Let Me Take You Down….To Funky Town

Today we join our friends at the 2 Brown Dawgs blog for This ‘N That Thursday.

This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button and join us!

Many thanks to 2 Brown Dawgs for This ‘N That Thursday.

Nosework Class

Okay, so there’s a lot of waiting around in a Nosework class.  We get that.  At our very first class last week our instructor, Ariane told us, probably the hardest thing we will do is find ways to keep our dogs occupied.

I’ve observed other participants and most of them are either working, playing or interacting with their dogs.  Except for this gal.

IMG_4492 She’s on her freaking phone!

IMG_4493 After her dog jumped around and whined, she said, “Okay Shelby” and she put her phone away.

Paparazzi could really sneak up on this one, I hope she’s not sunbathing topless somewhere.

Last week our dogs were allowed to watch what Ariane was doing, but this week our job was to distract them so they didn’t see which box she was putting the treat in, she also added some obstacles, just to throw them off.

I thought for sure that Delilah would be the dog that went through the tunnel, but she wasn’t!

IMG_4496 Here we have Oakley who remembers which box is used and goes right for it.

I used our down time to work Delilah with her Fronts, Downs, About Turns, Catch and Peek-a-Boos.  My goal was to challenge her mentally to help wear her out, since it’s not a very active class.

IMG_4498 This is what a tired Delilah looks like.  Normally she curls up tighter and opens her eyes the instant the camera turns on.

Down in the Dumps

I’m feeling a little down in the dumps today.  I wish BlogPaws was closer, I need them to inject me with a little bit of enthusiasm because right now I feel like this blog is going nowhere.  And that makes me super sad.

I really want to start sharing some wellness tips with you and along with that I want to give away some of the products I’m currently using.  I’ve contacted three different companies and haven’t even received a no thank you.

I feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and I can’t find my motivation anywhere.   If you’ve seen it, please tell it I miss it and send it back.

This morning I actually thought about deleting the blog.  And never writing another word. Ever.

Maybe it’s just the winter blues?  What do you do when your down in the dumps?  How do you shake off the funk?

Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me
Town to keep me movin’
Keep me groovin’ with some energy.
(Steve Greenberg)

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  1. says

    Oh dear, it does sound like you’ve got the blues. Spring is within touching distance along with the extra sun and vitamin D you need. Hope it’s as simple as that. Please don’t do anything drastic 😉

  2. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    No, no, no!!! You can’t do that! We would all miss you too much — and your stories of Sampson and Delilah’s antics!! Sounds like you need a good, long walk in the woods with the dogs to JUST RELAX and enjoy nature! Or, just go out and sit on your deck and soak in some sunshine (and Vitamin D). That almost always makes me feel better. Just having Callie and Shadow out in the yard with me, listening to and watching the birdies build their nests, or the squirrels playing tag in the trees, always renews my spirit. :-)
    As for companies not responding, don’t let

  3. says

    That phone thing is bad, it makes mom nuts when people are out with their dogs and just talking on their phones…dogs need attention too! We are sad because we aren’t going to Blog Paws, it is too far to drive so mom would have to go alone but then she has to find a pet sitter, so it is off but we so wanted to go. Mom gets down a lot too, but she says that I am the best medicine because I am always so happy and so funny, she can’t help but feel happy herself. My sister is not like that at all, but for some reason I am the key to keeping mom up and running!

  4. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Well now, Kindle, may I continue?? Geezloweeze!! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…
    Don’t let it get you down. Companies these days are just too busy monitoring their bottom lines to pay attention to those things that just might help them increase it. Especially the larger companies. I think that you’ll find smaller, start-up type companies are more willing to work with you. Good luck! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  5. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Oh, and that one with the phone — all I can say is Grrrrrrrr! She probably texts while she’s driving, too. I saw a great bumper sticker last summer: “HANG UP AND DRIVE!” I wish I could find one of those!

  6. says

    Maybe it is just the Winter Blues. We are all desperate for some sun now. Enough of the cold grey days. They are enough to get anyone down.
    Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. says

    Don’t go away Jodi, you would be sorely missed…Sounds like a case of winter blues…You need some sunshine to brighten your mood…spring will be there soon and you’ll feel better

    I am constantly amazed at some folks need to constantly be on their phone…I’ve been on hikes in the woods where, instead of peaceful silence all i could hear was some fool chattering away…Same for restaurants, movies, and even just waiting in line at the supermarket…do they ever stop to ask themselves if the rest of the world really wants to hear their gossip? OK, off my soapbox now

    Feel better *hugs*

  8. says

    Hang in there, Jodi. You always seem to have so much enthusiasm and content for your blog. Hopefully this is just a winter blah thing.

  9. says

    Thanks for participating in TNT. Hopefully it didn’t drive you over the edge. :) I hope it is just the weather. This winter is never going to end it seems.

    Looks like you did a great job tiring Delilah out. :) It is interesting that you train in the downtime of that class. For field training, we put our dogs up after working them (in between series). We want them to think about what they just did. You will rarely see people working with their dogs in between series at a field training day, unless it is to work on an honor. But thinking back to obedience training, we usually worked on things like you were working on, sit, stay, down, etc. when the instructor was with someone else. I guess nose work class is a blend of both. :)

  10. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    Just a case of CABINET FEVER…. As soon as the REAL SPRING Arrives all will be RIGHT with the world.

  11. says

    Don’t give up! We all love your blog and it takes time to get going in a new direction. I agree with Sue . .a long walk in the woods will cheer you up, and try the smaller companies first – they are usually much more open to working with the social media side of the world. Chin up!

  12. says

    I forbid you from deleting your blog!!!

    Actually, I’ve had the same thoughts at times even though I’ve only been at this a short while. It happens. But I am glad you did not delete it. :) Maybe you need me to send you some Arizona sunshine to lift your spirits? Would it help you to know that your blog post a little while ago about Coconut Oil actually inspired me to start eating healthier again? (Despite my poo-poo comment on how I didn’t really care for coconut oil.) Yep, this is day 14 of me using coconut oil to cook with and not eating anything that contains refined ingredients (sugar, white flour, sugar by its other names, etc). I actually did this a few years ago and lasted an entire year and lost some weight with just changing what I ate – not how much I ate and I felt great and needed fewer naps! So don’t stop just because a few companies didn’t get back to you. Their loss. Don’t let that prevent you from sharing some of the ways you keep yourself and your dogs healthy!

  13. says

    As the nosework finds become more challenging, you’ll find that just sniffing will tire Delilah out. It’s hard work.

    Sorry to hear you’re discouraged with your blog. I can relate. It happens to me frequently.

    Maybe you need a little project that doesn’t tie directly in with your long term goals but will give you a little momentum and fun. A contest? Promoting a site in the Best Cities for Pet Travelers (I hear North Conway, NH is tearing up the internet)?

    If it helps, I’ve missed HLAD while I’ve been pupoccupied lately. :)

  14. says

    Hugs to you. I’m sure some sunshine will cheer you up. And I’ll second whoever said to look at some smaller companies to solicit publicity opportunities. I know the Honest Kitchen was looking for bloggers a while back. I got a pretty fast response from them, even though they wanted dogs who could test more of the foods than Silas could.

    I can share my phone story, if that helps. Today, were were out on a beautiful trail, on a beautiful day. Silas and I walk up on a guy with a dog a little smaller than Silas. He is on the phone, carrying the dog. Neither one of them could enjoy it. I mean, maybe there was some kind of freak reason he was carrying the dog–a broken leash or something–but they both looked like they did it that way all the time.

  15. says

    Hang in there Jodi! (*bleeping*) winter will be soon be away at last, and we’ll all be the better for it!! Hope you’re feeling better!

  16. says

    I’ve gone through more dump in the dumps stages this year than ever before and I understand what you are talking about. Take a break, it has helped me the past when I get in funks like this and I always realize that I truly miss being on the blog. Don’t worry about being gone for a few days-we’ll all be here when you get back! I think we just need a girls day!

  17. says

    I daresay it might be the time of year for the Bloggie Blues because let me tell you. I’ve been feeling them too. I vote that neither of us delete the blogs though! Like Dori from Finding Nemo says…you gotta “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!” Eventually, it all sorts itself out…I hope.

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