A Walk in the Blizzard

Well it seems our area of the country is quickly turning into the Super Storm capital of the world.

Apparently our local weather station has been naming snow storms for a number of years.  They are calling this one Charlotte.

Recently the National Weather Center began naming winter storms as well, they’re calling this one Nemo.

I’m calling it Charmo.

No matter what it’s called, we’re having a blizzard.

It started about mid-morning yesterday and our Governor was requesting people stay off the roads, since I work literally five-minute from work, I stayed for half a day.   Then went home to get the dogs out for a walk.

We had just entered the park when I saw movement up the hill and to my right.  It was a herd of deer.  The dogs were easily redirected although they were definitely searching for something.

S and D What does that smell like to you?

Snowy D I love pictures of Delilah in the snow, she is so beautiful against the white background. (Is it just me or does her nose look crooked?)

Blizzard Wind So that’s what a blizzard wind feels like.

  Snowy Mama The snow melts on the dog’s fur, but not on mine.

All walked and happy, we went back to the house and are all hunkered down waiting for the blizzard to pass.

Are you in Charmo’s path?  Did you get a chance to walk before the storm or are you playing indoor games?

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  1. says

    Holy SNOW Caren!! It is still coming down and we have at LEAST 2 feet! I can’t remember ever having this much snow at one time. Pictures to follow!!

  2. says

    I like ‘Charmo’…’Nemo” never made sense to me as the name of a blizzard…Now that you mention it, Delilah’s nose does look a bit off in that photo…maybe you caught her in mid-sniff? Jodi I hope that you’re doing OK and staying safe and warm this weekend

    • Jodi Stone says

      We don’t mind it much either Emma (usually) this is just a LOT of snow and hard to run and play in! We hope you get some snow soon!

  3. says

    The blizzard snow in NJ was fun and crazy yesterday. Mom and I went in and out a lot to have fun and take pictures. Last night the snow and wind came faster and faster. This morning, it is touching my belly. Mom measured my belly and it’s about 9 inches off the ground, so that means we got 9 inches of snow. I don’t like a cold belly, so I wanted to come in right away this morning. Delilah’s nose gets twisted in the snow. My ears start flying around like kites.

    Love and licks,

    • Jodi Stone says

      Well I’m glad you didn’t get hit too hard Cupcake! This snow came up past Sampson and Delilah’s shoulders! It’s hard even for the big dogs to play in this stuff. :-)

      Maybe it as the wind playing with Delilah’s nose. It was pretty windy.

    • Jodi Stone says

      I don’t blame you Frankie, this blizzard would have buried dogs Sampson and Delilah’s size, I can’t imagine how hard it is for you and Ernie!

  4. says

    There has been no snow where I live since 1960, but warm thoughts go out to you that everything will pass and leave only good memories.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Aw thanks Jan. No snow since 1960? Wow that sure is a long time, are you okay with that, or would you like snow?

  5. says

    Nemo lived up to his name for my town at least…”no one”. As in, it didn’t really happen. I mean, sure, we got 4ish inches, maybe more, but it didn’t start until around 4 pm and stopped at some point in the night. Today it’s still cold, but bright and sunny.

    While I don’t mind the naming of Hurricanes and such, I wonder why blizzards must be named now? It’s like the weather people wanted to get in on the sensationalism a little, and naming a storm is far more convenient than just calling it a Nor’Easter or something.

    • Jodi Stone says

      I would have been happy with 4ish inches or even a foot! This is HUGE.

      I don’t know why they name storms, maybe it just gives them something to refer to. The other local station was calling it “The Blizzard of 2013” and I thought, gee that’s so generic, I mean we are only 6 weeks into 2013, who knows what the rest of the year will bring. 😮

  6. says

    Good job avoiding the deer.

    How much more has is snowed since you took these pictures? I hope it doesn’t keep you out of the woods for too long.

    • Jodi Stone says

      We got over two feet of snow! I have pictures for tomorrow’s post. I can’t see us in the woods anytime soon. :-(

    • Jodi Stone says

      I’ve heard that some towns haven’t been plowing, what is up with that? I think it’s easier to move less snow than to try and move so much at once.

      I hope you have been plowed out by now.

    • Jodi Stone says

      They do love snow, but this is hard even for them! I am thinking of a pair of snow shoes, maybe buying them at the end of the season so I’ll have them for next year. :-)

    • Jodi Stone says

      It is beautiful Kim and so nice to walk in (when you can) there is something so magnificent about the silence that comes with the snow. It is truly amazing.

  7. Mango Momma says

    We had a very nice walk on Friday, but it was rather difficult today. At least there were no cars out. With the sidewalks out of commission, not sure what we’ll manage tomorrow.

    • Jodi Stone says

      We ended up walking in the road (thankfully there was a ban on vehicles) but no sidewalks in our neighborhood.

      Hope you guys made out okay!

  8. says

    We got nothing in DC/MD–just a bit of rain last night and a cold but sunny day today. I find that so odd, as it doesn’t seem like we’re THAT far away from our kin in NY, who are buried.

    Delilah does look beautiful, even with the crooked nose!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Isn’t it funny how we can be so close distance wise, but so far away in terms of participation?

      She is a beautiful girl. :-)

  9. says

    We had pouring rain all day, I’m glad it wasn’t snow. Then it did change over in the evening and when we woke up it was a frozen wonderland with about an inch on top. Fortunately it was mild today so most of it was gone by the afternoon!

    Delilah’s nose does look crooked! LOLOLOL

  10. says

    Haha Delilah’s nose does look crooked. I get those pictures too sometimes. I figure it must be the camera angle or they are moving their nose in a way that it looks crooked. Charmo…good one. I have no idea why the weather services feels the need to name storms now. I figure it is so that Wikipedia has an easier time making entries them. 😉


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