This ‘N That Thursday, The Video Edition

Once again we’re joining 2 Brown Dawgs blog for This ‘N That Thursday.

This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button and join us!

Courtesy of 2 Brown Dawgs Blog Courtesy of 2 Brown Dawgs Blog

Rally Class

The Rally class Delilah and I were taking is over.  While I would say we are a LONG way from stepping into a Rally ring, I did ask our instructor to record our run.

This was our second run and you’ll notice that all the errors are mine and not Delilah’s at all.

Since Ariane was holding the camera, she was kind enough not to correct me when I made a mistake. :-)

In a competition Rally Ring competitors are allowed to walk through the course without their dogs.  This really helps you get an idea of what’s expected from you.

In the classroom setting, the option wasn’t available so we just had to wing it. Thankfully we weren’t getting scored (or timed) for this.


Sampson is an attention whore hog.  He love, love, loves getting his rubbies and is always trying new and different ways to get attention.

So when I looked down at him on Tuesday night and noticed the desqueaked squeaker in his mouth,


Well, I couldn’t help it, I just had to take a video.


Yesterday BlogPaws announced the 2nd Annual Nose to Nose Social Media and Pet Blogging Awards.  Until next Friday (March 8th) you can nominate your favorite blogs in 12 different categories, winners will be announced at the BlogPaws Conference in May.

I don’t know about you, but I’m making my list and will be making my nominations this weekend. :-)

So what did you think?  Not too bad for our first Rally run, right?

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  1. says

    Your rally run looked splendid. What was best was how much fun Delilah seemed to be having. You made a great team.

    And Sampson is so darn cute I almost stopped hyperventilating at the sight of a squeaky in his mouth. Funny how paying for a $3000 squeakyectomy makes those things look awfully scary. :)

    I’m also making my BlogPaws nominations soon.

  2. says

    We’re not familiar with Rally Runs so you looked like you both knew what you were doing and having fun doing it. One of dog’s main purposes in life is to make us look good walking them.

  3. says

    Clearly you’re getting better at Rally…I’m impressed because that behind the back transfer is something I cannot master. Sampson really is a goofball isn’t he…but such a happy one :) And I’ve already started entering my nominations over at Blogpaws…can’t wait to see who wins

  4. says

    LOLOL Sampson spitting out the squeaky reminds me of Henri! He’s good about dropping things when I tell him but it’s like he’s spitting them out instead of dropping them, cracks me up every time!

  5. says

    Sampson is ridiculous! I couldn’t resist that belly either. In fact, I almost reached out to rub it through the screen. I wish I were joking. It’s a good thing I have my own office! His expression is just so comical. What a big, lovely goof. :-)

    I don’t know much about Rally or the different moves but I think you both looked great! Delilah clearly enjoys her work with you. One of these days, you are going to be champions, I can feel it!

  6. says

    The rally run looks great! She is tuned in to you every minute. And Sampson looks like he is experiencing pure heaven–so cute!

    In answer to your question about nails, I think its not a bad idea to clip them a tiny bit every week so the dog stays used to it. But as long as you keep them so they are not curling under and affecting how the paws interact with the floor, that should be frequent enough.

  7. says

    Thanks for participating in TNT! I had to wait all darn day to watch the videos!

    You did excellent on your Rally run. I haven’t watched a lot, but I have watched some and I think you and Delilah did a fabulous job. I don’t think you are too far away all from trying it for real. I used to think that the dog and handler had to be perfect to test. That is not the case at all. I can’t wait until I hear you have entered a match. :)

    Sampson is sooooo cute…lol.

  8. says

    Hi Y’all!

    Couldn’t get the video to play. We’ll try again later. I love rally…it’s fun…but so is agility. Only thing is that my Humans’ schedule doesn’t give us a chance to compete.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. says

    So wonderful to have a dog that focused on you (well, maybe the food :) ). It’s where I battle most with Litchi who, because of her strange start in life, does not focus on or look at a person like that. Makes training rather more challenging. She’s also not food orientated at all – go figure!

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