Trail Blazers

Last Saturday afternoon it started snowing and it snowed all afternoon and well into the night.

You may remember poor little Beauregard did NOT want to go out in the snow without his jacket. :-(

I don't care what you offer me, I ain't goin.

I don’t care what you offer me, I ain’t goin.


Sunday morning when we got up we realized we’d had between 8 to 10 inches.  The dogs didn’t care, they still wanted their walk so I threw on my snow pants and headed out.

Hubby was already outside blowing snow.

Good thing, because the car got stuck in all that deep, wet, snow that the plow deposits at the end of the driveway.

Yeah, that's the snow blower from the driver's window.

Yeah, that’s the snow blower from the driver’s window.


The dogs couldn’t wait to race through the snow, but I was slightly intimidated by the sight that met my eyes.

That's a lot of snow to plod through.

That’s a lot of snow to plod through.


While we weren’t the first ones to explore the fresh snow, the going was still tough.  I’d forgotten how hard it is walking through deep snow.

It took me twice as long to do one loop as it usually takes me to do two.  I was sweating pretty good when I was done, but the dogs were loving it.

Oh I love the snow!!

Oh I love the snow!!


Come on in mom, the water’s snow is fine.

Up to our necks

This is fun, can we do this again?

Thankfully many feet have been walking the trails this past week and the going is much easier.

Heart Like a Dog Lesson: Take time to do something fun, like play in the snow.

Are you a trailblazer? Or are you like me and prefer to have someone else do the work? 😉

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  1. says

    We love the fresh snow, no matter how deep we are out in it with mom walking. Now that my sister is older she has a harder time with it but I love hopping through the stuff and we are all worn out afterwards!

  2. says

    That’s a LOT of snow!! Yikes! Mom and I are not trailblazers, but we like playing in the snow. I don’t really like the snow touching my belly, but I wear my coat so I don’t shiver too much and not too much snow touches my tummy. I think Sampson and Delilah had some icicles hanging off their faces. I’m pretty sure I’d be afraid of icicles on my face.

    Love and licks,

  3. Sue @ The Golden Life says

    OH MY DOG!!! Callie, Shadow, and I are SO jealous!! We all love playing in the snow, though we do get a little cold after a while. Unfortunately, it doesn’t snow much here in the South Carolina Upstate…we usually get freezing rain instead. BOO- HISS!! I really hope we get at least one snowfall this winter so I can capture Ducky’s first experience with it while she’s still technically a puppy. (The shelter estimated she was 3 months old when they got her on May 13th, so they gave her February 13th, 2012 as her birthdate.)

  4. says

    Oh, I laugh just imagining Silas in the snow. When we lived up north (pre-Silas) I always wanted to be the first people out. Other people walking meant more packed down icy patches, which meant too-slippery trails.

  5. says

    Gwynn loves the deep snow – bounds through it like a hare and pauses to eat, dipping his face in and coming out with a David Suzuki beard of white 😛


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