Good Morning Monday!

You may recall we’ve been treating Sampson for a lick granuloma.

He had one last year in October and then this spring he got another one on the same paw.  We treated it in the spring but I don’t think it really went away.  You can read more about that go round here.

Our vet recommended a 20 day course of antibiotics (Clindamycin 300 mg twice a day,) a 27 day course of nerve blocker (Gabatentin 200 mg twice a day) and 6 cold laser treatments, with a re-check in three weeks.

Meanwhile the holistic vet added some liver detox drops, some skin drops and a Super Probiotic to his diet.  He is still taking all three of these.

Let me tell you, this boy did not mind the cold laser treatments at all!   The first visit the vet techs tag teamed him.

9-15-13 001

One to do the treatment and the other to feed him noms.

9-15-13 002 I don’t mind this as long as this guy keeps feeding me noms.

A close-up of the boo boo while he was being treated.

This photo was taken the very first laser treatment, you can see how he’s licked it raw and it’s gotten infected.

After that first treatment, they discovered what a good boy Sampson is and that he’s perfectly fine with me in the room feeding him noms.

The fact that they allowed me in the room made me super happy.  The first appointment took place the day we went in to have his paw looked at. The day of the 2nd laser treatment I heard on the news of a man who was arrested for abusing animals at the shelter he worked for.  I worked myself into a fine tizzy worried about bringing Sampson in and having to leave him while he was treated out of my sight.

I know, I know.  I trust my Vet’s office, I really do, but there’s always that little wondering voice that makes me doubt.  I can never be too careful when it comes to the care and well-being of my pups.

Anyhoo, Sampson finished the laser treatments about two weeks ago, he finished the antibiotic last Monday and he’s scheduled to finish the nerve blocker tonight.

Our vet checked him out last Tuesday and was so pleased with the way his paw looks.


 You can see that the fur is growing back and you can tell that he hasn’t been licking at it.  My vet says he may need to remain on the nerve blocker for a while and that it is a perfectly safe drug.

This morning I noticed he was limping. On that paw.

Good morning Monday!

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  1. says

    Limping? On that paw? Oh, oh… and here I was going to say it was looking so good. I don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to be in the room for treatment. Many years ago we went to a vet who always saw the dogs without the owners. I didn’t like it. I had no real reason to suspect anything untoward, but… I still didn’t like it. Paranoid? Maybe not… we ended up changing vets fairly soon (for another reason), and about a year later there was a huge scandal involving that vet and how some of the pets were treated “in the back room.” Not saying there’s anything wrong with your vet (not at all), but personally, I think either the dog daddy or I should be present for treatment.

    • Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says

      Some dogs just are not as “snarky” when out of sight of their owners. That said, I feel the same way you and Jodi feel about it. However, I trust my vet and his staff and I know Ducky…sometimes it is just better if I’m not in the room. Other times she’s fine. I think it’s those adolescent hormones. :-)

  2. says

    I would also want to be in the room whenever possible – I’m a bit of a busy-body/control freak that way. But it looks like the laser has done it’s work – good to see him healing up nicely and having a good experience at the same time!

  3. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says

    Maybe he was just a little stiff this morning. It happens to the best of us. Happy to see that the paw has healed so nicely and that the treatments are working! Happy Monday!

  4. says

    Hmmm…sounds all good but then the limp? I know I just learned the no lick command to stop me from doing that stuff and Katie gets the athletes food powder on the area and it works like a charm. Hope the limp goes away.

  5. Carol Bondy says

    I also put mediacted powder first sign of licking and redness…..and as emma said. ..does indeed work like a charm…and no infections..not only does it seem to take the itch awAy…the redness clears too
    Good luck…sounds lime the limp is coincidental…..

  6. says

    I’m afraid I would change vets if they wanted to take the dog away from me for treatment even though Sampson was such a good boy. You don’t suppose he remembered the noms from the treatment and wants to go back. No…of course not.

  7. says

    Your paw looks great Sampson! Sorry you’re limping though. I hope it’s just a simple strain from running around and having too much fun. Maya has been getting bald spots on her feet for the past few summers. I think they are from her licking the chigger bites. At this point, I don’t think her licking has developed into lick granuloma. If last year is a good indication, she will be fine when the weather cools and the chiggers subside.

  8. says

    I actually said “Yaaay!!” out loud when I saw the last pic of his paw… and then boom… the line about the limp. :(
    Fingers, toes, and paws crossed that it was just something temporary and random and that he’ll be fine!

  9. says

    Well, this all sounded like good news until the last bit.

    Huh. Never really thought about being there for the whole visit. Our vets have always done the exam/shots, etc. while in the room with us, but then the dogs usually disappear into the back if any “big” stuff is needed – xrays and whatnot. I must say, our vet’s office is pretty tiny in the back (he took me back there once to look at an xray – oh gosh, that’s a bad memory actually) and I can see why they wouldn’t want all the ‘pawrents’ back in there. It was busy and crowded with all the animals and techs plus 3 vets in the office.

  10. Denise Straulea says

    He’s seems like a champ at the vets! Adorable baby, paw looks great but so sorry about the limp? Hope all works out well with that.

  11. says

    Oh no, just when I was getting ready to say how great his leg looks….has he had a limp before? I hope it is nothing. It’s so good that he did so well with the laser treatments.
    Our vet once lanced a cyst on Kobi while we were there….I don’t really care to witness that again! I completely trust them though (let’s see if your seed of doubt takes root with me now….).

  12. says

    Oh it looks so much better! Glad he was such a good boy for the treatments and you were able to stay in the room with him. I totally understand wanting to be there during them – especially after reading that horrible story!

  13. says

    My girl has a healing lick granuloma. Fortunately, she is no longer licking it. I treated with vetericyn spray, and Bach’s Rescue Remedy. I was fearful it was caused from boredom or stress, but do not know. I am grateful it is about gone, as it was frustrating for all parties involved.

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