Over the River

Sung to the tune of Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the river and through the field
Across the snow we fly
Our feet lead the way
We’re happy and gay
While mom and dad just sigh

Over the river and through the field
A fresh sniffing place we spy
Hurrah for the fun, it feels good to run
Hurrah for the bright blue sky

Yup, Hubby and I took Sampson and Delilah for a nice walk in the woods on New Year’s day.  Just as we turned to make the pass down along the field, Sampson and Delilah took off at a run.

By the time we reached the crest, they were long gone.

We could just make them out way on the other side of the field.

We could just make them out way on the other side of the field.

Since  we could still see them we shouted for them.

They kept running.

Hubby whistled for them.

They ran into the woods.

I won’t tell you what I said, but you can be sure the F word was involved.

We made our way down the rocks and crossed the little stream to take the short cut to the field, calling for them all the while.


That little fluff of snow you see in the middle. I thought it was a branch. Turns out it was two branches and did not make a very good bridge.

There was nothing for it.  I had to break a path across the field through about 9 inches of fluffy snow.  I kept calling.  Sampson was the first to appear, he met me about half-way across the field.


This picture was taken a few days before, but you get a sense of how deep it is.

Delilah must have run the length of the field and circled around because she came at me from a different direction.

It always takes me by surprise, because she does SO well and then BOOM she runs off.  The rarity is that Sampson goes with her.

The silver lining is, that she did come back and I learned a new area I have to be cautious of.

Dogs, they’re always full of surprises, no?

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  1. says

    Well at least it ended OK. They must of seen something to chase. I did it once on Christmas day and ran around and no one could get me. Two hours later and three peeps and a pincer movement and I was caught. The peeps were not happy. I had a grand time. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Jodi Stone says

      Holy snap Molly!! You must have been exhausted, from exercising three peeps at the same time!! I bet they slept well that night. 😉

  2. says

    I would’ve had 16 heart attacks (after saying the F word a time or 2). OMG! What a story! Cupcake is barely off her leash inside the house!! She is TOO unpredictable (and I’m too prone to having 16 heart attacks). Great post. I love a happy ending!

    • Jodi Stone says

      LOL I would never let Delilah off leash in our yard, she’d be gone in a flash! What is it they say, you never have a totally reliable recall? She is reliable about 95% of the time and normally I’m happy about that. :-) While I didn’t actually have a heart attack…..I can tell you I was anxious. :-)

  3. says

    It wasn’t their fault….they were mesmerized by all that fun SNOW.

    Or maybe they wanted you to start out your new year by getting lots of exercise by trudging through it.

    Glad it all ended well. :-)

  4. says

    Bet they were tired!! My two are such momma’s babies they hang pretty close (thank goodness) but when we had Molly she’d run like the wind for what seemed like forever. Fortunately we’ve got the room to run and she eventually got tired and returned to me. I was usually steaming mad and also said a few HBO words. She would just look at me like(insert happy dog face here:) wow, I’m back and boy was that a fun time!!

  5. says

    Good thing they came back. Storm will do everything right and then -boom- it is like she never knew what was expected of her. Maybe it is a girl thing?

    I am always nervous when the dogs are out of sight while hunting. I know that is part of the way they have to do it, but it still worries me. Of course with e-collar proofed on “here”, they wouldn’t get very far if they decided to bolt.

  6. says

    Rudy and Rio did the same to me yesterday!! We had just finished some lovely training and a pheasant called so they ducked under a fence and took off at full speed across an empty field!! Despite me calling and whistling they kept going and were completely out of sight for about 3/4 minutes by which time I was getting slightly worried!!

    Rio came back across the same field but Rudy appeared from a completely different direction!!

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