Co-Hosted Follow-Up Friday – June 7, 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Co-hosted Follow-Up Friday. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my co-hostesses this week are Jackie and Rita from Pooch Smooches.

If you haven’t met Jackie and Rita, well folks you are in for a treat.  Jackie published her first novel “What the dog ate” last year, she’s happily married living the life out in California, with her sweet little Rita, a rescue that was found on the beach.  She likes reading, writing, margaritas and dogs (I think we might be long lost sisters.)

Thank you Jackie and Rita for joining us in the Follow-Up Friday blog hop, we’re quite excited to have you join us.

This is sad Rita, if you’re wondering why Rita’s sad well you’ll have to read Jackie’s brilliant post from yesterday. (I’m sorry but shock wave kept crashing so I can’t link to the post.)

You Make Me Laugh

Are you kidding me?  I just looked at this post and I have a HUGE spelling error!  What an embarrassment.

Poetry in Motion

Most of you don’t have a problem with loose dogs, but those that have encountered them seem to handle it fairly well.

Donna said, “I don’t exactly live in the area where I can let my dogs off leash, and Toby’s been attacked once and nipped another time, and Leah was attacked once, so I now carry citronella spray and have used it once as a loose dog started following too close for comfort. Happy to say, it did work – I sprayed him and he turned and took off.

I don’t love the idea of spraying a dog, but my dogs come first and citronella is benign. It’s not like I’m macing them!”

Sampson and Delilah have both been attacked by the Bull Dogs across the street (which is why I think they didn’t like my daughter’s Bull Dog at Christmas.)  I don’t relish the idea of spraying a dog with anything either, but I’m also not sure how willing I am to take on an aggressive dog.  If it comes down to my dog or theirs, well I’m peppering their dog and anything else I need to do to protect my dogs.  We do have leash laws, unenforced, but we do have laws.

Willy or Won’t He

Well I think this is good news, when I went to check on Willy last night, he was no longer available on Petfinder.

This comment from Jessica made me laugh,  “I’m calling my mom right now to remind her that she gets custody of Silas.”  I’m glad you have a plan in place for him.  We all should. I think we all agree it’s just horrible for a Senior dog to be dumped at a shelter.

I’m Detoxing

Frankie and Ernie said, “Now about the cleaning thingys around the house… our mom only uses three thingys plus WATER… White Vinegar MicroFiber Cloths and Mops and now and then a LITTLE Murphy’s Oil Soap…

Gizmo said, “Vinegar…plain white vinegar…I use it for cleaning almost everything these days.

Okay, so how do you use the vinegar?  Do you put it in a spray bottle and what is your dilution percent?

Jackie said, “Anyway, I’ve been trying to switch to using products that have less chemicals. I haven’t used dryer sheets for years (evil little things) and stopped using anything beyond warm water and maybe some vinegar for the floors long ago. I also use Method brand laundry and hand soaps, and we have some lovely local olive oil soap that we use in the shower and for the dog.”

I too use Method laundry soap, but what do you use in your dryer?  How do you keep your clothes from getting full of static.

Pamela said, “As well as baking soda, washing soda, and other old fashioned items.”  What is washing soda and what kind of old fashioned items?

Sugar asked, “We are interested in sanitizer for toothbrush. Is there an after taste? Is it safe for dog?”  I think it is safe for dogs, the ingredients are alcohol and oil blend.  You spray it on your toothbrush and wait for it to dry before using it.  I haven’t noticed any taste on my toothbrush at all.

Emma, 2 Brown Dawgs and Anonymous said they aren’t getting their e-mail subscriptions.   Well I tried to do a backup and in order to do it, I disabled all my plugins.  I’ve since gone in and reactivated them.  The subscription button is back in the side bar, and you said you got your e-mail yesterday so hopefully it’s straightened out.

This ‘N That Thursday

Jan is having a problem with Feedly, “Whenever I go there it says that I have “no unread articles” but it lies. Then it gives me a list of what I am supposed to have already read and they are ones I’ve never seen. What am I doing wrong? Anyone?”  Can any of you gurus help her?

All Things Collie said, “Hi there! So tomorrow we are joining your blog hop.”  Yay!  We love having new people join the hop.  Welcome, welcome!!

Many of you asked about our Free Style performance (if you can stretch your imagination to call it that.)  While Hubby won’t be with us, my instructor has graciously offered to video tape it for us, so hopefully if all goes well next week we will have a little video to share.

That’s it from us, thanks for joining the Follow-Up Friday blog hop hosted by Pooch Smooches and Heart Like a Dog.

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  1. says

    Sorry to have missed so much this week. Re white vinegar cleaner – that is taking over our world too. Use it on most things in the kitchen and bathroom and windows, undiluted. The other great thing is black soap (olive oil based) – that cleans floors and everything outdoors you could imagine (tables, chairs, walls …)

  2. says

    I am still getting posts so whatever you did fixed the issue, thanks again…hate to miss posts! As for getting rid of chemicals, don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets, they are bad for clothes and there is some question as to whether or not they may contribute to skin cancer. Mom also read a while back that people wearing clothes that are always dry cleaned also had increased cancer rates from the chemicals. We don’t use too many chemicals to clean some vinegar and we do use bleach for bathroom cleaning…human bathroom that is :) TGIF!

  3. Kim Kalmanir says

    I’ve switched to using vinegar for most of my cleaning too. For my floors I use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Instead of using fabric softener you can use vinegar in the rinse cycle for your clothes to help with the static issues. Once its dry it doesn’t smell like vinegar. I think it works pretty well but hubby keeps having imaginary static attacks with his clothes and insists on using dryer sheets despite my best efforts.

  4. says

    I use vinegar and water on windows and wood floors, but I am not obsessive about it. It just works well on those. I think it would work well on cabinets too, but I usually use Murphy’s.

    I am getting you posts by email, but I do plan to move things over to Feedly. :) I don’t have a problem with it showing posts being read when they aren’t. I wonder if Jan changed a setting? There is quite a bit of info over there about marking items as read while scrolling and on mobile. If she can’t find it through the help section, they seem to have good support, maybe she could ask there?

  5. says

    Thanks so much for letting us cohost and for the nice words! I have four sisters, so in the hubbub maybe one was lost in all that!

    I just live with the static. It’s not really a problem here. After I pull them out and fold them, I never seem to have a problem anymore. At minimum, at least don’t use them on things for the dogs, since they have their noses right in the blankies and whatnot all the time!

  6. says

    OMD – the sad dog diaries yesterday about KILLED me!!! Best ever.

    I use vinegar in the wash, to kill bacteria and mildew, as well as in the dishwasher, to combat our hard water mineral build up. Works great. And Murphy’s rocks for my leather couch.

  7. says

    Well I am here for FOLLOW UP FRIDAY, yeah baby its been like a year since ive been here on a Friday.

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm I sent you an email like 3 days ago and no responsive. WTF woman I am like your BFF. ha. kidding.

  8. says

    Oh, Miss Jodi…I do not know where I have been this week but I missed out on a lot of these posts! I will have to try and go back and read them. *bonks self on forehead* I hope you have a great weekend.
    *cairn cuddles*

  9. says

    How do you keep your clothes from getting static when you dry them? Use a solar dryer instead. :)

    Buy a box of 20 Mule Team Borax and Washing Soda in the laundry section of your supermarket. They are common ingredients in nearly any cleaning product recipe.

    BTW, we spread Borax on the human sh*t that came out of the crack house we lived next to in Philly (after the water was shut off, our neighbors started using the bathtub and buckets for toilets). It was amazing! The smell disappeared!

  10. says

    I use vinegar and water to clean our wood floors, hubby always says the house smells like salad when I’m done, but it goes away pretty quick! I try to use mostly all natural products, but hubby isn’t always cooperative 😉

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