The New Year’s Ball Dropped


Happy 2013!  That sound you heard?  Yup that was me dropping the New Year’s ball.

I wish I’d thought about making a “Best Of” post, but I didn’t. So I’m officially putting that on my 2013 ‘to do’ list, along with a myriad of other things, which I’ll outline in a future post.

All of us at Heart Like A Dog hope your New Year’s Eve was safe and fun and we are wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year filled with everything you love.

Speaking of things I love, here’s two of them for your viewing pleasure.  You may want to turn your volume down a bit, the camera was right in front of me and they were not. :-)

This video was taken the morning after the 8+ inches of snow we got this past Saturday. (More to come on that in a later post.)

Thank you for a great 2012, you’ve taught me so much and helped me grow in so many ways.  You’ve hung with me when I moved to self-hosting, read my posts, listened to me whine, comforted and cheered me when I was down, picked me up when I struggled, the list is endless.

I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life.

Happy New Year from all of us at Heart Like A Dog!!!


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    • Jodi Stone says

      I have to admit to having a mild panic myself Pamela. They took off as soon as I released them and were so much quicker than I was in the snow. I figured I’d better bring them in before I lost them entirely. Normally they are not that far away from me, but the snow! Oh the snow!

      Happy New Year to you, Mike and Honey!!

    • Jodi Stone says

      LOL I wonder why? Normally my dogs only bark at the computer when they hear barking. Maybe my recall sounds like a dog. LOL

      Happy New Year to you and your family too!!

  1. says

    LOL…I’m watching the video and when Samson & Delilah come running back you can hear their tags jingling…Gizmo heard it too and started barking! Wishing you all a happy, healthy & loving 2013

  2. says

    S and D look so happy in the snow. When we go to the mountains my dogs won’t leave the car if that cold white stuff is on the ground.

    Have a great 2013 and may all your wishes come true if you want them to.

  3. says

    Happy New Year Jodi! Loved the video. They look so happy to be able to run free in the snow. Leah and Toby are missing out this year, only a dusting so far. (Meadow doesn’t mind no snow. If it were up to her, she’d winter in Florida.)

  4. says

    Happy New Year Jodi, Sampson & Delilah!!!! 8 inches of snow …. that’s a decent amount of plowing and shoveling. Brings me back to my childhood in WI when we would have to dig ourselves out of the house on a routine basis. XXOO

  5. Sue at The Golden Life (aka says

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you, Sampson, and Delilah over these last several weeks! And to think it all started over a blogville calendar! I’m happy to see you all enjoyed the holidays! We did, too, here at the Golden Life. Callie had her teeth cleaned yesterday and is still napping off the anesthesia here & there…being at the vet’s is not her favorite thing to do, so a whole day there tires her out. Shadow has been favoring her front left paw since last night — can’t figure it out unless a little tussle with Ducky the other night made it sore (there was no blood anywhere, thank goodness), or maybe she sprained it on one of the tree roots in the back yard when she was running around the yard yesterday afternoon.
    Allen Pearson (From the Dog’s Paw) and I are having a heck of a time figuring out how to use the “linky tool” on Pamela’s “Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange”. Don’t have much time left, do we?

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