter–Silas is just a little too short to counter surf, but if I ever leave the butter out he will try his darndest. It’s also my “big gun” that I keep in reserve for pill time when my other treats fail.

    Our best “rail trail” is actually an out-of-service road. It’s nice because it still has real concrete bridges, rather than the wooden ones that dogs can be skittish about. The down side is that they rerouted the road because of persistent flooding, so you have to watch that your walk doesn’t become a wade.

  6. says

    Great follow up! (I’ve been reading your posts, even if not taking time to comment. Was trying to not spend as much time online over the holidays, especially while the hubs was home and family was here.) Rita almost never countersurfs. Her angel sister Abby was good at it, as she was so tall, but she almost never stole anything (not much of a chow hound) – she just liked to check everything out!

    Thanks for hosting the hop!

  7. says

    Oh, you’re lucky, no motorized vehicles on your rail trail! Ours only allow them in the winter….snowmobiles only, but it would be a great place to snowshoe otherwise. My hubby hates that they don’t allow ATV’s in the other seasons, but I think it’s great.

    The beagles are too short to counter surf, and Sheba has never tried. But Luke is already reaching up as far as he can….so it may be coming! :)

  8. says

    Oh Delilah, very bold indeed! I can’t believe she will get into the trash like that.

    I never heard about poodles not being good service dogs. I knew they are pretty smart and that the smaller ones can be high strung. But I’ve seen just about every breed be a service dog, why not a smart poodle? Every dog brings good Carma/karma.

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