Happy 19th Birthday to Cokie the Cat!!

Back in December I was partnered with Cokie the Cat’s Blog for the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes.

cokielgfile Cokie, enjoying some down time.

I found out last week that today is Cokie’s 19th birthday, can you imagine?

I thought a song would be a really nice way to honor Cokie’s birthday, I started with the tune from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a cat named Cokie

He wore a diaper but that’s no jokie.

But it just wasn’t working.

Then I thought, hmm maybe a children’s song, like Mary had a little lamb might be better.

Kristin had a little cat, little cat, little cat

Kristin had a little cat and Cokie was his name

They lived way out in Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood

They lived way out in Hollywood and Twitter was his game

 Hmm working a bit better, but I couldn’t get beyond that.

Maybe something a little more modern, like One Direction’s What makes you beautiful.

So you’ve got fur, but your heart’s pure

When you run through the house you’re a blur

The way you tweet, you are so sweet

The kindness you show can’t be beat

Everyone else in the world can see it

Everyone else but you

Cokie you light up the world like nobody else

The way you structure a tweet makes our hearts melt

Nope, that fell short too.

I went back to the children’s rhyme.

There was a woman had a cat and Cokie was his name-o

C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E

And Cokie was his name-o

Her name was Kristin, her heart was true, she was the grandest dame-o

C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E

And Cokie was his name-o

They lived way out in Hollywood, and glamour was their game-o

C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E

And Cokie was his name-o

They had a blog, they loved to chat, Twitter was their claim to fame-o

C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E

And Cokie was his name-o

Today is his Nineteenth birthday, but this song is really lame-o

C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E, C-O-K-I-E

And Cokie was his name-o

I give up.

Instead I’ll just wish Cokie the happiest of birthdays, surrounded by everyone and everything he loves.

Thank you Cokie and Kristin for your kindness and generosity over these past four months, but most of all, I thank you for your friendship.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Used without permission from Kristin.  Of course I’ll remove it if she asks. :-)

Do you know Cokie?  Have you wished him a Happy B’day yet?

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday Cokie. We’ve just been reading about a cat in the UK who’s just celebrated his 27th birthday – you’ve got many more years of celebration to come if you keep it up Cokie 😉

  2. says

    Thank you SO much for the birthday post and the songs, Jodi!! How did you know that Mom and Dad sing to me ALL THE TIME. I just LOVE hearing my name and I love even MORE when it’s in a song!! And if you think you’re lyrics are lame-o, you should hear some of the stuff they come up with after about five minutes of petting and singing. MOL!

    I think I just heard Mom hitting the floor when I read AnimalCouriers’ comment about the 27 year old cat. You OK in there, Mom? I’d better go check.

    Yeah, she’s just a little pale. Oh, now she’s singing again. All good.

    Thanks everybody!

  3. says

    Well, I must say you gave the song your best shot, and the thought is definitely there running through all your efforts – Happy Birthday Cokie – 19 is a grand age!

  4. sue brandes says

    I have the C O K I E song stuck in my head now. LOL. You did a good job on those. Happy birthday to dear Cokie whom is 19 years young today.

  5. says

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