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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Co-Hosted Follow Up Friday Blog hop, the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend. My co-hostess this week has co-hosted many times before, she recently moved her blog to self-hosted, so I’m hoping she has no problem getting the code to work.

Please make sure to stop by and say hello.  It’s Gizmo and his Mom from Terrier Torrent.

Welcome, welcome and thanks for co-hosting with me today!

Approaching Fearful Dogs – Author’s Note

Since Sampson came into my life I’ve learned a lot about dogs and yet I still learn something all the time.  Truthfully I haven’t met a lot of fearful dogs in my life.

But I always make a point to ask the owner if I can approach and pet their dog before I do.  To me it’s just common courtesy.

I know from some of you, that people don’t always show proper courtesy and even then, some that ask will still approach your dog.  I guess all we can do is keep trying to educate.

Delilah-2, Misto Can-0 – Author’s Note

I’ll tell you, I can leave that Misto can on the counter for months and she never bothers it, then BAM one day all bets are off. :-)

I was happy to discover that a couple of you have dogs that love oil too, or at the very least lotion.  Both my dogs love body lotion.  If I let them, they’d lick it off faster than I can put it on.

I call that, Licky, licky lotion.

That video cracked me up.  Honestly, while I was filming it, I actually almost reached over and gave her a boost, she was so determined. :-)

And a super-duper thank you to Snoopy who recommend the Viper Video thingy plug-in, I installed it Wednesday night and it ran like a champ!!

You the dog, Snoopy!!

Wordless Wednesday, Caption the Photo – Update

You guys had some great captions!  I loved this one from Julie, “What did I come in here for?”

Here is mine:

IMG_1069 I don’t get the whole Blair Witch thing, what’s so scary about someone facing a corner?

But those of you who made the food connection….yes he does this after his breakfast.  He sits or stands and stares at the counter as if more food will magically rain down on him.

Poor little underfed dog. NOT.

This ‘N That Thursday, The Video Edition – Author’s Note

That was a HORRIBLE Rally Run.  There was at least four times where I totally messed up and had no idea what I was doing.

But Delilah WAS amazing, and she really was looking to me for guidance and that is priceless to me.  Of course the fact I had some yummy chicken treats in my hand didn’t hurt!

Ariane says they will be offering the class again and once they’ve had two classes they will set up some runs so people can really practice.

What I need to do is print off the Rally signs and then work with Delilah on them so we can enter a match.  Of course, we’ll have to wean off the food as there is no food allowed in the ring. :-(

That’s it for me, how was your week?

This is the Co-Hosted Follow-Up Friday where the co-hosts rotate. :-)  Anytime you’d like to join us, just drop me a line or leave me a comment.

This Friday’s blog hop is hosted by Terrier Torrent and Heart Like a Dog.  Follow-Up Friday

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    • Jodi Stone says

      LOL it reminds me of me too! Sometimes I need to retrace my steps to remember what it was!

      Yeah, I don’t get the lotion thing.

  1. says

    But the thing about those low level obedience matches, especially rally, is that they make allowances for novice handlers. They should be judging the dog more than the handler. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Yes, I think the novice classes are much easier than the others but I believe they are judging the team and how you and your dog interact. Who knows, we may enter a match sooner than anyone expects.

      Have a good weekend too!!

  2. says

    I never had a fearful dog until Louise. She teaches me a great deal. People tend to just approach and then I have to get between her and them because they are stupid. Thanks for acknowledging the continuous learning we must do as humans. I love the picture staring in the corner. The cats do that and it took me a long time to realize they sensed mice in the the walls. Great catch up.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Oh gosh, I hope he’s not channeling his inner cat and sensing mice in the walls!

      Humans have a lot to learn from animals in general. “-)

    • Jodi Stone says

      I don’t understand it Sage. Usually I don’t let the dogs lick it, but I think it tastes sweet to you all. :-(

  3. says

    Approaching fearful dogs. Such an important subject and why I train school children on it. Hopefully, at least those I reach, will know how to react and not be the cause or recipients of any “unwanted” behaviour.

    • Jodi Stone says

      From your lips Miss Susan! I sure hope we can educate the youngsters because some of their parents aren’t doing such a great job.

  4. says

    There is something about Poodles that everyone just has to touch them. They won’t bite, but it just seems so rude for people to assume they are toys. I’m not sure how to handle it without seeming rude back.

    • Jodi Stone says

      It’s tough, I guess it depends on who it is. If it’s a stranger, I don’t care if they think I’m rude or not. :0 You could get them tee-shirts that say, ask before touching. :-)

  5. says

    No food in Rally either, eh? Bummer. But I am sure with practice you could wean her off the treats as long as she knows she gets a big reward at the end. It’s a hard thing to do, though, so I get it. She really does seem to be enjoying herself and I think it’s for more than just the chicken. Delilah and you make a solid team. :-)

    • Jodi Stone says

      Thanks Kristine, we are trying to emulate you and Shiva the dog.

      I really feel like these classes we have been taken have helped us develop a very strong bond.

      Yes no food at all. I saw a woman enter the ring and treat her dog and she was immediately disqualified. You can’t even pretend to have food as an enticement. :-(

  6. says

    Y’know, I really was going to do a post like this today. And then my mom came to visit and brought her dog. That dog is always a photo-opp waiting to happen. What’s a girl to do?

    • Jodi Stone says

      It is a nice little way to catch up isn’t it Oz? Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend yourself and enjoy having your mom back.

  7. says

    No food allowed in the rally ring?? This is not good news! Mom is pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do it WITH the food. Without it we would crash and burn on Task #1.

    Love and lotion licks,

    • Jodi Stone says

      It is going to be tough for Delilah but what I’m currently doing is not giving her a treat at every station. Eventually we’ll get to the point where she would be treated before we enter the ring and after we exit. I bet you’d do fine Cupcake. I believe in you. :-)


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