Follow-Up Friday 3-15-13

I dropped the ball again.  I waited too long and then I couldn’t find a co-host.  So once again I’m flying solo.

Follow-Up Friday, because some posts just need a little update.

I Hear You Knocking – Update

Remember that snow we got last Friday?

IMG_4347 Our field with about a foot of snow on it. (3-10-13)

IMG_4381 Same field after 2 days of 55 degree weather and one crazy day of rain.  (3-13-13)

Yesterday it got super cold again, I tell you Winter is hanging on tight and trying not to let Spring in, but we know better.  I’ve actually seen a couple of bugs and you can’t tell the birds that Spring isn’t here, they are singing her wake up songs first thing in the morning.

Simple Mathematics and Spring Fever – Update

Just to be safe, I’ve started leaving a chair against the cabinet where the garbage can is stored.  Which doesn’t mean she can’t create mischief, trust me she can.

She drank water from a pot on the stove this week and blew off a recall on Wednesday’s walk.  What to do, what to do?

She Wears a Mask – My thoughts

I was going to respond in the comments but decided to I would do it here instead.

While I agree this woman may be protecting her dog from attacking another dog, I’m still not sure it’s the best idea to have her muzzled in an unfamiliar area, she is giving her dog no chance to protect herself.

How do I know she is walking in an unfamiliar area?  Because she has no clue that people walk their dogs up there off-leash and don’t worry where their dogs are.

I’m one of the good ones!  I keep my dogs close, pick up their poop and leash them when I see other people.

There are at least seven people (that I’m aware of) who do not leash their dogs, and whose dogs run helter skelter all over those woods.  Some of them don’t even have collars on to grab if the situation called for it.

She might be protecting other dogs from her dog (who may or may not be acting appropriately) but she is putting her dog at risk to not be able to defend herself should the need arise and if the dog is fearful, she is taking away the dogs only method of coping.

In my opinion she would be better off keeping her dog on leash so she could turn around to avoid a confrontation, in this way she has better control of the situation.

I have the same problem with the invisible fence.  Yes, the fence will keep most dogs in, but it does nothing  to keep something from coming into your yard and hurting your dog.  It happened to my next door neighbor in my old neighborhood.  A dog came into her yard and bit her dog in the face.

I understand those of you with unaltered males, I totally do but I would never take my dog into a situation where they could be hurt and not give them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Nosy Girl – Author’s Note

Yup, here it is Friday and we’ve yet to practice our scent work at home.  Maybe some time this weekend.  Don’t worry I’ll take pictures. :-)

Way Back

Way back in January, we won a contest at Dakota’s Den.  We received this really cool sheep toy made by Kyjen.

IMG_3913 Remember this guy?

The dogs absolutely love this toy.

IMG_4386 This is what he looks like now.

Almost every day one of the dogs plays with this guy and most days Delilah greets me when I get home with this guy in her mouth.  Can you tell how well-loved he is?

That’s it for me, this is the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

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  1. says

    Great follow-up. I think Delilah has Spring fever. Thunder has been very rambunctious this week. :) LOL on the toy!

    Invisible fence–we use it. Yes, it won’t keep other dogs out. It is not designed to do that and they tell you that up front. It is designed to keep the dog’s trained on it in. We do not leave our dogs in the yard unattended. We have fenced runs for that. But we live on a street where people seem to think the speed limit is 50 rather than 25, so it is just another bit of insurance.

    As for the woman in the park, maybe I misunderstood, but it didn’t seem like she was worried about her dog needing to protect itself. From what you wrote, I got the impression the dog may be a bit aggressive.

    PS after I wrote my post for today, it turned out more follow-up than I thought it was going to be…lol.

  2. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God!!!! LOL! I am sorry but that poor Sheep!!! You had me rolling with laughter!! They really have a “taste” for lamb in your house, don’t they? xoxoxo

  3. Carol Bondy says

    I would never muzzle my dog on a walk…I keep them leashed. Always…I would love to have them run…but only in the safety of my fenced yard. Even though my male is very dog aggressive, because of a dog attack when he was young, I keep him tight on leash heeling when I see another dog AND I carry citronella spray. I tell the people, get your dog or they are getting sprayed…better than a dog fight for both dogs.
    As far as the Serta sheep….my male would love that as his baby…but would end up the same way. Lol. In pieces…..good nite Serta sheep. Hahaha

  4. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Good Morning, Jodi (and everyone else)! My whole week has flown by so fast that I have no idea what happened on what day! It has just been crazy!

    I had planned on writing a little something EVERY day this week but well all I can say is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. :-)

    The sheep toy is hilarious! Looks like what Ducky would do to it! Which gives me an idea for next week’s “Monday Mischief” blog hop. Thanks! Once I get thru my emails, take Callie & Shadow out again, have a shower & get dressed, and get the laundry started, I’ll write and post my own Friday follow-up & join your blog hop.

  5. says

    Hi Y’all!

    It’s spring when one minute the world is white and the next it is green…

    My Human won’t allow me to have a toy once it gets frayed! I always knew Sampson and Delilah are the lucky ones.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. says

    Poor sheep! Scout’s cow that he got from Dakota looks like that but not as bad! Hey, I will co-host with you but can’t do it next Friday cause we are going out of town for the week and I don’t know how my internet service will be. I can co-host anytime after that! Just let me know :)

  7. says

    I love raggy dog toys. They’re like the Velveteen Rabbit. Silas has one that used to be a sunshine, and now it’s just a ring. It’s one of his favorite things to play tug with.

  8. says

    I love the sheep!

    As for spring fever, we have it bad. Yes, the snow is gone. The birds are twittering. And there are buds on the maple out front. But when I step outside, it’s only 25 degrees. That seems awfully unfair.

    I wish I had a Golden Retriever coat to keep me warm enough to enjoy it.

  9. says

    I agree about the muzzle. It’s one thing if the dog is onleash, then she can protect her if need be. But what if she gets lost? In the woods? With a muzzle?

    not good.

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