Strange Doin’s

Once daylight savings ends, most of our daily walks take place on my lunch hour.  I’m lucky enough to work close enough so I can zip home at lunch and still manage to get a 30 minute walk in.  On the days I can’t zip home, we are stuck walking around the block at night.  Which really stinks. :-(

Friday as we approached the field I could see some people standing around something white.  At first I thought it was a casket.

Weird right?

Having taken a video class myself in college, I suspected it might be some type of photo shoot or school project.  Sampson of course was so excited that there were people, so I thought it might be better to approach the people after the dogs had burned off some energy.  I leashed him up and headed off in a different direction.

Besides do you really want to dart up to somebody standing by a casket in the middle of the a field?

I didn’t either.

We walked for a bit, then came at the field from a different direction, by this time more young people had joined the party.  I could see as we got closer  what I had originally thought was a casket, was in fact a table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Made approaching the kids a little more comfortable I can assure you.

By now I could tell they were filming something as the majority of them were in costume.  Oh and there was the little matter of the person with the video camera giving out directions.  A young man standing near the table, noticed my barking, rooing, lunging dog so he approached to pet him and he was joined by a young lady, and they confirmed it was indeed a video project for school.

As we made to leave I took a couple of discreet photos (which is why you really can’t see much.)  I didn’t want the kids to get big heads thinking the Paparazzi was already stalking them.

Fotorpeeps You can see there are bunch of them.  I added the arrow, because I know how small they are.

When we got back to the car I looked in the mirror and realized I probably scared the shit out of those kids.

A while back on Facebook there was some fad going around where you changed your profile picture to the cartoon character that you closely resembled.  Since my hair is red and I like to wear it really short and spiky I change my picture to

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Can you see the resemblance?

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  1. says

    LOL! That would be weird to come across a group of kids with something like that, Mom would have worried, I would have howled, Katie would have barked and Bailie would have been confused.

  2. says

    Can’t see it either, you are much prettier, but I love your sense of humor and the interesting things you have on your neighborhood walks.

  3. says

    Love that picture of you Jodi, especially with the two dogs in back looking out the windows! I’m sure the kids weren’t too traumatized, but were glad to have a nice greeting from your merry team.

  4. Two French Bulldogs says

    I sure am glad it was a photo shoot and not a creepy coffin. I would not have left until they all petted me

  5. says

    The Heat Miser! Nooooo! While I adore this holiday cartoon the song gets instantly stuck in my head. You are evil. It’s a good thing you are so cute. 😉

  6. says

    Oh, Mr. Heat Miser! I can probably sing every word of that little song he sings, but can’t remember all my sister’s birthdays!

    And, no, I’m not seeing the resemblance! He was an ol’ meanie!

  7. says

    Love the profile picture. Cute! I can see how the hair might resemble you but not the grumpy frown. :) I wonder which cartoon character I would be? Pierson would probably be Scrappy-Doo, because he thinks he’s all tough and really he’s just a little cutie. Maya might be Odie, because she’s just so sweet and happy all the time. And even though she’s a smart dog, sometimes you just have to wonder what’s going on in that little head.

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