Happy Birthday Delilah and Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers Day 14

My grandmother was a huge influence in my life.  It’s a wonderful grandmother who can convince every one of her grandchildren that they were her favorite.  My grandmother was that woman.  Between my two sisters and I, each one of us would swear that we were her favorites.

My grandmother died six weeks shy of my 19th birthday and 4 weeks shy of the birth of my twin daughters.  While she is gone she is never, ever forgotten, so when Delilah came to us and her birthday was estimated as December I polled my sisters to see if they’d mind if Delilah shared my grandmother’s birthday.

Thank God they said yes, cause I would’ve done it anyway. 😉  They probably knew that though…LOL

So today is the day we celebrate the life of two beautiful beings. One being my grandmother, a woman who guided and nurtured me from infancy to adulthood.  The other being Delilah who has given me one hell of a ride these last six years.

Delilah, Miss D, D, Pretty Girl, Sweet Lips, Sweet Pea, DEE-LIE-LAH!, DEE-LIE-LAH ROSE! Princess.

My second hand rose goes by many names.

Delilah sleeping Finally resting, the first day she was home.

But no matter what we call her, she brings joy, laughter and a zest for life into our lives.  When she first joined our house I thought she was sent to me to teach me patience, but lately I’ve come to think she was sent to me to make me laugh.

And she does that.  On a daily basis.

Happy birthday sweet princess, you’ve been an amazing influence in my life and I treasure every moment I have with you.

Today we’re celebrating Delilah’s birthday with some of our favorite pictures, which we’re sharing on Facebook.  Won’t you join us?

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday Delilah! Party it up good! Mom says that to share a birthday or to be named after a beloved family member is an honor if you are a pet lover and if that person you are honoring truly knew you they would appreciate the honor. Your grandmother sounds wonderful and I’m sure you miss her even after all these years. My mom has a great Aunt like that and she misses her all the time. She’s been gone for like 30 years, but those that influence you when you are young are always so very important.

  2. says

    Today’s a special day, a special day for Delilah, so Delilah dance and Delilah sing a birthday is a special thing, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Delilah!

    Your Grandmother sounded like a very special lady. My Nana was the same, everyone was her favourite! [Maybe it is something with grandmother’s born in December, my Nana’s birthday was December 19].

    Enjoy your days of memories and making new ones with Delilah!

  3. Frankie and Ernie says


    You have a super FANGTASTIC time celebrating you Super Special Day!!!
    We did not realize what a MEMORY FILLED Name you have! THAT is wonderful.

  4. says

    Happy birthday, Delilah. I feel like you are my own dog. And there are times when I am glad you are not. :) But you are always lovable and funny.

  5. says

    Happy birthday, Delilah! I think that is a dog’s best feature… That they make us laugh and smile each day!

    Lovely post and tribute to your grandma (I never knew mine), and to Delilah!

  6. says

    I think your grandmother is looking down on you and enjoying the fact that Delilah keeps you so entertained and happy(and entertains the rest of us too). Hope she had a great birthday!


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