Longer Days

I am loving the longer days!  If I hurry home from work we can squeeze a wood walk in before dinner.

Which is exactly what we did last night.

We’re not the only ones taking advantage of the longer days.  Last night we ran into a woman and her three dogs.  I’ve met this woman before and I actually wrote about her, but I couldn’t find that particular post.  She’s one of the people who wander the woods with her dogs and lets them wander wherever they want.

Hubby and I heard the woman before we saw her and her dogs.  We turned around to head away from them, but not before her dogs came charging up to Delilah.  Of course I dropped the leash and I was super proud of the way Delilah handled herself.

Despite one of the dogs barking in her face.

Yes, it’s true her hackles were up, but she retained her self-control and returned to me when I called her.

We looped around so we’d end up following the same path they took, except Sampson decided at the last-minute to head another way and guess who came running up to us again?

Her dogs were acting like they hadn’t been out all winter.  One of the dogs, a large white one really wanted to play, he actually jumped on Sampson’s back.  When he tried to play with Delilah she let him know in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want to play.

I was so busy worrying about Delilah and trying to prevent an altercation that I didn’t get any pictures of the other dogs.

But it was another beautiful sunset and I did get some photos of that.

IMG_4243 I tried to capture the orange of the sunset and finally got these by using the flash.





IMG_4238 This was a zoomed in shot, hence the fuzziness.

  IMG_4234 Delilah moved (jerking my arm)  just as I snapped the photo, I think it looks cool even though it’s a little wonky.

 Are you and your furry friends enjoying the longer days?  Does your exercise routine change with the seasons?

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  1. says

    Nice pictures. I like the fuzzy one too! It is unfortunate that people let their dogs run up on others. Our dogs would not take kindly to that.

    We still have ice here, but I expect it will go in the next couple of days if we have sun and it warms up some. But up at the cabin, I don’t expect that snow to be gone for a bit, or maybe not because it is supposed to warm up a bit with rain this weekend. :)

  2. says

    your photos are beautiful! There is nothing I hate more than “off leash” dogs in areas where they should NOT be “off leash”
    To be honest, in Michigan it doesn’t appear that our days have gotten that much longer yet. ugh…you just reminded me….clocks go ahead soon….I hate that! Give me the extra hour of sleep lol

  3. Sheena says

    Irresponsible pet owners! When will they ever learn? NOT COOL, DUDE!!! GORGEOUS SUNSET!! Just lovely!!

  4. says

    Ugh – I hate irresponsible owners. I am glad that nothing serious happened that warranted a trip to the vet due to cuts or bites. Don’t you get sick of being the one that has to monitor the situation instead of the owner of those crazy dogs?

    Love these pics! Even the blurry ones!

  5. says

    It’s the irresponsible owners that give the rest of us a bad rap! (you know if her dogs are just running loose around the park in different directions, that she is not cleaning up after them!) I’m glad Sampson and Delilah were still able to enjoy their walk and the beautiful sunset! That last shot makes me a little dizzy . . thanks Delilah!

  6. says

    Should you be thankful for the crazy dog lady for giving your pups a chance to show you how well they’re handling rude behavior?

    I’m happy for the daylight although we don’t get much sun. Surprisingly, Ithaca gets about as many cloudy days as Seattle–around 300 each year. Ugh.

    Glad you took the shots so I don’t forget what the sun looks like.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Yes we do. But this park is fairly secluded, used mostly by people who live around it and is never monitored. It has it’s good and bad points. :-(

  7. says

    Beautiful! And Yay for Delilah! She’s improved so much.

    The problem with living where we do is that more daylight means more heat. Once daylight savings time kicks in, we’ll have a wonderful block of evening park time, but by mid-May (early June if it’s a cool summer) it will be too hot to use it.

  8. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    WE are Crazy about the WONKY picture…

    Wait until SUNDAY… the EVENING will be EVEN LONGER!!!! YEA!!!

  9. says

    Out of control dogs make it hard on those of us who are responsible. So many laws and restrictions are placed on dogs but the laws punish us and not the ones who ignore them. Like so many other issues, I guess.

  10. Sue at The Golden Life (aka samsnortherngirl.wordpress.com) says

    Geez, I hate irresponsible dog owners! That’s why I never take the girls to the city/county dog park…I have yet to see any of the owners in there without their blasted cellphones attached to their ear and hand and their eyes looking everywhere but at their dogs! YET, if one of my dogs told off one of their dogs, they’d scream bloody murder!! So, we just go for a walk along the trails in the human part of the park. Callie and Shadow seem to like that better anyway. Now, of course, Callie can’t go for quite some time; and I hate to leave her home alone without even Shadow to watch out for her. So, I take Shadow out in the back yard to play with the chuck-it ball a few times so she can get some exercise while Callie rests.

  11. Sue at The Golden Life (aka samsnortherngirl.wordpress.com) says

    PS I love the photos! Especially the “wonky” one! Thanks Delilah! And I’m proud of Delilah for her self-control!

  12. says

    Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures! Our routine is the same, but I definitely feel better on the bike ride home from work when it’s not pitch dark.

    Great job for your pups, handling those off-leash dogs!

  13. says

    Hi Miss Jodi. Such lovely photos of the sunset in the woods. I think we are all loving the longer days. I, for one, am enjoying that the weather here in the south is still somewhat cool so I can walk later in the AM and earlier in the PM. Soon that will change when it gets too hot.

  14. says

    About the harness – if you go to Walkeezharness dot com you can read more about it. It’s made of Canadian and US materials. I got mine through Oregon Pet Supply dot com since the one store in Arizona that is supposed to carry them didn’t have their supply in yet.

    Let me know if it works out for you or not!

  15. says

    What…you can’t supervise dogs AND be a photographer. Tsk Tsk…

    LOL! Glad Delilah was so good about it. It’s rough when dogs get in your dogs face like that. I love the photos..even the fuzzy one. :-)

  16. says

    I’m definitely enjoying the longer days, although this week I’ve mostly been sick and haven’t really gone out anywhere. I’m hoping for a turnaround in a day or so. The good news is that next week it will seem much longer since I’ve missed out so much this week! lol

  17. says

    Loving the longer days! And it’s suppose to be 50 degrees here on Saturday! Woohoo! We are ready to break out of hibernation and get back into our walking routine.

  18. says

    Nice sunset! I’m definitely enjoying having some daylight when I get home in the evenings. And for us, the time change is this weekend, so there will be even more (though that sliver of sunlight I see in the mornings will be long gone in exchange).

  19. says

    Those are some great pictures Jodi, especially the one Delilah helped you take! Tee Hee

    The only main difference with my routine is when it’s raining, which doesn’t happen much, but both Mum and I don’t like it and I have to have more paw cleaning before I’m allowed in the house….

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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