Super Snow Sunday

We had some decent snow predicted for Super Bowl Sunday.  I hope the game is better than this storm was.

The three to six inches of snow turned out to be a dusting, it sort of looks like the confectioner’s sugar I put on my french toast.

Field Okay, in reality I DO put more confectioner’s sugar than this on my french toast, the sun had already melted much of the snow in the field.

Footprints There was  just enough snow in some spots to let me know someone had already been at the park and they had a dog.

Sniff 2 The dogs seemed to know if too, because as soon as we hit the trail, their noses went down.

Sniff They sniffed

IMG_3949 IMG_3958 and searched.

And while we didn’t come across the person with their dog.

1-Rock We did enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature provides.

Enjoy your Sunday and remember, to have a heart like a dog, you must be able to enjoy the beauty in front of you.


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  1. says

    We are with you. every little bit helps. Enjoy the moment. And drink in all that snow…..

    He he, you need to come play with us one day. we got plenty of snow to spare, but it looks like you still have lots of great places to go and enjoy the snow you got.

    Hope your team wins….
    Bert and My vickei

  2. says

    We’ve had 2 inches so far today + slippery roads (moan!) Thank goodness it was warm enough to melt all the snow earlier this week and we had a small break!
    Looks like you had a great walk even if you didn’t find the other walkers!
    Happy Super Sunday – and may the best team WOOF!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Yuck, I hate it when roads are slick, this wasn’t enough to make an impact (I’m not complaining) hope you get a break in the weather!

    • Jodi Stone says

      LOL thanks for the invite Caren, I’m not complaining per say, I’m actually kind of glad. It can sometimes be very tough walking as I’m sure you know!

  3. Sue says

    Well that’s more snow than what we got! We got itsy-bitsy flakes mixed in with a light rain that stopped and started about four times between 3 and 11 PM last night. The dogs didn’t even notice when I took them out in the yard after their dinner.

  4. Sue says

    Jodi, was it you who said she has a Cyclops light that clips on to the bill of her hat or jacket hood? Or was it Pamela? Anyway, I bought one several weeks ago and have been using it every night. It’s great; and I just wanted to thank you — or Pamela — for suggesting it! It’s a heckuva lot easier to use than a bulky flashlight! I might even buy a second one so I can get a wider field of light.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Sue, yes I do have a cyclops, it stays clipped to my visor and I use it every night. It was a great investment. That’s a great idea to add a second one, I may do that myself!

  5. says

    A dusting makes it pretty it is still easy to walk through. :) I see you had a bit of sun which makes for pretty pictures. We have had gray days lately. A bit of sun this morning but now back to clouds and snow showers.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Yes the sun was out first thing this morning, by the time we got to the field most of the snow had melted. I hope you managed some sun this weekend, it sure lifts the spirits.

    • Jodi Stone says

      Aw thanks Gizmo, you guys really do see the beauty in everything, don’t you? And yes, it was a lovely walk I hope you did as well.

  6. says

    It’s so disappointing when you’re expecting heaps and heaps of snow, and only get a dusting. The dogs don’t seem to mind, though – Gwynn still insists on going out to carefully lick up every speck off the back porch whether there’s a dusting or a dump!

  7. says

    Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jetty here. Hi Miss Jodi.

    Mom asked me to share how wonderful it is to view your wonderful winter photos… bet you’re getting slammed with the white stuff right now! Love the image of confectioner’s sugar… right up Mom’s Kitchen Counselor alley!

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