This ‘N That Thursday

Today we join our friends The 2 Brown Dawgs Blog for This ‘N That Thursday, because sometimes you have a post with a little of this but not enough of that.  Or something along those lines. :-)


We want to send our very best wishes to our dear friend Kari Pike from Hound Girl.  You may recall that Kari designed this blog for me, for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Yesterday she delivered a beautiful baby girl, Kylie Ann Pike, 8 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long.  As far as I know, Mommy and Kylie are both fine.

Congrats Kari and Scott!  You have a beautiful daughter.

We won a contest!

Last week we won a contest at Dakota’s Den.  It was a Kyjen Squeaker Mat Character Sheep.

IMG_3913 Just look at this bad boy!  It has 16 (yes 16!) squeakers inside it.

IMG_3911 The dogs were definitely interested in it.

IMG_3916 I tried to make sure Sampson got it first, because we all know, it’s really Delilah’s toy.

If you follow Sampson’s Blog, you’ll have seen the picture in yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post.  Yes Delilah wanted Mr. Sheep and she wanted him bad.

Sure enough within five minutes she’d gotten one of the squeakers out.

IMG_3923 She really loves Mr. Sheep.

IMG_3927 There’s something about a happy dog with something they love in their mouth that just makes me smile.

The dogs wanted me to send a great big Heart Like a Dog thank you to Dakota and his mom Caren for the awesome toy.  They really love it!!

Have you seen my Mojo?

I feel like I’ve hit a wall and I don’t know why.  Maybe I lost my Mojo, or maybe someone put the Juju on me.

Right after the Pet Blogger Challenge I had my calendar penciled out for a week’s worth of posts.  This week I can’t figure out what I want to write about.  It seems I’ve either lost my creativity, or I’m in a rut.  Either way I’m not liking it, but I’m just not sure how to fix it.

What do you do when you hit a wall?  How do you shake off the funk? Where do you find your motivation?

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  1. says

    when My Vickie hits a wall, looses her mojo, I take her outside for a walk or a hike or a trip to the river and voila……mojo comes back.


  2. Sue at The Golden Life (aka says

    I have that problem all the time! I think of a few things and then reject them b/c I just don’t think they’re interesting enough to write about. And then, too, my blog is basically for me anyway so why would anyone else care about how I feel about 5 days in a row of rain? Or whether or not I can consider myself “retired” since I’m not retirement age yet? Don’t worry, Jodi, you’ll get your Mojo back as soon as you take Sampson & Delilah up the road to their favorite field for a walk/run/romp. (Just watch out for low-hanging tree branches!) Callie & Shadow & Ducky send happy woofs to all of you….

  3. says

    I am sorry you are struggling, doubly so because you have often been a motivator for me lately. I am always amazed how you post so frequently on so many different topics. Your commitment and determination has inspired me to get in gear on more than one occasion. Don’t fail me now! 😉

    Love Delilah’s enjoyment of her sheep. She is such a silly, happy girl. If only we all could be so satisfied with something so simple.

  4. says

    I am soooo happy for Kari!!! That is fabulous! I remember when I met her at Purina in October she was pregnant..that poor girl, seems like she was pregnant forever!! LOVE the name of her new daughter!

    I am soooooo glad your babies love the lamb!!! That’s fabulous!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    That sheep looks like fun…I think even Gizmo would like that one…though 16 squeakers might make me a little crazy

    As far as your mojo, you write about so many interesting things I know it’ll be back soon…

  6. says

    Love the sheepie…I was going to give it to my sister if I won but I think your dogs are enjoying it much more than we would have! Don’t worry about idea block…something always seems to pop up. The other day mom did not know what to post on fb, so I helped her by jumping in an IKEA bag and looking cute…I am a dog but I am getting the process and am helping out. It seems like something always just happens that brings us new ideas.

  7. says

    Thanks for participating in TNT, (guess I am grateful for your rut…lol). The toy is great. Freighter would destroy that one. :) Congrats to Kari and her hubby. Wonderful news.

  8. says

    Looks like Delilah is having a blast with her new sheep. :-)

    As for hitting a wall, I try to draft posts when I am in the mood to blog, so I can tweak them and post them when I’m out of ideas. Of course, I also don’t blog every day, so that makes it easy for me to skip a post or two if I really have nothing.

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