Follow-Up Friday – December 19, 2014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight reader’s comments, answer questions and generally just wrap up my week.

Day 13 of the #Advent4Dogs had a little problem.  Kol’s Notes had no power and so the post wasn’t up when my post went up. That should all be straightened out now, so if you had trouble entering day 13, please try again.  Thank you for your patience.

You Make Me Smile – December 14, 2014


Nine? Pft…it’s just a number! You’re only as old as you act…or something like that.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for D-Dog (as Monika called her.)  I think she had a great day.  She got a new stuffie, had a couple of very nice (although one of them nearly stopped MY heart) walks, and of course got lots and lots of kisses and hugs.

It’s the Woods…It’s Always the Woods

Sue said, “Really lovely. My experience is less poetic. On leash walks all three of my dogs want to head straight to the barn and corrals… horse “apples,” you know…”

Ewwww, I’m glad my dogs haven’t developed that habit yet. :-)

Kirsten said, “I am like you Jodi–the woods make me so happy. A hike away from everything always restores me–not to mention the dogs.”

There’s something so beautiful, peaceful and soul restoring about it for me.

Jan K said, “I love the woods year round, but there is something so special about them in the winter, especially right after a fresh snow. They are just so peaceful.”

I agree.  The snow blankets the ground and muffles the sound of civilization.  There is something so very calming about it.

Kim T said, “Magical, mystical, magnetic – I’m drawn! That must be almost like meditating, walking through those woods. Sampson’s one smart boy!”

It’s truly a refuge for me.  It’s where I come up with plot ideas, blog posts, etc.

Jen Gabbard says, “Oh I love the woods so much as well. I’m so lucky to have a huge forest backing up to our yard so Laika and I can go out on our wooded adventures everyday. Well when I say everyday we do skip out during hunting season because she sort of looks like a deer.. There is something so relaxing about them. It doesn’t matter where – If I’m in a forest I’m content.”

I agree.  I also love walking on the beach, but there is something about the woods that just does it for me.

If It’s Not the Dumb Ass Dog Owners…It’s Their Guests

Did you see that?  It was SO close.

Did you see that? It was SO close.

DZ Dogs said, “We train all our friends and family before that are allowed to walk our pups. We work hard to keep the rules consistent and dogs always under control.”

We’re pretty much the same way here.  Although our back yard is fenced, so we are usually okay with people letting them out there.

Lauranne said, “On what planet would you do that?”

BWA HA HA I have no clue.

Jan K asked, “Do you ever get to have a nice relaxing walk?”

Very seldom.  If it’s not challenges in my neighborhood, it’s my dogs.  Sampson is a real idiot sometimes.

Blueberry’s Human said, “I don’t know how you do it. I would have stopped walking them a long time ago. I don’t think my heart could take all that excitement. Or maybe I would just take to wearing Depends on the walk since there seem to be ample startling opportunities for the soiling of undergarments. “Depends – not just for the aged with incontinence issues, also for people that walk their dogs in neighborhoods like Jodi’s – pick yourself up a box today!””

Oh. My. God.  “Oops, I crapped my pants where your dog on the e-fence charged me.” 

Jan said, “My guests are not allowed to feed my dogs or let them out or even touch them. They are allowed to look at them. I am not what you would call a gracious hostess.”

Jan you crack me up.

Pamela asked about electric fences, “Even if it keeps your dog from leaving the yard, how does it keep you dog safe from someone getting into the yard?”

It doesn’t.  And that concerns me, especially in this neighborhood where there are fishers and coyotes.

Mountain Laurel…Barks and Bytes

Lauren Miller said, “I love walking the dogs in the forest in winter!! It’s so quiet and awesome!!”

I agree.  Especially when there is a fresh blanket of snow.

Lauranne said, “I have to say I do enjoying walking in the woods in winter, although not at night. I hate walking alone in the dark at night!!”

I’m not big on THAT either.  I don’t mind walking the dogs in the morning when dawn is coming, but hate doing it at night.  And I WON’T walk in the woods at dark!

Hawk aka BrownDog said, “My Human is going to be very sad to hear about the laurel and the fungus. Mountain laurel grow wild in our mountains.”

It’s upsetting to me too.  I love Mountain Laurel.

Emma asked, “What, busy on Christmas? Don’t all bloggers stay home alone in a dark room with their computers and blog all day???”

Yeah, that’s it Emma. ;-)

Blueberry’s Human said, “I once drove up north to a forest to walk my foster dog and I have to tell you, I was really unnerved by the whole experience. You can’t see more than 10 feet ahead of you with all those dang trees! And I went up there on a weekday, when it was super cold and snow was on the ground and we were the only ones out there…that is, until the shady looking guy on a motorcycle pulled in and was wandering around. I’m pretty sure he just stopped to use the little restroom facility, but you never know. ”

Um, that would scare me too and yeah, I get scared in my woods too.  I’ve had a couple of freaky encounters myself.  I’m going to look those up and link to them.  You’ll get a good chuckle out of it.

Jan asked, “So sad about the mountain laurel fungus. Is there some kind of spray that can control it? Would ordinary citizens get in trouble if they tried to control it?”

You know, one of our clients at work is an arborist and I’m pretty sure he talked to me about it, but I’m not sure about regular citizens applying something.  And it’s a pretty big woods too, I’m not sure how the fungus spreads either.

Daisy said, “Woodland walks are my favorites, I could live in a cabin nestled in the woods for the rest of my life and be totally happy.”

You and me both sister!

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That’s it for me folks.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Have a great weekend!

Mountain Laurel….Barks and Bytes

I love walking in the woods this time of year.  Yes on the surface it looks bleak and dreary.

Not a lot of green, the skies are overcast.

Not a lot of green, the trees have lost their green and the sky is overcast.

Once you get into the woods on a trail, you notice there’s still a bit of green going on.  There are not a lot of pine trees, but there are tons of Mountain Laurel.  Mountain Laurel happens to be our state flower and as such it is protected.  There are hefty fines if you are caught picking Mountain Laurel.

Follow us, we'll lead you through the Mountain Laurel.

Follow us, we’ll lead you through the Mountain Laurel.

Sadly a lot of the Mountain Laurel in the area has been hit with some kind of fungus.  You probably can’t see it from the pictures but the leaves are all speckled with brown spots.

Before I started walking in these woods I didn’t realize that Mountain Laurel retain their leaves throughout the winter.  But they do.

SO WHY with the bleakness, and the spotted Mountain Laurel do I like walking in the woods this time of year?


Even with the Mountain Laurel retaining their leaves, you can still see ahead to watch for other people and dogs.

Shit, there's an off-leash dog!  Oh wait...that's my dog.

Shit, there’s an off-leash dog! Oh wait…that’s my dog.

Besides, not a lot of people walk their dogs around here in the winter.  They must think dogs don’t need exercise in the winter, either that or they’re wimps. 

Considering the dumb ass dog owners in my neighborhood I think either theory works.   What do you think?

Next week our Barks and Bytes hop falls on Christmas Day.  Linda and I realize people are busy with family and traditions, so we invite you to add a holiday wish, tradition, memory or greeting and link it up to the special Christmas edition of Barks and Bytes.  We’ve made a button especially for this occasion.  Of course, if you have a traditional blog post, feel free to add that as well.

A Special Christmas Barks and Bytes

A Special Christmas Barks and Bytes

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Inkopious Day 18 Today’s trivia question is hosted by Dogthusiast, you can click HERE for the trivia questions and click the image to go directly to Kol’s Notes.


#Advent4Dogs Day 17

Day 17 already!  Can you believe there is only a week left to the #Advent4Dogs event?  AND Christmas is only 8 days away!!  Have you got all your shopping done yet?  I admit it, I still have  a few things to do so I’ll be extra busy in the next week, working like mad to get everything done.  But get it done I will!

So what’s the dilly for the day?  Today’s giveaway is from OK collars.  You can enter to win $50 in custom collars!

My Ok Collars

Welcome to Day 17 of the #Advent4Dogs Giveaway hosted by Kol’s Notes, Dogthusiast, Heart Like a Dog, NEPA Pets & Wag’n’Woof Pets. Today’s give away is sponsored by OK Collars. Enter now for your chance to win a $50 in custom collars for your pet.

Today’s trivia question is this:

Day 17 Trivia Click the image to be taken to the contest widget.



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