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Today we’re joining our friends over at 2 Brown Dawgs Blog on This ‘N That Thursday.  Some days you have a little of this or a little of that. 

Many thanks to 2 Brown Dawgs!!


Facebook is a time suck for me.  I sign in to post my blog or check a story and before I know it, an hour has passed.

There’s a lost dog or a dog that’s on its last hours, I need to share those, and sometimes there’s a LOT of them.

Then I have the Oooh look, Nancy has the top score in Mahjong Trails or Oh my god, Kim is playing Criminal Case, a Hidden Object game moments.

And there I go, an hour gone that I’ll never get back.

But sometimes….you get that story that just grabs your heart.

A Special Valentine

(I think Mel actually shared this one.)

Valentine is a five-month old German Shepard. Unfortunately both of her front paws are deformed because her bone growth has occurred too fast and instead of the bone growing into the joint, the bones are pushing against them.

She is in incredible pain and rarely uses her front legs, but just look at this sweet girl!

295406_10150272550109955_162750503_n I took this photo from Trio Animal Foundation’s Facebook page.

The good news is there are surgeries and procedures which can help her, the bad news is the cost is a minimum of $10,000.

The very idea that the rescue was willing to work towards raising the funds just boggled my mind.  I quickly shot off an e-mail committing to a modest amount and stating I would share Valentine’s story with you today.

I’m so happy to report that they had actually ALREADY raised the funds needed for Valentine’s surgery!!  They posted the story on Friday and by Monday they had raised the money.

If you have a mo (moment for you non-Harry Potter readers), and want a feel good story, go check out their Facebook page.

Knock Knock

About two weeks ago Delilah and I hopped in the car to head to our Rally class.  Just as I hit about 40 m.p.h. I heard this knocking on my driver’s door.

I looked back at Delilah to see if part of her leash was hanging out of the window hitting my door.

It wasn’t.

I pulled over, got out and checked my door to see if anything was hanging.


I got back in the car and got on the highway.  Just as I hit 40 m.p.h. the rapping started again.

WTF is that?  I thought to myself. 

I hope there isn’t some animal that somehow got stuck inside my door. (I had just read somewhere about beeping your horn before starting your car because sometimes small animals climb up inside the engine because it’s warm.)

In the dark of the car, my next thought was Oh. My. God.  I wonder if it can come out and get me?  I thought back to the story a co-worker told me of a friend of his who had a snake come up the front of her car between the windshield and the hood and hang on her wipers.

I scrunched over as far to my right as I could get, without climbing into the passenger seat while still maintaining my vice-like grip on the steering wheel.

As soon as we got off the highway, the noise stopped.

Thank God!  Whatever is in there doesn’t like speed.  I can tolerate it, as long as it’s not knocking on my freaking door.

Ooops, I hit 40 m.p.h. again and there it was.

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

I don’t know, but whatever you are, you’re scaring the shit out of me.

Finally, twenty long minutes later we had arrived at our destination.  I parked under a light and got out of the car and inspected the door again.

Guess what I saw?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Relax already, I’m just kidding.

It was the auxiliary cord to plug my phone/iPod into the radio.  The damn thing is SO long and I have a habit of sitting my phone in my lap and just unplugging it when I get out of the car, sometimes the cord falls out.

Had I looked closer the first time I stopped, I could have saved myself a terror filled ride.

That damn cord hangs over my rear view mirror now.

Have you ever had anything surprise you in your car? What does your imagination tell you about strange noises in the dark?

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  1. says

    Had me hooked on the car’s knocking noise :) Was getting quite scared for you there. Here’s hoping that lots more funds can be raised for Valentine and the sweet dog can get the treatment necessary. It’s just so sad.

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    Our MOM once left her car door Open while carrying several loads of stuffs out of her classroom… she got 3/4 of the way home and a CAT jumped from the backseat into the passenger seat… She SCREAMED and ran off the road… and actually PEED her PANTS. And THAT is why we do NOT have a Cat at our house… !!!

  3. says

    Valentine is adorable – and your car story cracked me up and then I read Frankie Furter and Ernie’s comment and laughed even harder! :) Have a great day!

  4. says

    I seldom go to FB because I have no will power. Thanks for bringing Valentine’s story, certainly a deserving dog and we will do our best to help.

  5. says

    I’m glad it wasn’t a mechanical problem. Sometimes wheel-related problems don’t make noise until you’re at speed. I was afraid your story was going to end with you missing class because of car trouble.

  6. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    I almost cried when I read Valentine’s story. Bless her heart!

    I have the same problem with Facebook, so lately I’ve been forcing myself to spend only 5 minutes at a time, maybe 3 times a day. I check for personal, private messages from close friends first and then move on.

  7. says

    Oh Jodi I am cracking up about your phone cord causing you terror. Well I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but that is sure something I would do. I am really glad I am not alone in the world! lol

    I saw Valentine’s story. We had to be careful with each of our Chessies that their bones did not grow too fast, but I had never heard of Valentine’s condition. It must have a genetic component. I am glad she will get help.

    Thanks for participating in TNT!

  8. says

    Hi Y’all!

    Strange noises in the dark? I bark!!! and BARK!!! I know my Human would never have stopped in the dark and checked on a noise!

    Paws crossed for Valentine! Hope she is soon pain free…though my Human says it is a long tough road she still has to travel.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. says

    Love that cord story…I just found out that the reason I had strange lights on my dash was that last time I’d taken a too-deep mud hole while 4-wheeling in the forest I’d fried my brake sensors – doh! Goes to show the Liberty with no lift kit can’t always do what the Wranglers do

    Really loved Valentine’s story…There are some fabulous caring people out there in the world and I hope the surgeries work out well and take away the pain

  10. says

    Oh poor Valentine :( I’ve seen cases with Dobermans where they end up with carpal deformities…”knuckling over” and the like. Elka actually started to, as a puppy, when we still had her on “large breed puppy food”. We switched her to adult food and the problem went away. Of course, her case was very very minor; I’m glad that the money was already raised for Valentine.

  11. says

    LOL! I love the knowcking story. I have had my phone cord do the same thing. Freaked me out too, although I did not think of a snake. Too cold here for snakes. :)

    Thank you for sharing Valentine’s story. I did not know they got the funds. That totally makes my day! This is something that can be addressed. I am so glad they can do the surgery.

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