Delilah-2, Misto Can-0

Delilah loves oil.

I don’t know why.  Maybe she was a masseuse in her previous life or maybe she scrounged for food at McDonald’s, all I know is she LOVES oil

She’s not discriminating either, she loves all oil.

In this house you cannot put a pot of water with oil for pasta on the stove, because she WILL drink it.

And her love of it is well documented.

Salmon Oil

This was the Salmon oil she stole off the counter and carried into the living room, where she destroyed the can.  On a hot and humid day if I don’t have the air conditioner on, my rug still smells like fish.

Thank you Delilah.

Two years ago for Christmas my youngest daughter sent me some homemade bath scrub.  It was made with sugar and oil.  It’s almost impossible to use, because Delilah loves it so.

Yes, I caught her antics on tape.

(I’m sorry, for some reason I could not get the youtube video to load in the blog, you’ll have to click the link.  Please remember this is a video and you can’t actually help her.  It’s always my instinct to help her as she is so determined.) :-)

Yesterday I ran out for a couple of hours and forgot to put my Misto can away.

Hubby found it in the living room when he got home.

IMG_4185 It’s her second one.

Delilah – 2, Misto Can – 0

What kind of mischief have you been up to?

This is the Monday Mischief blog hop hosted by Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies.

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  1. says

    There is a whole checklist of things I have to do before going out and leaving the dogs alone. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about oils and bath stuffs!

  2. says

    Our mom leaves us in the sun room when they aren’t home so we can’t get into things! She had some things come up last week and didn’t get to do her FUF post :( But we will make sure she has time to do it this Friday!

  3. says

    My cat Bert is like that only anything edible or even non-edible is fair game. He destroys stuff all the time and mom gets so mad! Us dogs don’t usually wreck anything.

  4. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    LOVE THE VIDEO!!! I enjoyed watching Delilah trying to figure it out for herself. Kinda like watching Ducky figure out the Kong Wobbler the first few times I put her food in it.

    No time for posting my own stuff today — have to figure out this week’s meals & then go shopping for the food, a new mop, and a sling with which to help Callie up & down the steps/into & out of the car.

  5. says

    It’s always so strange what a dog will obsess over. Your guess about her past lives is as good an answer as any, but I’ve never had a dog with an oil fetish.

  6. says

    Awesome. I can’t believe she even drinks from a pot on the stove! Her counter-surfing puts Shiva to shame, not that I am complaining. Gotta laugh at a dog with a mission. What does Sampson think of all this oil love?

  7. says

    Yum. Oil! I think it would be delicious! Mom lets me lick the butter knife, sometimes. That’s kind of like oil. I sure do wish she would get some of that bad smelling salmon oil. I bet that’s delicious.

    Love and licks,

  8. says

    Hmmm, I haven’t tried oil, but I guess there’s still time?! Tee Hee

    Btw, we use a widget called viper’s video tags (or something like that) on wordpress to play the youtube videos as we used to have problems uploading them, have you tried that?

    Have fun, loved the video

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. says

    My Rita LOVES oil too. If for some reason she ever doesn’t want to eat her dinner, I just put a few drops of olive oil on top, and she’s all over it.
    So glad Rita can’t reach a pot on the stove! That’s some serious mischief.
    The tub vid is tooooo cute.
    Happy MM!

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