This ‘N That Thursday

Today we join our friends at the 2 Brown Dawgs blog for This ‘N That Thursday.

The 2 Brown Dawgs created This ‘N That Thursday for the days when you want to post a little bit about one topic, then a little bit about another.

It’s a Bummer

I had yesterday off, it was a planned day.  You know, just to extend my time away from work. :-)

Tuesday evening I got up off the couch and had incredible pain in my right knee.  There went all my plans for my day off.

Sampson and Delilah desperately wanted to go for a walk, but I had to defer and wait for Hubby to come home so he could walk them around the block.

I literally cannot stand on my leg for more than a minute and there are times just hobbling about where I can barely stand.

I did go to the Dr. and I did have x-rays and nothing showed up.  I am resting the leg and taking Advil, if it is not feeling better by Monday, I will go to the Orthopedic Dr.


I saw a notice from BlogPaws that they are looking for speakers for the upcoming conference.  Public speaking is my gig.  I love it.  It was the Public Speaking class in college that changed my major from Computer Programming to Communications.

There is a strict criteria for speaking at BlogPaws and I’m not sure I’m qualified for it.  I’m thinking a basic beginner class in how a beginning blogger grows their audience.

I need honest opinions here, we all know I’m not the greatest with technology, but if you don’t like this idea, is there something you think I’d be qualified to offer as a class?

Windows Live Writer

I found this little blogging tool from my new pal Gizmo from Terrier Torrent, he got it from Dawn Miklitch from NEPA Pets.

I’m hoping this post came out alright because I’m just now experimenting with it.  Besides being a program for blog writing, there are other features such as gathering all your mail accounts in one place, photo albums, messenger, scheduling your blog posts, (even though I know WP has the same feature.) etc.

The program is free and if I hate it, then I’ll uninstall it.

Sampson’s Website

I spent most of the last two days working on the redesign of Sampson’s blog.  He’s published his first post (with a bit of help from me) and I’m currently deciding if I will make a blog from Delilah’s viewpoint.

Check out my blog.

Check out my blog.


I think Delilah’s voice is easy for me to find, as I think of her as sassy and snappy.  Almost like a New Yorker or a Jersey Girl.

If you want to check out his site, you can find it here.

That’s it for This ‘N That Thursday, many thanks to our friends at the 2 Brown Dawgs Blog.

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  1. says

    Thanks for participating in TNT. :)

    I like your choice of topic for blogpaws, but I am wondering if the people attending already have blogs? If not, I think it would be an excellent topic.

    Good luck on the new blog. :) It looks great! You are brave to take on additional blogs. :)

    Hope your knee is better today.

  2. says

    So sorry about your knee :( I think your Blogpaws topic is a good one as there are many newbies (myself included) who look for tips like this; You’e already found some things in Live Writer that I hadn’t discovered yet…thanks; We’ve already visited Samson’s new page and since I’m a Jersey Girl too I’d love to hear Delilah’s voice…Hope the knee feels better soon

  3. says

    Awww, I love Sampson’s “please check out my blog” pictures!

    I’m a beginner blogger so information like that would be great but because I’m a beginner I don’t think I would go to a conference. You would have to come up with some non mainstream ideas to present. Good luck with it though.

  4. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    OUCH your poor knee. Hope it gets better SOON. Our mom takes ALEVE. BUTT you gotta be careful… NEVER to drop one… beclaws that stuffs will KILL dawgs.

  5. says

    I definitely think you should apply to be a speaker at BlogPaws! You would be great at whatever topic you chose, I am sure. As far as I can tell you have grown your audience steadily and also have quite a bit of engagement, which I am told is even more important than traffic. With all you have accomplished I know you have a lot of experience and advice others could definitely benefit from.

    I hope your knee heals up and it’s nothing serious!

  6. Sue at The Golden Life (aka says

    First of all, sorry about your knee! I’m having sympathy pains as I sit here writing this reply!! Bless your heart!!

    I use Windows Live Writer for all my blog posts … I love it! It’s a lot easier than trying to get a video loaded to a post directly in WordPress…at least it is for me.

    Oops, gotta go…my laptop’s running low on the battery charge.

  7. says

    So how do you like Live Writer? It’s a huge time saver for me since I can write offline when I can’t access the Internet. Adding pictures, being able to do the formatting and preview it all before posting are a big help.

    Hope you knee is feeling better. That’s not a fun way to spend your day off (unless you want to catch up on Honey Boo Boo).

  8. says

    Oh no, what a terrible way to spend a day off! I hope your knee feels better soon.

    I think you would be a great speaker for Blog Paws. And since I’m going for the first time, I would really be interested in hearing your take on anything blog related – you have a lot of experience that I know I could learn from.

    I especially respect how you pretty much reinvented and restarted your blog all over again – that took guts and faith that you would be able to build your following back up. Any tips you can give to the newbies on how to do that and do it well would be a great topic.

  9. says

    Hey Jodi. Hope your leg is feeling better and responds to rest & advil.
    Wishing you,your family including delilah & sampson a happy 2013

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