Planting Seeds

Spring has finally arrived and we’ve had some decent weather the last week or so, even though it got super cold last night.  Easter Sunday was just about perfect weather wise and it was made even better by having the grandchildren over.  I was so excited that my grandson who is six was showing some interest in walking the dogs.

He did super good with Sampson.  Sampson is one of those dogs who adapts to whomever is walking him, he’s also on a new harness which helps with his pulling and I was tickled that my grandson could walk him.

Don't worry little dude, I'll go easy on you.

Don’t worry little dude, I’ll go easy on you.

When it came time for Delilah’s turn I became a bit more hands on.  If she saw a squirrel or a dog I was afraid she’d want to take off and he could easily get pulled or worse, so I kept a good eye on it. It was a good learning opportunity for us, as a couple of times when Delilah pulled he gave her leash a good tug.  I explained to him that is not how I work with Delilah, I want her to do something because I ask her to, not because I force her.  We had a good conversation and I hope at the least I planted a seed.

Hey, take it easy on that leash, yo!  We don't leash pop dogs in this house.

Hey, take it easy on that leash, yo! We don’t leash pop dogs in this house.

It took me back many years to the beautiful walks and talks I had with my grandfather and the many seeds he planted in me.  What a beautiful Easter gift to share with my grandson, the gift of having an adult listen and share.


Sampson starts his physical therapy tomorrow.  This past Tuesday was the four week mark since he had his surgery and it seems to me that he is walking a bit better.  He still resists his weight bearing exercises, but we’ve discovered if we let him initiate a game of tug, he naturally puts weight on it without realizing it.

And yesterday on one of his walks he pooped and used that back leg to kick some dirt over it.  I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Hubby!


Delilah continues to be her crazy, zany self.  Honestly I need a video camera to actually capture all the crazy things she does.  Yesterday as I was prepping for her walk she she mistook my hand zipping up my jacket for a treat and actually tried to eat the zipper tag.

This dog yo!

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Heart Like a Dog

Delilah Peed on a Frog

Typically my dogs pee in the woods, the grass, leaves, gravel, trees, fire hydrants and occasionally a curb.

Once when Sampson was about 15 months old we were traveling to Florida and stopped for the night in North Carolina.  Our intent was to get a room and then take Sampson for a nice walk so he could relieve himself and stretch his legs.  For some reason we got out of the car and stood in the parking lot a tad too long for Sampson’s needs.  So he peed right there in the parking lot and a good long time if I remember correctly.  Besides that occasion, I can’t remember him ever peeing on pavement or sidewalk.

And then there was Delilah.

When I walk both dogs I usually head up to the park.  It’s easy because Sampson can usually be off leash, which leaves me free to manage Delilah.  Of course there were times before Sampson’s tear where I walked both dogs on leash, both around the block and at the park.  It’s not my ideal walk but it was doable.

Since my All Star hit the D.L. Delilah’s walks have been largely up to her.  I decide when we walk and Delilah decides where.  While Sampson is a dog that loves the woods, Delilah is a dog that loves houses.  I suspect before she came to us that she spent some time on her own, scavenging for food.   When opportunity has presented itself, she heads to a yard and usually be found grazing like a cow.

So it comes as no surprise when Delilah chooses the walk, we usually end up walking around our neighborhood I’ve begun to suspect she’s casing the houses, waiting for her opportunity to strike.

Our neighborhood has no sidewalks, so I walk in the street.  Delilah can either walk in the street or she ventures just a tiny bit onto the grass of the neighborhood houses.

She’s surprised me lately because she’s taken to peeing in the road and I had no idea why.  Sounds far fetched, right?  Here’s your proof.

Mama!  Remember what happened to you the last time you put a picture of me peeing up?  Two words.  Human Shaming.  You've been warned Mama.

Mama! Remember what happened to you the last time you put a picture of me peeing on the blog?  Two words. Human Shaming. You’ve been warned Mama.

The first time she did it, she peed on  a newspaper that someone had left on the road.  (At first she tried to roll on it, then she changed her tune and peed on it.)  I suspect many animals have peed on that paper, which is why she continues to pee on it every time we pass it.

I wouldn't pick it up either, Dog knows how many animals have peed on it.

I wouldn’t pick it up either, Dog knows how many animals have peed on it.

I couldn’t figure out WHY she would pee in the middle of the road, on what to my eyes was nothing but pavement.  Until one day when she peed on this.

I'd like to tell you no frogs were harmed in the making of this post, but that would obviously be a lie.  I can assure you I did not squish the frog.

I’d like to tell you no frogs were harmed in the making of this post, but that would obviously be a lie. I will say IT WASN’T ME!!

So now I’m suspecting that with her superior nose, she’s smelling things that have long since disappeared from human eyesight.

Unless of course she’s simply being Delilah and just likes peeing in the road.

Have your dogs ever peed on anything you found strange?  I know a lot of times my dogs are “marking” but why in the world would she mark a frog?

A Place in the Sun

I think Sampson’s been a little bit depressed since his surgery, and honestly I can’t say as I blame him. He’s not allowed to run in the yard, he’s not allowed free access to the stairs, he’s not sleeping in the bed he normally sleeps in, he’s not allowed in the park, he can’t even go outside to potty on his own AND when we can’t be with him, he’s confined to one room.  I don’t know about you, but that would depress the shit out of me.

One of Sampson’s favorite things to do, is to lay on the deck in the sun.  But since our deck is wood (as is just about every one else’s) Sampson is not allowed out there as he could slip and injure his leg.  Hubby and I talked it out and came up with a plan.  Hubby had Good Friday off, and  the opportunity to put our plan into action.  A trip to Home Depot and our deck now looks like this.

Really, you did this for me?

Really, you did this for me?

He took the pails and half filled them with cement and then stuck a stake in each one.  On the far side of the deck he nailed one of the stakes to the wall.  Then he got some green plastic fencing and slid it over the stakes. A 12 x 16 piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting and viola!

Sampson’s potty area is on the far side of the deck where he nailed the stake to the wall.  All I have to do is lift the bucket up move it over towards the wall and roll the fencing over towards the right.


This is our access to potty.

This is pretty cool.

This is pretty cool.

Of course while we were outside taking pictures I said to Hubby, “Let’s take bets as to how long it will take Delilah to go up and over the wall.”

Hubby said, “She’ll do it today.”

A minute later, she was up and over.

Poultry fencing can't hold me.

Poultry fencing can’t hold me.

5 plastic buckets – $19.25
1 bag of rapid cement – $19.97
6 – 1×2-36″ stakes – $3.48
One roll green poultry netting – $19.98
12′x16′ indoor/outdoor carpeting – $78.72
Total project cost – $141.40
Finally, I've found my place in the sun.

Finally, I’ve found my place in the sun.

The contentment on your dog’s face as he enjoys one of his favorite activities….priceless.

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