Co-Hosted Follow-Up Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Co-Hosted Follow Up Friday Blog hop, the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop


My co-hostess this week has taught me so much about blogging and has helped me in so many ways, that her intro could be a blog post all its own.

She’s funny and creative and I love her to pieces and it’s not just because we share the same name. :-)  If you follow her blog you will know her as “The Mama” I know her as the ‘other’ Jodi, it’s the one and only Jodi Chick from Kol’s Notes!!

Thanks for joining us today Jodi, glad to have you!!

Nine Little Monkeys – Author’s Note

First I want to thank you all for reading this blog and helping make 2012 such a stellar year.

Donna made a comment, “The only one that confuses me is that it says you added 211 new posts in 2012….but you post every day….???”

She’s right and those stinking little monkeys are not.  I moved the blog to self-hosted in August (I can’t remember the exact date) assuming I moved it on August 1st, I should have had no more than 153 posts.

BUT those stats didn’t start until I installed JetPack, which was NOT the day I moved the blog, so I’m not really sure those stats are accurate, but I’ll take em. :-)

Monday Mischief – Author’s Note

What can I say, that dog has mad skills.  If I could only get her to carry the dishes TO the sink.

You just don't understand me.

You only love me for I can do for you!


Wild Heart Ranch – Update

I had a comment on this post yesterday from Shellie B who is a volunteer at Wild Heart Ranch. She explained that sometimes they cannot save an animal and those are the times they euthanize.  You can read her entire comment on the post.

She also explained that Annette’s husband is currently on dialysis and Annette is a bit busy, which is why she didn’t contact me for this post.

I hope you’ll join me in saying a prayer for Annette and her husband.

Many thanks to Shellie for clarifying that mission statement.

WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday – Author’s Note

I really have no problem with someone rescuing a dog and then deciding the dog is not right for their household.  Honestly I’d rather have a dog be loved and cherished than have someone who is so frustrated with their dog and their behaviors that they ignore the dog or worse.

That being said, it seemed very suspicious to ME that Governor Scott never addressed the issue.  To ME this implies  he adopted the dog for less than honorable reasons.  From the comments I’ve received from some of the Floridians, it seems like Governor Scott MIGHT be the kind of man to use something for his own gain.

Had he simply released a statement saying “All the caterers and florists entering my mansion were upsetting Reagan, we tried very hard to make him comfortable to no avail, sadly as much as we love him, we decided it would be best for Reagan to go to a quieter home.” <GRIN>

It’s really easy Governor Scott.  You tell the truth.  In a nice way, but you tell the truth.  I know you have spin doctors working over-time to try to make you look good.  It looks a lot better for you and people have more compassion for you when your honest.  And you might have had a chance at re-election.

Speeding is Against the Law – Author’s Note

Well that was a conversation starter!  Thank you to all of you who wrote in and expressed your opinions.

I think we all agree, sharing someone’s blog or re-posting a blog while giving props to the owner is perfectly acceptable.  It’s the information we share without giving proper credit that is a problem.

I asked the Idiot about the photos in question and here was his response, “Many of the goofy photos and graphics I had on the old site had hundreds of copies on google images and there was no way anyone could track down who the original author was.”

So what then?  If you can’t find the person to whom it belongs how do you give them credit?

Perhaps a simple, I couldn’t find the author/photographer of this poem/photo, if you know who it belongs to please let me know and I’d be happy to give them credit or remove it from my site if that is their preference.

The Idiot is currently working on transferring his content, but since he can’t get into his account he cannot notify his subscribers.  2,600 of them.

I would hate for any of us to have to deal with a nightmare like this.  Just be conscious of what your posting and be sure to give credit where credit is due.

That’s it for me, thank you again to Kol’s Notes for co-hosting the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop

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  1. says

    Hi Y’all!

    Great post! Love Kol and my Human has learned much from his Tasty Tuesday…really moved up my treats, let me tell you!

    Oh, my Human said to tell you…you never get the straight goods from a news report or from a politician.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. says

    Hi there! Great wrap up of the week! We came by and read about Wild Heart Ranch and are so sorry to hear about Annette’s husband. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers. I didn’t get to see your post about our “wonderful” Governor until today…but of course, I heard all about it on Wednesday. What is he saying to people but “it’s okay to give a dog back without even trying”. You know he just used that poor dog to get him into office. Ugh!

    Anyway, have a great weekend! Thanks for co-hosting the hop!
    Oz & Gina

  3. says

    I still do not understand all the conclusion jumping when it comes to the Governor’s dog. A less cynical view would be that the guy did not have his spin doctor’s put out a perfect PC statement about giving the dog back. It was not that long ago (pre TMZ) that people would find the silence refreshing. 😉

    As far as the ranch, I can understand an animal being euthanized if it is not well medically, but their statement doesn’t say that. What if the animal recovers physically but is not able to hunt for itself in the wild for whatever reason? You can’t return it to the wild, so I guess that animal gets the needle too? That is the part that I would not be on board with. In that case I think it is better just to let the animal go from the start. But it is their rescue so they need to run it as they see fit. :) Hope the director’s husband recovers soon.

  4. says

    Love Delilah’s picture and her bandana! Too cute! That would be so awesome if she could carry the dishes to the sink…but she gets more out of taking the cup out of the sink! Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Jodi I won’t say any more about our esteemed governor and i do understand where “2 brown dawgs” (sorry I don’t now the human’s name) is coming from…i just see this as one more disappointment with an elected official who has not kept a single campaign promise and has this state in worse economic condition than when he took office (so maybe i’m a tad oversensitive on this one)

    As for the “Speeding” this discussion has been so informative…I hadn’t really thought about it before your post so thank you…I’ve looked into copyscape and have added a copyscape badge to my sidebar…I figure it’s notice that I will be doing occasional checks just to see if I’m being copied…and it’s made me really start thinking before borrowing a random image and using it without proper attribution…I’ve also looked at Creative Commons as mentioned by Pamela and may decide to go that route…


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