Follow-Up Friday – June 28, 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday (FUF) the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

This week my co-hostess is JoAnn from Sand Spring Cheseapeakes, thank you JoAnn and welcome.  If you haven’t check Sand Spring Chesapeakes out yet, hop on over.  She has four (yes 4!) Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and has recently added MK (Marsh Kitty) to her household.  MK’s story is a sad but sweet story with both joy and sorrow involved.  JoAnn’s clarity as to why MK came into her life just astounds me.

Get Your Hustle On

Boy the comments I got about the ages of dogs and what constitutes a senior.  Don’t shoot the messenger peeps, I’m just relaying what I’m told.  Based upon my dog’s ages and breed, they are both considered senior.  If you’d like to know if your dog is considered a senior, check out this handy age converter.

I can assure you, I do not consider my dogs to be seniors.

You may have noticed in yesterday’s post we were awarded the “Walking Warriors Award” from K-9 Kamp.

Thank you to Kol's Notes and Peggy's Pet Place for hosting K-9 Kamp.

Thank you to Kol’s Notes and Peggy’s Pet Place for hosting K-9 Kamp.


I love the name of this award but when I was chatting with Jodi, she let slip we almost got the “way to find a loophole award.”  Dude, I would have loved that one too.

You Make Me Laugh

This comment from Frankie and Ernie made ME laugh, “We have them TUNED… Mine (Frankie Furter) are always F Sharps… and Ernie’s are E Flats. BOTH are grrrreat fur making mom and dad SQUEAL with Delight.”

Delilah is actually the first dog I’ve ever heard fart.  And her reaction makes it funnier.

One, Two

Sue said, “Hmm… I’d be worried about disease if the dogs got too close to those foxes!

Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind.  That and what if they’re rabid?

Did you read Kirsten’s comment? “Yesterday’s experience took the cake though, on our evening walk we came across a deer who actually stood her ground, reared up, and attacked Lady!”

Holy crap!!  I’d probably pull out my pepper blaster and give that deer a snootful!

Jen stated there were a number of wild animals in there park “and cornish game hen fat squirrels in the library’s park. They come up to you and beg like little dogs; I’ve considered clicker training one or more of them for the lolz.”

My dear, I would pay to see that. 😉

Jessica asked, “Surely the fox would run from dogs as big as Sampson and Delilah?”

GOD I hope so.  If not, they’ll be running from me and my .22!

JoAnn asked, “Wow a couple of foxes, do you live in the city?

No, we are not in a big city.  We live in a town of about 30,000, but our neighborhood is in a very woodsy section of town.

Basil said, “Maybe you can talk fox as well as you talk deer and you will have nothing to worry about?!”

Well we don’t know that yet Basil and no, your typist did not confuse me with someone else. :-)

Penny For Your Thoughts

You guys, on top of the sadness of two of our friends losing their furry ones, Penny’s story just about kills me.  I look at her face and I see the worry in her eyes and I just want to fix it, you know?

Looking at her sweet face just about breaks my heart.

Looking at her sweet face just about breaks my heart.


Julie said, “Stories like Penelope’s break my heart – what kind of heartless person disposes of their senior dog because it is inconvenient?”

Sage said, “How can people be so cruel?”

Snoopy said, “Penelope’s story made my Mum cry, how can people do that?”

I don’t know, I just don’t know.  But it breaks my heart too.

Jessica said, “Our city shelter runs a fantastic program to pair senior dogs with senior citizens–very low adoption fees, and assistance with the dog’s medical bills. The lower-energy dogs are better company than a rowdy puppy. I wish it were more common.”

I love this idea.  I wonder how I could get something like this started?

Donna said, “You. Are. Killing. Me. I need a bigger house. And maybe some lotto winnings…!”

Me too my friend, me too.

Urban Hounds said, “I worry constantly about the time I have left with my old dogs, not an evening passes that I dont think about the fact that another day with them is over.”

You and me both.  I could literally turn into a puddle thinking about losing my dogs.  If I ever had to cry on cue, I would think about that.  It puts me over the edge.

Delilah Likes to Roll in Smelly Things

Holy Helen, if you want to read some funny stuff, go back and read the comments on this one.  I cracked up more than once.

I had to single this one by Frankie and Ernie out, “there was that ONE time… when we had company and I (Frankie Furter) came walking out… wearing one of mom’s Flopper Stoppers.”

I’m guessing what a Flopper Stopper is and picturing it in my mind.

I am laughing.

This is the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop hosted by Sand Spring Chesapeakes and Heart Like a Dog.

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  1. says

    Frankie is a blast for sure and they always make us laugh too. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS Some readers have lost our blog feed, we have just found out, but we are posting as usual.

  2. says

    I wouldn’t worry much about what a senior dog is. Those charts are not 100% accurate and I think a good pet parent can tell when their pet is starting to hit the senior stages.
    We never thought about foxes and diseases, but I think all those wild ones, like coyotes and deer all have stuff but we dogs don’t “hang out” with them.

  3. says

    I love these follow ups, and I missed the Get Your Hustle On, which I went and read and it was a great post! So proud of you for doing such a great job at K9 Kamp!
    Your dogs are seniors even if they don’t act like it, and that’s good! Dogs age so much faster than us and people need to realize that and take care of them appropriately just like you do!

  4. says

    We are catching up reading your previous posts. So sad to read the story of Penny.
    Mom was shocked when my vet told her that I am considered a senior dog when I turned 8. Senior Dog Rocks!!!
    Frankie n Erinie’s comments always makes us laugh too. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. says

    What a grear fuf and thank you for the warm welcome and having me co host. co hosting is so much fun i will be asking to do it agian in the near future. at our clinic we concider 7 to be seniors and talk with the clients about diseases senior animals can get, signs to look for and how to prevent or treat. always great to do yearly bloodwork to make sure all is well. congrats on yr fantastic award. i like the loop hole award. lol

  6. says

    Attacked by a deer?!? No WAY! And the foxes – I want a fox pelt something fierce. Wouldn’t that be great to tan?

    I do consider my dogs seniors. They’re still spry, but at eleven, white faces, they’re old and a little crotchety. *sigh*

  7. says

    Hi Y’all!
    Flopper Stoppers…hmmm, if it’s what I think it is, I’ll have to tell my Human Papa…he calls it a “bumper shoot”??? I like “flopper stopper” much better! BOL!!!
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. says

    I know at my vet, once the dog turns anywhere from 5 to 7 (depending on the breed) they start giving you the “senior” panel. It’s a bit shocking to hear that word when the pup still seems to young and spunky.

    Attacked by a deer! Yikes.

    And I can see I’m going to need to google flopper stopper. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Do I really want to know??

  9. says

    If they consider 7 a senior, my girl spent half of her life being a senior! I think it is different for every dog – Cali didn’t really start slowing down until she was 12 and no one ever thought to call her “old” until she was 14 and I was still offended!!

    Great FUF :) Cali used to “toot” as she walked up the stairs and it always cracked us up.

  10. says

    No no no…no telling Thunder he is a senior…lol.

    At dog shows they call the older dog category “veterans”. I like that better. At some shows it is at age 7 and at some, it is age 8. I would like to enter Thunder in one before he is neutered. It would be fun.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. says

    Congrats on your K9 Kamp award! Great follow up. I am so behind on my blog reading that I needed this blog hop! Really laughed about Delilah. Lucy used to fart and it sometimes woke her up. She’d delicately sniff… then get up and move away from the smell. lol We called her the tooter.

  12. says

    I always love reading your Follow Up Friday posts!! (Especially since I haven’t been around much this week…).

    I can’t tell any significant improvement in Riley’s back just yet (the vet said it typically takes 4-5 treatments before you notice any big improvement), but she did walk up the stairs like a “normal” dog last night! So, I haven’t observed her going up the stairs yet today, but I’m hoping it’ll still be the “normal” way! That being said, apparently improvements after each treatment last for the first 12-24 hours, so maybe she’ll be back to hobbling again.

  13. says

    Great follow up Miss Jodi! I have to say, I went over to the age calculator and it seems in people years, I am 52 (a senior dog). Who knew? I sure don’t feel a day over 51. BOL Have a great weekend!

  14. says

    Hey there Jodi…great follow up.
    SO I tried to calculate Leah’s age…she is thirteen and a half, so I entered 13 years old, large mixed breed, and it said “96”. Then I entered fourteen (I figured she’d be somewhere in the middle) and apparently 14 is too old for them to calculate….!

    Toby is between 75 and 82 years old….

    And Meadow is between 45 and 50 – and is considered a senior….?

    Nope…I don’t think so. :-)

  15. says

    I hope for next Follow Up Friday you’ll let us know how you wear a Flopper Stopper.

    To me, a flopper stopper is a weighted device you attach to your sailboat to keep it from rolling when you’re in heavy seas. I’m thinking Frankie and Ernie’s mom doesn’t have so much motion in her ocean that she needs one.

    But who knows?

  16. says

    Fantastic FUF!!

    I am glad I am not the only one who is wondering about the flopper stopper 😉

    Deer can be more fierce than people think, I wonder if she had a young one close by that she felt she had to protect.

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