Hoarders the Delilah Edition

One of the big reasons I started this blog was for all the crazy, funny things my dogs do that bring a smile to my face or a laugh to my lips.

Sometimes it’s not easy to write a full blog post about it and sometimes I forget to share.

Some posts will be You Make Me Laugh and others will be You Make Me Smile, but they will all be the silly, sweet, funny things Sampson and Delilah do that help make crazy days just a little bit easier.

Feel free to share what your pet does to make you laugh/smile in the comments.

photo-7 Delilah, when you hoard all the bones and surround yourself with them, you make me smile.

Does your dog hoard bones, or toys?  Sound off in the comments.

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  1. says

    Being a two dog family, we can’t hoard as the other will steal or there would be a fight. I like to guard what I have, though. Nothing wrong with Delilah wanting all the bones. If she can get them, she can have them :)

  2. says

    Hoarder! Ha! You are funny, D. Sometimes, if Mom leaves the cabinet open, I bring containers and lids into the living room. After a few trips, it looks like I’m having a Tupperware party.

    Love and licks,

  3. Carol Bondy says

    My current dogs dont…but i had one gsd that had to have a bone every morning…would herd me into the kitchen until she did, and then hide it in different spots…if she knows you saw it…she would rehide it…once in donnas toy box. And then after dinner when we were having our coffee and cookies…she would go and find her bone and have her “desert”

  4. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says

    Callie and Shadow have never been hoarders, and were normally good about sharing their bones, toys, and balls. Then Ducky came along. She doesn’t hoard toys; but she guards the ones she has at a given moment and covers the ones Callie and Shadow have. Callie will just let her take what she wants. Shadow says no way most times and they get into an argument; or some times she will just let Ducky take the toy. Last night we just picked up all the balls and Nylabones and put them away in the coat closet. So far, no arguments between the two this morning. The toys will stay in the closet today, I think.

  5. says


    Rita likes her toys strewn about! I pick them all up and toss them back in her basket or on her bed, and then she’ll plop down in the middle of them. Wish I could train her to put them away!

  6. says

    Elka has two Gumby’s right now, and will sometimes put them together. She also has a big Bad Cuz and a smaller one, and if she knows where one is, she’ll sometimes seek the other. I’m not really sure what her thought process is, but it’s adorable, and definitely makes me smile.

  7. says

    HAAA! Cooper does that with their antlers. There are 3 – one for each dog – but when I can’t find any, I just check his bed. There they are!

  8. says

    Ours is not a hoarder, but she is very sweet. Loves to come check up on you and get a pet or two when she wakes from her nap, then she goes back to sleep. She doesn’t get up to much mischief, maybe because she is the only dog(?), which is why it is very endearing when she does funny things once in a while.

  9. says

    Awww – Delilah and Scarlett are kindred spirits! When we give each collie a cow hoof, we expect one or more to come complain to us. “Moooommmmm – Scarlett stole all our hooves!”

    And sure enough, she will be on my bed chewing on one hoof, while surrounded by four others! Her excuse of “being the baby in the family” is going to work much longer!

  10. says

    So Maggie occasionally commandeers both an antler and a bone. She will chew one and put the other close enough that she can chase Hurley off if he tries to steal it. I am convinced that she is, in this moment, reminding Hurley that even though he’s bigger, she’s the boss. He pouts next to her for a while until she feels properly respected (I would guess) and then she walks away leaving him to both. So hoarder? No. Little Brother teaser? Yup.

  11. says

    She would fit right in over here. Toby and Medi are BOTH hoarders, and they spend half their time trying to get the toys out from the other one so they can lay ON them. :-)

  12. says

    Blueberry is not a hoarder. But I did have a foster dog that hoarded pine cones. Months after she was gone I even found a couple under the sofa!

    I love how dogs sometimes hoard – I wonder what drives some of them to do it and others just don’t have an interest in collecting?

  13. says

    Hahaha – our Rosy dog used to be a serious hoarder. She would even steal Dexter’s treats and hide them from him. It got to the point that Dexter was scared to be seen anywhere near a rawhide chew. :-)

    So far our new sweet Haley girl does not seem to have hoarding tendencies, but I will keep an eye out for it.

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