Such Intensity

Sometimes I look over at my dogs and I wonder what the hell do they think of?

Then other times I wonder, what the hell is he looking at?

Top of stairs

Something sure caught his attention at the bottom of the stairs.

Anyone willing to guess what it was?  I’ll share the answer in Friday’s post.

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  1. says

    My cats do that to Mom more than us dogs…it could be a teeny tiny bug or something :) Sometimes we do it just to confuse our humans and make them feel dumb too!

  2. Callie, Shadow and Ducky's Mom says

    If he’s like Shadow, he pushed his ball down the steps and wants you to go get it and throw it back up to him. Shadow plays that game whenever I’m working downstairs. And, if I ignore her, she gets another ball — and another and another and another. :-)

  3. says

    I’m gonna go with ‘bug’ as well – not because I think it’s right, but because Rita was just doing the ‘What are you staring at??” thing this morning and i finally realized there was a fly by the window – which she promptly went over and killed. She’s ruthless.

  4. says

    Squirrel? No – he’d be running after a squirrel. Ball? I’ve seen my stare longingly at the ball that they just dropped, like they want me to go pick it up. Or maybe a ghost? Sometimes I wonder if mine see things that “aren’t” there. Lol. Can’t wait to hear what it was.

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