Follow-Up Friday, July 19, 2013

Thank you for joining me for Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my co-hostess this week is the fabulously wonderful Jodi Chick from Kol’s Notes.  Don’t just take my word for it.   You know Kol’s Notes is a finalist in this years Petties, right?  I mean Holy Woof, my co-hostess this week not only won a Nose to Nose Award for best Bark Blog, she’s also up for a Pettie for Best Dog Blog.   Some of our other blogging friends are up for awards as well, so make sure you go vote.

I feel like I’m blogging with royalty.  Thank you so much for co-hosting this week Jodi!

You Make Me Smile

Emma said, “Mom says the ultimate lazy dog move was about 2 years ago when she took me out to pee and I laid down and peed while lying down.”

Wow Emma that is either really lazy or you weren’t feeling well at all.  But I’m with mom, I would probably find that disgusting.

Kim said, ” I can’t lay down and eat, so how do they?”

Good question Kim I wonder that myself!  I also worry that he’ll choke.

Flea said, “My dog makes me laugh when he’s running away from the duck.”

That would make me laugh too Flea, except I’ve seen how mean Petey is.  I’d run from him too. 😉

In CT it’s Against the Law

Marie asked, “what is a pig gestation crate?”

I’m not sorry to tell you that I don’t know.  I don’t want to know either.  Sue knows, and she will tell you but please NOT HERE.  While I love to advocate for animal welfare there are some things that I just can’t read about because it gives me such anxiety that I cannot sleep.

Suffice to say, it’s horrifying.

2 Brown Dawgs commented, “Some of those things are good, but why do the animal rights people always have to go after the hunters?”

I would say because just like everything else, certain people take advantage of or abuse privileges which ends up impacting everyone.

Pam asked, “Why have a pet if you’re just going to tie it up outside?”

Probably because it’s not really a ‘pet,’ at least it’s not treated as such.  Some people have such horrible views about animals and proper treatment.

Little Lady No Name

I love how some of you gave her a name.  There is something so inexplicably sad to me that she has no name.

I don’t know if she made it out or not, I was too afraid to call the pound.

Such Intensity

Top of stairs


You had a lot of good guesses, but no-one guessed right.

My favorite comment came from Elyse, “I’m gonna guess that Delilah was acting crazy at the bottom of the stairs and he was giving her a “WTF?” look.”

The funny thing is, I totally picture him rolling his eyes when she does some of her crazy antics.

So here’s what he was looking at.

You guys remember Bob?  Bob Stone?

You guys remember Bob? Bob Stone?


Yuppers, it was Bob Stone the cat.

This ‘N That Thursday

Blueberry’s Human said, “Yay – loved the calendar – it really is good quality and the photos are excellent!”

Thank you.  The reason this means so much to me is she bought one of the calendars.  In fact, Blueberry is the featured dog for the month of October.


 Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s mom said, “I’ll be glad to send you some bugs … hehe”  And Donna said, “Jodi – you are so lucky it hasn’t been buggy by you.”

Perhaps I wasn’t clear.  Walking the dogs around the neighborhood at 9:00 pm was fairly bug free, going out on our normal walks in the woods and we are bombarded.  We are not lacking bugs, thank you very much!

Now this one is going back a ways.

Seven Ways to Pissed Off

Remember this?

PicMonkey Collage

Yesterday when we went to the park, all the signs were gone.  I’m not complaining, but I am curious as to what happened.

That’s it for me, thanks again to my co-hostess Jodi Chick.  This is the Follow-Up Friday Blog hop hosted by Kol’s Notes and Heart Like a Dog.

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  1. says

    Great follow up! Very strange about those signs. Keep us posted. I wonder if some folks complained about them being an eyesore? Or if someone got disgusted and pulled them up? Or ???

    Sorry, Jodie, but… Okay, no judgey pants on here (honest), but IMHO if you eat pork… or feed your dog any pork products… you really should know what a swine gestation crate is and realize that the majority of swine are raised on mass scale factory farms. And, yes, I’d be glad to enlighten anyone who wants to know. Some day when I’m no longer in business, if I’m still blogging, I’ll be ranting about a lot of things. These days puppy mills and horse slaughter are about as far as I care to go.

    Re: your follow up on Little Lady No Name – I’ve stopped checking to see what’s happened to the adoptable dogs I feature on my blog. Too heart breaking. :-0

    • says

      Thank you Sue. I don’t eat pork and I don’t feed it to my dogs either. :-) I don’t buy pork, if Hubby orders it out that is up to him. If I order something that comes with bacon, I ask to have the bacon removed. I hate the idea of factory farming but I do know it exists in this world. My goal is to get myself to a point where I can afford to buy free range, humanely raised/slaughtered food. I’m working towards supporting my local farmers. :-)

      The dogs I spotlight in foster care are safe. I know that and I know someday they will be adopted because the rescue will continue to work on their behalf. I can’t check on the ones from the pound, it just hurts my heart.

      • says

        All of the dogs I feature are in a rescue/shelter facility. Sometimes a high kill facility. So, I learned awhile back, not to check to see what happens because I simply can’t stand it.

        Good for you re: pork and supporting local producers! I’m not advocating or suggesting everyone become vegetarian. I just wish more people understood where their food comes from and, especially in the case of animals, the kind of life and death they have. Not only do animals raised in confinement have an unnatural (and often cruel) life, but their food contains stuff we really shouldn’t want in our own bodies. Sorry for the rant on your blog! Thank dog you’re so good natured! :-)

  2. says

    So great that those ridiculous signs are gone! Love it! As for lying down and peeing, Mom says it was a phase…I am energetic but I have a strong lazy side too :) Happy Friday!

  3. Callie, Shadow and Ducky's Mom says

    Great FUF post, Jodi! At least YOUR bugs have the sense to go to sleep at night! I swear ours work 3 8-hour shifts every day! They just do not quit!! I can’t even enjoy my early morning coffee out in the upper driveway carport any more!

    Love the eyes on Bob Stone! Maybe it was just the camera doing that — like turning human eyes red.

  4. says

    I love your replies to the “In CT It’s Against the Law” questions/comments. I definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep either. And there are always people who mess it up for everybody. I love the signs at the park. Maybe someone borrowed them to put in their own yard. I have a couple of neighbors who could use some good reading material. 😉

  5. says

    Bob Stone totally rocks. :)

    That’s pretty bizarre that all the signs disappeared. It was a juvenile thing to do to begin with, but someone paid for all those signs and now they’re gone? Weird.

    We’re slowly going vegan here. Slowly. But not for animal welfare, sadly. For our own health.

  6. says

    I sure hope Little No Name found a home. It breaks my heart and I know what you mean about being too afraid to check. I check on the dogs at our shelter because they don’t euthanize them, but I don’t check on the others because it bugs the crap out of me. Hope you have a great weekend and I’m off to write my FUF!

  7. says

    Bob Stone’s eyes look pure evil, but we know it is just a part of his eyes that let him see at night. Prettty scary though,


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