Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Today we send a Heart Like a Dog virtual hug to our dear friends Steve and Bonnie.

Their dog Cody (a.k.a. Codeman) went over the bridge on Wednesday.

Steve and Bonnie are my daughter Lisa’s in-laws.  Really great people, about six or seven years ago, they adopted Cody, a retired greyhound.  If memory serves he was three or four years old at the time.

Shortly after adopting Cody they retired to Emerald Isle, North Carolina a beautiful small town on the outer banks.

100_1004 Not Cody, but sadly I had no photos of him.

Cody was a very amiable dog from what I knew of him.  Chilled and laid back, until it came time for walks.  Cody loved his walks and Steve was always happy to oblige him.  Many the hour was spent walking the beautiful North Carolina shore.

Being a retired Greyhound Cody loved to run.  I remember a story Steve told of thinking it was safe to let Cody off-leash one morning and how Steve had to rush back to the house to get the car so he could travel to the next development to find Cody.

We know Steve and Bonnie’s hearts are heavy today and we wanted them to know that our hearts share their sorrow.

Run fast, run free sweet boy.

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  1. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Our deepest, heartfelt condolences to Steve and Bonnie. We, like many, if not most, of our fellow bloggers understand their pain and sadness.

  2. says

    So sad, and such a hard thing to cope with. People just don’t give you the same consideration when you lose a pet, even though it can be just as heartbreaking.


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