The Dog Squad

Well here’s something that’s really disgusting.

Last night I signed into the Heart Like a Dog Pinterest account and realized I don’t have one freaking follower.  I’m following 53, but no-one is following me.

Don’t worry, you really aren’t missing much since I only have two boards and two pins.

I’m really hoping to change this.  So I added a follow me on Pinterest button to the blog.  You can find it in the subscribe box on the upper right side of the blog.

What’s that you say?

Yes, it just might be possible that I have an ulterior motive.

Have any of you signed up to attend the BlogPaws conference this May in Tyson’s Corner?

I bought my ticket immediately after the last conference, and I’m really looking forward learning a lot and of course, meeting many of you.

I did hear something slightly disturbing though.

I heard the cat people really bring it and the dog people sort of fell flat.  By this I mean, the cat people deck themselves out.  They wear clothing and jewelry that show their cat passion.

Dear cat friends, please don’t be upset by what you are about to read.

I’m hoping the dog folks can up their game this year.

Are you in?

If you’re going to BlogPaws, heck even if you aren’t, would you be willing to help the dog folks?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  If you are a dog person, would you be interested in coming up with a way for us to show we’re part of the Dog Squad?

I’m not talking about anything crazy like this: (I would never wear it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else…hehehe)

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


I’m thinking something a bit more subtle.  Something along the lines of either shirts, or jewelry.

I started a Pinterest board called “Dog Squad” and I pinned a picture of a bracelet to it. Just to get the idea started.

If you’re interested in participating all you have to do is let me know you’re in.  If you’re really interested leave me your e-mail address in the comments and I will invite you to the board.  When your surfing the interwebs in the next couple of months and come across something that might work, you can pin it to the board.

Hopefully there will be lots of ideas to help the members of the Dog Squad give the cats a run for their money.  This doesn’t mean that I’m pitting the cat people against the dog people, it simply means I’m looking for ideas to show my passion for dogs.

Who’s in? Will you be part of the Dog Squad?

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  1. says

    Whoa!!!! Where in the world did you get that misinformation about “Dog People NOT bringing it?” WHOA!!! I was at Tyson’s Corners the first time BlogPaws had a conference there and it was FABULOUS and YES the “dog people brought it!!” At that time I only had a cat blog (I now have a cat AND a dog blog so I am hoping to attend this year representing BOTH).
    There were dogs EVERYWHERE! Frankly, in my opinion there were more dog bloggers than cat bloggers.
    The BlogPaws conference is NOT to be missed…..get those misconceptions out of your head! I was in charge of the Newbies group last year (which was mostly dog people FYI)…and I couldn’t go to the conference at the last second due to a kidney stone attack but I am hoping to be there this year.
    If I am able to go I will be representing CATS AND DOGS and all animals for that matter!
    Oh and I am following you on Pinterest now so stop whining :)

    • Jodi Stone says

      Okay, maybe I conveyed that wrong. :-) I didn’t mean dog people didn’t go, I meant the cat people were more decked out. In cat themed outfits, not that dog people didn’t represent. I guess I’m going to have to clear this up. :-)

      I hope to see you there and thank you for the follow, I will stop whining now. :-)

      • says are fine! Ok I didn’t realize you meant the outfits. Yeah, many had cat ears (including me) lol….but…MANY dog folks had the REAL thing! DOGS in attendance and THAT is way more fun! Wish I could bring Dakota but it’s too far away.
        So, I can wear cat ears AND a dog face since I have both? :)
        Looking forward to meeting you!!
        Be sure to follow back on Pinterest! I LOVE Pinterest!

        • Jodi Stone says

          Thanks Caren!! I’m actually considering bringing Sampson as long as Hubby can attend with me.

          Well maybe you can wear cat ears one day and dog ears the other?

          Yup, I followed back on the P. :-)

          • says

            would LOVE to meet Sampson!!! That would be the BEST!
            actually I wore a dog necklace WITH the cat ears :)
            And a T-shirt with my dog and cat on it! :)
            Thanks for following on Pinterest!

    • Jodi Stone says

      I’m not trying to pit people against each other, I hope it didn’t come across that way, I’d just like to see all bloggers really showing their passions. :-)

  2. says

    Well, until I read this post I didn’t even know you were on Pinterest so I can hardly be blamed for not following you. I have since rectified the situation, you’ll find. :-)

    BlogPaws is not looking very likely for me this year either. Unless I win the lottery or receive some sort of gigantic sum from a dead relative, I will have to cheer you on from Nova Scotia. I look forward to seeing you bring it!

    • Jodi Stone says

      I’m sorry you won’t be able to attend, but I’ll hold out hopes on that lottery idea. :-)

      Thanks for the follow too, I followed you back. :-)

  3. says

    Hi Jodi,

    Nice to find your blog and I will go and check you out on Pinterest, too! Good to cyber meet a fellow pet blogger and pet lover.
    As the PR Manager for BlogPaws and having been to all four conferences to date with my dog in tow each time, I can honestly say there is a potpourri of pet parents/bloggers/microbloggers that attend representing all species. We have had parrots, cats, cabybara, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, and I am sure I am forgetting some.
    BlogPaws conferences have always been and always will be pet-friendly and we even have a photo board of pets who have attended BlogPaws over the years on our Facebook page. This album does not include every pet, but worth checking out.
    I think it is fun that you started a Dog Squad Pinterest board but I can say all pet lovers “bring” it to BlogPaws, so you will fit right in. It is obvious you are passionate.
    Did we meet yet in paw-son? If not, I look forward to meeting you in Virginia for what promises to be the best BlogPaws conference to date.
    I know folks who are bringing their cats, someone bringing a rabbit, and yes ferrets and dogs, too. So expect a whole slew of pet bloggers all united for days under one happy BlogPaws roof!
    Also, are you a part of the BlogPaws community? – forgive me if you are; just crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s to check.
    Have a good day!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I am going to go in and update this post as it seems I’ve given people a misconception. I certainly didn’t mean that pets weren’t welcome or that dog bloggers didn’t bring their pets. I was referring more to decking ourselves out (in dog themed clothes/jewelry.)

      No we have not yet met in pawson, but I am looking forward to it. Yes I am part of the community and I’ll go over and add you as my friend.

      Have a great day!!

      • says

        I love connecting with like-minded pet bloggers and pet parents, and you fit that bill. I am also glad I found your blog. Looking forward to networking with you. Oh and Pinterest can be a slow build, but stick with it. I did and I post now and then. Happy Tuesday!

  4. says

    We love dogs. We love cats. We love ferrets. We love pigs. We love chickens. We love guinea pigs. We love horses and cows and birds and reptiles and … anything, anyone calls “pet” – except your husband. Really, we have to draw the line somewhere! LOL

    BlogPaws is about all animals. I think you’ll discover the collectiveness when you attend in May, but we are all about embracing the animal kingdom. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you mingle and connect in May, in Tysons Corner!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Oh gosh!! I really flubbed this up!! I didn’t intend it to mean that you all didn’t love animals and that animals weren’t welcome, I was talking about fashion. LOL About dog people showing their passion by wearing dog oriented clothing and jewelry.

    • Jodi Stone says

      LOL I admit I haven’t gotten the bug either. But it seems to be a social media that people are using so I’ll check it out. :-)

  5. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    Hi Jodi! Sure, I’ll help out. I can’t go to the conference, but I’ll do whatever else I can do…just let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll follow you on Pinterest; though I have to admit I don’t pay much attention to it myself since I haven’t bothered to figure out its value to me personally.

  6. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    We don’t do the pinterest or facebook stuffs…. just our BLOG.. and YOURS and some others, of course. Just sayin.

  7. says

    I didn’t know you were on Pinterest! I love Pinterest, especially all of the yummy recipes I find and ideas for the house :) Of course, there is also plenty of adorable animals to pin too. I’m currently looking for a full time gig – so we will have to see if I get to go to BlogPaws. I think my hubby thinks it is more important for me to make some money (poo!).

  8. says

    Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

    Mom’s still trying to figure a way to pay for the conference, b/c Mom wants to GO! We offered our biscuit $ box!

    Mom has a pinterest thingie, however, she’s too inundated to deal with it. She will watch with interest and … maybe more as time goes on!

    Love your enthusiasm and spirit!!!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Oh Jetty that would be awesome!! Maybe she will get be able to swing the conference. I would love to meet her!

  9. says

    Hi JodI! Bet you get a lot of new followers today :) Gizmo & I have added you and you’re welcome to follow us back GizmoGeodog & Beth on Pinterest…I’ve got a “Dogstuff” board there where you might find some things you like…Can’t do Blogpaws this year, but I applaud your effort to get the dawgs to represent!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Ah, last I checked I had 10!! That’s awesome for me, 10 in one day. Whoo Hoo!! Thanks for the follow, I followed you back. :0

  10. says

    Hi Jodi,
    MOL.! Humans’ fur sure stands up quick when they think their pets aren’t getting an even share of the .. . um.. pie?

    I didn’t read anything into what you wrote other than that you thought it looked like the cat people worked it with their wardrobe more than the dog people at BlogPaws, which I think is a fair statement in that I remember seeing more fanciful cat ears, cat prints, cat glasses, cat earrings and cat jewelry in general, than dog ears, dog glasses and dog earrings… Just sayin’ =^..^=

    Bring it on, dog ears!


    • Jodi Stone says

      Thanks Cokie!! That’s exactly the way I meant it! I certainly didn’t mean to make anyone’s fur stand on end. :-)

    • Jodi Stone says

      I don’t see the big draw either, but think of it like a big giant wish book or scrap book. You see things you like and want to remember/or keep and so you pin it to the board. I guess if I saw a chaise lounge I loved, I would add it to the board so when I’m ready for that chaise in my bedroom I remember where to find it. ;0

  11. says

    We are now following you on Pinterest!!!!! Hope you get a lot of followers. We have a Pinterest account but we aren’t real good at keeping up to date with it:( We have decided that mom needs to get busy with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She has kind of been a slacker lately!

  12. says

    If I was going to BlogPaws, I would totally be a part of the dog squad! If I was on Pinterest, I would also totally follow you, but I only make brief forays there. It just hasn’t hooked me.

  13. says

    If I had a pinterest account, I’d follow you Jodi. :-) If you could get someone to where a dog costume to blog paws, now THAT would be something to pin to your pinterest account!

    • Jodi Stone says

      Oh Donna, I’d like YOU to go to BlogPaws and then I wouldn’t give two figs if someone wore a dog suit or not. :-)

  14. Anonymous says

    Just followed you on there. Now… how shall we represent at BlogPaws?

    (P.S. I am so freaking excited to get to hang out with you in person!)

  15. says

    Just followed you on Pinterest… now how do we represent at BlogPaws? :)

    (P.S. I am so freaking excited that I will get to hang out with you in person!)

    • Jodi Stone says

      Excellent, I will be working on this soon and will make you an administrator so you can pin stuff to the page.

      I take it that means you’re going?


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