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Saturday was a bad Delilah walk day, it was as bad as Defeated and Lost, Parts One and Two.

Yup.  It was that bad.

I plan on talking about the walk portion of the day tomorrow.

Today I want to tell you about Saturday night.

Hubby and I had dinner plans with my cousin.  We planned to meet at six o’clock, which meant more than likely we’d be back after their scheduled 7 o’clock dinner time.  No big deal, maybe they’d let Hubby sleep in a little later yesterday morning.

When all was said and done, it was about 8:30 by the time we got home.

I headed straight to the kitchen because Delilah was losing her mind.

I heard Hubby say, “Oops, I must have left my lunch stuff out.”

IMG_4543 You’d think something left out on your table would be safe, wouldn’t you?

Would you also think this is the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies?


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  1. Carol Bondy says

    I once had a GSD that opened my fridge and ate pizza and Kentucky fried chicken…with bones…luckily nothing happened to her…so every time I went out after that I had to block the fridge!!!!!! Luckily your dog didnt eat the styrofoam orplastic

  2. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Callie would still counter surf if we forgot to put food back in the fridge or at least out of her reach. Thankfully, food is the only thing that attracts her! My friend’s dog once got into one of its canine siblings’ medications and had to have its stomach pumped.

  3. says

    Nothing is safe on our counters, regardless of whether we’re home or not. This is why the Hurley monster is not allowed free access of the house while we’re gone. He gets to stay in the office and my kitchen counters stay safe. :)

  4. says

    Oh my that is a bit of destruction, thats one big plus to small breed puppys. Norbert and Bob destroyed a lot of stuff, but the pugs never damaged anything as pups

    urban hounds

  5. says

    A hungry pup’s gotta do what a hungry pup’s gotta do!
    I don’t think Rita would do that, but once we were out past our beagle’s dinner time. We came home all apologetic and rushed to feed her – when we noticed that the door to the closet w/ her food bag was ajar, and that her sides were BULGING. At the time I had no idea that overeating so much could kill a dog. We had to walk her MANY times that night! (And we lived on the 11th floor at the time – so no easy feat.)

  6. says

    No food is safe whit the furry beats, not even strawberries in my case.
    One can’t get upset when one sees that, it’s sad in a funny way or funny in a sad way.

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