Follow-Up Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that wraps up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop


Do you secure your pet when you travel?  Shame on me, but we don’t.  We are hemming and hawing about getting the dogs harnesses, but how do you know which is the best one to buy?

Me neither.  Never fear, my co-hostess this week is Dawn from the Pet Auto Safety blog and she will happily answer any questions you might have.

How do I know this?

I e-mailed her of course.  😀

Aided by her gorgeous models, Pierson and Maya, Dawn will help you navigate the world of Pet Carriers, Harnesses, Dog Barriers, Back Seat Bridges, Car Fences and Window Screens.  She’s knowledgeable, kind and super sweet.

Make sure you stop by her blog and say hello.  Welcome Dawn and thank you so much for co-hostessing with me this week!

You Make Me Laugh – September 1, 2013

I was surprised by how many of you had dogs that did this.  Coincidentally I was doing some research about dogs that regress to peeing in the house (not mine, thank God!) And I discovered female marking is very common!  In fact from what I read, some females actually stand on their front paws and back up to things to do this.

The things you learn.

Emma asked, “Did Delilah pee on her leash or the tree?”

She peed on the tree this time Emma, but at least once per walk she pees on her leash.

Pup Fan asked, “Does she use the tree for balance?”

I think so, she usually starts out with her foot on the tree but at some point she moves it.

Many of you commented that you have male dogs that squat.  Sheena asked, “How do you train a boy dog to lift his leg?”

Sampson was a squatter from day one.  Our trainer Sara told me they learn to lift by watching other dogs and if they haven’t done it by age one, they won’t.  So imagine my surprise when at about 2 1/2 Sampson lifted his leg!  I was so proud of him!  To this day he still squats occasionally but when he lifts his leg to piss on a pole, my chest puffs out with pride.

Jackie’s comment about her dog who loved to hump the hubs when he was doing push-ups made me laugh out loud.  Sampson tried to hump my hubby once too and I still get the giggles every time I think about it.  There I had to stop for a minute to let the giggles out.

Here They Are

Fingers crossed, we’ve got something that will make the ordering process easy.  Don’t worry there will be plenty of time for ordering, since we are not as rushed this year as we were last year.

Little Feet, Big Hearts

Dawn said, “Poor Nyla. Her original owner actually considered putting her to sleep rather than rehoming her? … When there is not even anything wrong with her?”

Nyla 3


Hold on a sec while I pull on my judgy pants.

There, they still fit.  My guess is, they weren’t going to breed her anymore so therefore, they had no need for her.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.  But it makes sense to me.

Hailey and Zaphod said, “Our Lady says she would never move anywhere we couldn’t go. It would be a deal breaker, but she guesses other people make other decisions and she is trying not to judge them.”

It’s a deal breaker for me too Hailey and Zaphod.  I would live in a tent if I had too.  I try not to judge either but in the world of animal welfare I’ve found it’s not that easy.

And thank you all for the great suggestions, I’ll make sure to pass them along to Jen.

I’ll Take Things You See On a Walk for $10 Alex

Animal Couriers said, “Maybe it was the turtle’s life savings?”

Crap!  I never thought of that. :-)

Roxy the Traveling Dog said, “What an interesting walk. The good, the bad, and the money.”

Dammit!  Why didn’t I think of that title?  That’s a good one Roxy!

Blueberry’s Human asked, “So, did finding the ten dollars make up for the fact that Delilah rolled on a dead frog?”

Well actually it wasn’t all that bad.  Rolling in the frog was better than rolling in poop.  I could see where she had rolled so I had an easier time of washing it off.  Poop doesn’t show up that well on Delilah….unless it’s bird poop.

Pam asked, “I assume something ate it, but why leave the legs?”

I don’t know, I always thought the legs were supposed to be the best part.

Beth asked, “How long do your walks last?”

Usually about 1/2 an hour but on weekends or days off they could go a bit longer.  I sure had a lot happen on THAT 1/2 hour walk!

Sue asked, “And did you buy a lottery ticket, too, you lucky girl?”

No Sue, I did not.  After I got screwed out of that last 328 million it really soured me.  Can you imagine how many dogs I could have saved with 328 million?

And for those of you who suggested my Grandpa was with me, well that made me smile.  I miss him a lot!

Once Upon a Time

I thank you all for sharing and donating!  The last time I checked the webpage Denise was only $331.00 away from reaching her goal.  You are all so wonderful and kind!!

Princess 2

And Princess thanks you too!

That’s a wrap to this week!  This is the Follow-Up Friday Blog hop hosted by Pet Auto Safety and Heart Like a Dog.

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  1. says

    Hi Y’all!

    Loved the follow up! Love Dawn and her web site too…well, maybe love her blog…my Human likes visiting her website. Oh and I have a crate for the SUV and a seat belt harness for the car. I HATE the harness but my crate won’t fit in the car…Papa would lets me go in the car without it if my Human isn’t with him…which is very rare. I’ve posted about how I once chewed the car seat belt to get loose and this was after demolishing my first seat belt strap.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. says

    Nice follow up. I did not know about the pet safety blog from your co host. Even though she is not sure about the seat belts we have, we are sticking with them because the Germans approve and they are tough customers. Can’t wait to see the calendars!

    • says

      I think you’ve made a great choice Emma. :) You certainly did your research, which is fantastic! The only reason I am wary is because most every company I’ve dealt with has made nearly identical claims. I’m hoping the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), which is a nonprofit organization, will shed some light on the subject. Still, any dog that buckles up or rides in a crate in the car has got to be better off than a dog that isn’t. And I’m sure AllSafe will be considered one of the best.

  3. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says

    Great follow up this morning my friend! I’m still trying to get a decent video — or at least a still shot — of Ducky trying to hump Callie. Talk about making me laugh! My little demon is hysterical sometimes! I really need to just keep the iPod on the end table next to my recliner whenever we’re all in the living room.

    Well, pardon me while I get started on my post for Ducky’s Gotcha Day. It’s less than two weeks away. Have a great day and weekend!

  4. says

    Dog car safety is something I had not thought much about until we had a car pile up in our town caused by a little dog who had gotten under the accelerator and I thought about how easy that could happen to me.

  5. says

    Nice follow up, especially since I missed Monday’s post. I don’t restrain the dogs when we travel either, insert bad dog mom here, but I just can’t see them being thrilled about it. We travel so much, sometimes we are driving for 5 or 6 hours. Roxy would REALLY not be happy as she likes to move about the cab of the truck freely. Torrey shifts positions a lot in the back seat too. It’s a dilemma for sure.

  6. says

    Evidently I’ve missed a lot this week. Time to go back and catch up. Our Flash lifts his leg or squats, depending on his mood, I guess. Once, when Jimmy was a young duck, Flash lifted his leg and Jimmy thought it was his personal water fountain. Now that duck won’t even let me near him with a hose. Hmm – I wonder if that’s when he started biting the dogs?

  7. says

    Thank you so much for the kind words Jodi!!! :) You’ve really made my day. ❤

    On the peeing followup, I was so proud of Pierson too when he first hiked his leg. He will hike his leg occasionally, but generally he just stands with a forward lean. Sometimes I have to rinse off the back of his front legs.

  8. says

    Great follow up! I confess… no doggie seat belt restraints here either. I keep reading, comparing and considering… not 100% comfortable with any of them yet. Have a great weekend! Hoping you’ll run across a hundred dollar bill soon :-)

  9. says

    I wrote a post a while back about a near-disaster we had with Austin in the car. Ever since then, I’ve been on the lookout for good car harnesses. I think I’ll wait until the full reports of the Center for Pet Safety’s study come out and see what their recommendations are. So far, the ClickIt by Sleepypod is looking pretty good. Pricey, though! I guess safety comes at a cost. In the meantime, I’ll check the Pet Auto Safety Blog for tips. I’ve also checked out Emma’s German harness and liked it too.
    Great follow-up on everything else. I have several pairs of judgey pants… they all still fit pretty well… I just try, try, try to keep my mouth shut while wearing them. Doesn’t always work, though. As far Nyla’s case goes, we just have to be happy that she’s in a good place now with people who will go the distance to find her a happy home.

  10. says

    Great FUF post. We are bad about harnessing Rita. Saw Emma’s post about her fancy German harness and thought we might try that one. Pretty sure Rita wil not be happy about it, as she’s used to her freedom now in the car. Oh well. Bummer, Rita.

  11. says

    Super FUF. I hate to say that I know the dogs should be harnessed when in the vehicles but at least they are in the back (guilt speaking here, it is still not right). So many cool stories this week. – DogDaz

  12. says

    Too funny Jodi: “To this day he still squats occasionally but when he lifts his leg to piss on a pole, my chest puffs out with pride.”

    If only us humans could be that proud of our little day to day accomplishments, I bet we just might all be happier.

  13. says

    I agree that I would never ever move someplace that my dogs couldn’t go!

    And, I do use doggy seatbelts but I have no idea if they are considered to be good ones. I’m going to check out your friend’s blog!

    • Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says

      That makes two of us! After having seen some pretty gruesome photo stories of dogs in seat belt harnesses being decapitated, I was torn between using them and not. I must admit I’m still torn. Ducky stays in her travel crate in the car, but there isn’t enough room for the crate and both Callie and Shadow.

  14. says

    I think early neutering can stop male dogs from lifting their legs, too. The “marking” hormones don’t kick in until about six months, or they didn’t for us. (I did a dance of joy, which makes me the weirdest dog owner of all time. Silas had a pee-phobia.)

  15. says

    We have a car seat for Mr. N which he is not terribly fond of. He will try to jump out of it trying to get to me and twist the strap in weird ways. I’ve been meaning to look for a different solution but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  16. says

    That was a great follow up. You always make me laugh at some point, this time it was the frog’s legs comment!

    I am with you and Hailey and Zaphod’s lady. I would also live in a tent before I’d give up my pets.


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