The Snow Banks are Made of Bread

We’ve got snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Lately it seems every two, three or four days we get more snow.

Sunday night we got about six more inches of snow.

We have so much snow we have no place to put it.  I’m not complaining per se because our friends to the north have more than we do, I’m just saying each time we get snow, the snow banks get bigger and bigger.

Most of the snow banks in our neighborhood are taller  than I am.

So you can understand my hesitancy to be dragged into a snow bank.

At first it was just Delilah, which is understandable.  Lord knows THAT girl would swim the Mississippi if she thought there was a flake of tuna on the other side.

Snowy Labrador

Tuna did you say? I checked the snow banks and I didn’t find any tuna.

 But then Sampson started doing it too.  This had me puzzled.

Golden Labrador

So this is why you always have your nose in the snow bank? And I thought you were just snarfing for poop.

Of course, Delilah usually comes up with something, but she’s so damn quick, I could never figure out what she’s digging out of there.

At first I thought it was popcorn, because I saw something (in the brief moment before Delilah’s gnashing teeth gobbled it up) that resembled popcorn, and I thought, this is cool.  It’s like one of the lands depicted in one of the books in the Wizard of Oz series.  Where it snowed popcorn!

But then something happened and I had to rethink that theory.

I took the dogs out in the yard. Delilah per usual was snooping about for something, anything she could eat.

All of a sudden she launched herself over a bank of snow and came up with a hamburger bun in her mouth.

Naturally I wrestled it away from her and then thought, where the hell did this bread come from?

Then it clicked.

Birds.  Damn birds.  We have some really big crows that hang around in our neighborhood and one neighbor up the street who has a number of bird feeders in her yard.  I’m suspecting she also throws bread out.

Then I put two and two together, my dogs are probably finding bread in the snow banks!

It makes me feel slightly better to know my dogs are snarfing for food, but it leaves me with a question.   If you’re going to throw bread out for the birds, wouldn’t you break it up?  I mean, sure those big ass crows can carry a loaf of italian bread, but what about the Robins?  

Oh right, there aren’t any freaking Robins, because it won’t stop snowing long enough for Spring to get here!

Labs Love Snow

You sound angry, maybe you should try sticking your nose in a snow bank to cool off.


The Diva of Destruction Strikes Again

Warning. Some of the photos you are about to see are GROSS. Reader discretion advised.

There’s something about this time of year that makes our darling diva go off the rails.

I’m not really sure what it is, if it’s Cabin Fever, Seasonal Afflective Disorder or maybe it’s just the static in my house.  I’ve noticed a definite increase in static lately.

Long time followers of this blog will know that Delilah a.ka. the Diva of Destruction typically contains her destroying to napkins/paper towels/dryer sheets and of course, toys that need destuffing.

EXCEPT for this time of year.  This time of year, you never know what Delilah will go for.  

Take for instance the grandkid’s book box.  It’s a little canvas box I have filled with storybooks and a couple children’s puzzles.  This Christmas we added some coloring books and colored pencils.  The box sits on the floor in  a corner of my living room.

It’s sat there for four years.  During those four years, Delilah has never even looked at it, let alone approached it.

That is until Thursday.  Thursday she got some wild hair across her ass and decided she’d tear up the contents of the toy box.

Hubby came home to this.

Dog Mess

Typically we don’t yell or scold her when she destroys something.  Mostly I feel like it’s our fault for leaving whatever it was lying around.  Except this time I’m told, some yelling went on. I wasn’t there, I have to take Hubby’s word for it.

All I know is she was quite content to lie on her bed while I cleaned up her mess.  Thankfully she only destroyed the boxes the puzzles came in, so I was able to salvage the actual puzzles and they are now in ziploc bags.  She had a go at one of the books, but didn’t damage it.  

Dog Mess

Maybe I should make a puzzle out of this. :-)

But the box of colored pencils was destroyed.

 Over the years we’ve giggled at the thought that perhaps Sampson was actually the one destroying things and letting Delilah take the blame for it.

I’m here to tell you, that theory has been permanently laid to rest.  The proof as they say, is in the pudding.  

Or in Delilah’s case, the poop.

Honestly while I was cleaning up the mess in the living room, it never once crossed my mind that she might have actually EATEN any of the pencils, but sure enough, the proof was there, staring me right in the face.

Thursday night I giggled when I looked down and saw the bits of red, green, blue and purple staring back up at me.

But yesterday morning, she was still pooping pencils.  

Big bits of pencils.

Why can’t she poop something I can use, like money? Oh and for the record, the other day on our walk I called her Diva and she responded to me.  

You Make Me Laugh – March 1, 2015

You make me laugh (or smile), the sweet, funny, loving things my dogs do on a daily basis that brings a smile to my face or a laugh to my lips.

Sampson, the way you use a toy to get Delilah all riled up, then just kick back with the toy while she does zoomies around the house…

Golden lab You make me laugh.

Do your dogs rile each other up?  Or do you have one who is more of a tease then the other?  Sound off in the comments.

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