Shaking My Head

Saturday I had scheduled a pedicure in preparation for BlogPaws, I also had a few errands to run.

Hubby’s plans included cleaning up the side yard so he could take advantage of a shed special the Home Depot had.

I left the house around 8:45 am and got back around 1:00. As I pulled up to my house I noticed a chocolate lab in my neighbor’s yard.

Hmm, I wonder whose dog that is? I thought to myself.

Then I looked up at my house and saw the gate was open.

I looked back at the dog, “That’s my dog!”

I pulled over and rolled down my window to shout up at Hubby who stood in the yard grinning at me.

At this point, Delilah also saw me and ran up to the car, which is exactly when the grin left Hubby’s face as he realized Delilah was loose and I knew it.

Chocolate Lab

You’re over-reacting, I was just patrolling the yard and lost my way.

The exact same thing happened a month or so ago when he got a new grill. My son-in-law came over to help unload the grill and they left the gate open. It was a nice day and I had the back door open and Delilah took advantage of it. 

I went outside to discover Delilah monging on something in my neighbor’s yard (which I’m pretty sure she was doing on Saturday also.)

I was good, I kept my cool and simply said, “WE have to make sure the back door is closed when WE are leaving the gate open.”

His response, “The back door was closed.”

He just didn’t realize Delilah was already outside. 


Today we ask you to remember those who paid the ultimate price in service to their country. 

Golden Labrador Retriever

Remember the fallen.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Heart Like a Dog.


You Make Me Smile – May 24, 2015

You make me smile (or laugh), the sweet, funny, loving things my dogs do on a daily basis that brings a smile to my face, or a laugh to my lips.

Sampson, the way you rest your head on the bottom step, waiting for me to bring you down to Grandma’s…

Golden Lab


You make me smile.

For the past few weeks Sampson has been going downstairs and spending most of his days with my mom. I’m not really sure why. I know that he and Delilah typically sleep all day and I also know that most days he’s only sleeping on my mom’s bed, but for whatever reason, he loves spending a good part of his time downstairs. 

It’s funny because when I come home he wants to greet me and will come upstairs, but then he wants to go back down. 

I’ll joke with my mom sometimes, here’s your dog, I took him for a walk. 

What do you suppose the appeal is? Does your dog have a preference where they spend their day?

Follow-Up Friday – May 22, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight awesome comments, answer reader’s questions and generally just wrap up my week.

You Make Me Smile – May 17, 2015

Chocolate Lab

Hmm, there were noms in this bag. Who’s the bitch that left me with an empty bag?

Jan said, “My guys check out everything and then have a committee meeting to determine the edibility (is that a word?) before we move on.”

Siriusly Jan? You are going to ask ME if it’s a real word? I say if it isn’t it should be!

2 Brown Dawgs said, “Delilah was probably hoping there were leftovers. Oh look someone left me a snack…rats it is empty.”

I’m sure that is exactly what was going through her mind. LOL

If Thwarting Were an Olympic Sport

Hailey and Zaphod said, “I am laughing because the toilet issue you mention is one I often have with not one, but 2 dogs. They will try and get on my lap once I am able to sit!”

On your lap? Oh my gosh. Sampson will sometimes put his head on my knee and Delilah likes to try to get her face in there to see what I’m up to, but thankfully no-one climbs on my lap!

Monika said, “I think Sam may be good(?) competition for the D-Dog in the under foot category. He either stands in front of me where I need to go or sneaks up all Ninja style behind me and then I trip over him. That dog is gonna put me in the hospital yet!”

OH. MY. GOD. The Ninja style, not only do I have it with the dogs, sometimes Hubby does it too. I swear, one day I will pee myself or trip and hurt myself and then pee myself. 😉

Kirsten said, “Oh–Humping, no doubt! Isn’t that already an Olympic sport?”

LOL Kirsten, it never crossed my mind.

Sherrie Petrie said, ” Our girls would have the Gold in KISSING. No matter what you are doing and where you are doing it they have to be kissing you. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY !!!!!!!!”

Well Delilah licking the floor drives me nuts, so I can only imagine if she was kissing me instead.

Six Things I Won’t Do When I Win the Lottery

Golden Lab Loves Boat

I’d like a boat, do you think you could swing that?


Genevieve asked, “Wait, so the hubby would take time off to drive the RV – Does this mean he’d still be working??? Good luck with that!”

I said I won the lottery. :-) Hehehe, it never even registered when I was writing that post. LOL

Sue said, “If you and I both win the lottery, I’ll see you in NC, Jodi :-)  My 3 and your 2 would have a high time on the beach together!

I did not win, but boy that would be nice wouldn’t it?

Mary said, “I wouldn’t buy a big house either. I would buy a few small ones in select places.”

That’s a great idea. Lots of land with two small houses on it. One for me and one for whoever was visiting. :-)

Monika said, “I know you said the things you wouldn’t do, but I’d be way too excited to actually do this: Faxing my bosses the 6 luckiest numbers in the world with the P.S. See ya suckers-you can all go pound sand now, I’m outa here! 😉”

Aren’t you sweet? My idea of giving my notice is to stand on the boss’ desk, drop my pants and say, “Kiss my ass, this chick is done.” 😉

Jan said, “According to my spam folder I have won about five lotteries a day even though I never buy tickets.”

You too? I had a relative die in Zimbabwe and the barrister there wants to give me some money!

Maggie said, “Yes!! Write more!! Absolutely! (Damn bills.) Anyway, I would totally buy a new house – a horse farm with two horses, two goats, all my dogs, plus some barn cats. Oh, and Newt can stay, too. And a fish pond. And chickens for eggs, not for eating. Then I’d spend the rest of my time taking care of my farm and writing! :-)

I like it! As long as you are happy and keep writing. 😉

Emma said, “I would hire a driver because Mom doesn’t like to drive.”

Really? I would never have guessed that. You’ve driven to Florida, Vegas and next week Nashville, how does she handle all those long trips?

Jen Gabbard said, “My list would be pretty damn similar to yours – especially the possibility of downsizing my home for more land or buying waterfront property. I couldn’t imagine the headache that comes with owning a super sized house – it’s just going to get filled with crap (or more dogs). I’m glad to know you wouldn’t stop writing either – or hire some weird ghostwriter. If anything you could hire one of those to write your memoirs since that seems to be the popular thing to do amongst the riches.”

We came from a small five room house, to a larger four bedroom house and you know what happened? We just filled it up with more shit. Who needs that much stuff anyway?  As for the writing, I would continue to write, but I think I’d like to write my own memoirs. 😉

2 Brown Dawgs said, “That is a good list. I would add a pond to your land. :-)”

Oh for sure, that is a given. I want Delilah to be able to swim!

The Importance of Rain Gear

Wet Chocolate Lab

I can’t even look at you. You’re whining about your pants, and my fur is getting wet!

Lauren Miller said, “The other day I decided to go to the park even though it was misting out and I borrowed my husband’s light raincoat and I ended up with a soaked head because the hood kept falling over my eyes and I couldn’t see the girls with it on and yep soaked pants, too! ”

Doesn’t that stink? I usually wear a ball cap and pull the hood up over it, but it still falls down! I actually ripped the hood I got so pissed trying to keep it up. ;-( My bad.

Meagan & Merlin said, “So one day I took Merlin out around the block, all the while looking at the big raincloud that looked far enough away so I’d think it wouldn’t rain on us. I was wrong, on the last leg home it poured down so hard I was soaked through in a second. Merlin on the other hand being a Lab loved being soaked and wanted to run zoomies through the house.”

Ah zoomies, yes they love to run the zoomies when wet, but I’m not sure they love being soaked. :-)

Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s mom suggested, “How about wearing your walk-the-dogs pants OVER your work clothes?”

That might work in the cooler weather, but when it’s hot, it is hard enough for me to wear the pants and the long shirt. :-) I do have other pants I could wear, it’s just I really like these because they have nice, deep pockets to hold all my stuff.

Lauranne said, “Brilliant, “sorry I was flashing goven’r but the rain pulled my pants down” not sure it would stand up in a court of law I’m afraid!”

Hahahaha, it would be worth a shot. I could show them this blog and all the dog’s antics, do you think that would help or hurt my cause?

Jan said, “You really need to hire a film crew to follow you around.”

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? It would have to air on HBO because I use a lot of swear words. 😉

Pamela said, “What was I thinking reading a Jodi post at the library? They almost threw me out for guffawing.”

I try Pamela, I try. :-)

That’s it for me folks, have an awesome and safe weekend. And remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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