Fun With Fruit

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Sampson yesterday.  I did my best to give him one of his normal (before his injury) days.

We started the day off with a birthday kiss and then we took our normal morning walk.  After he had his breakfast he went downstairs to visit his Grandma.  This was something he used to do every morning but since his ACL injury, he hasn’t been able to go down the stairs.

I did not take the day off of work, so when I got home we took a walk around the block.  This has always been our “I’m rushed for time or the weather’s bad” walk, but since his injury his walks have been timed, so around the block is now a BIG DEAL.

I prepared him a nice dinner of beef hearts and kale and after Hubby and I had eaten he got his birthday gift.


The owl and the rabbit.  (The rabbit was for Delilah and was immediately unstuffed.)

The owl and the rabbit. (The rabbit was for Delilah and was immediately unstuffed.)

He hasn’t had a new toy in quite some time and it was really well appreciated.

When it came time for snack, he got his special birthday treat instead of his Kong.


Nom Nom, this is good and so much EASIER than a Kong!

Nom Nom, this is good and so much EASIER than a Kong!

I actually think he might have liked this better.  He likes his Kong but typically he gets to a certain point and then waits for me to dig the rest out.  This was far more enjoyable for him!!

Oh no, it's Mr. Bill!

Oh no, it’s Mr. Bill!

I called it Mr. Bill, but it didn’t really look like Mr. Bill! LOL

Yesterday I promised to tell you what it was made of.  I used all of his favorite fruits.

I started with one of the round containers I get when I order Chinese food.  (It was much easier to use than the dish I used for Delilah’s treat.) I placed a layer of pumpkin (probably 1/4 inch thick) then I used Sampson’s favorite fruits to make a face.  “Mr. Bill” has two peach slices for his eye brows, clusters of blueberries for his eyes, a chunk of mango for his nose and half a slice of canned pineapple for his mouth.  I added a little bit of Kefir to it and froze it.

Heart Like a Dog

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Happy Birthday to My Heart Dog

Ten years ago the universe set me on a collision path with this beautiful soul.

The dog love of my life.

The dog love of my life.

He makes me feel better when I am sad, he gives me companionship and unconditional love every single day.  He makes me a better person just for being in my life.  He is and always will be my Heart Dog.

Happy Birthday to the best dog I’ve ever known.  

Oh no, it's Mr. Bill!

Oh no, it’s Mr. Bill!

Yesterday I told you I’d share the birthday treat I made for him.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you exactly what it’s made of.

Refreshing Frozen Treats

Sampson and Delilah get a snack at night.  For a while it was a white bone that I filled with pumpkin and Kefir.  But since Delilah is a voracious chewer and broke her tooth, I’ve been trying to steer her away from the bones, so we switched back to the Kong.

Delilah also gets a lovely treat when Sampson has therapy.  It makes staying home alone bearable for her.

Last week SlimDoggy Kate was looking for an easy treat she could make for SlimDoggy Jack and SlimDoggy Maggie to celebrate their Gotcha Day.  I shared this recipe with her and thought I’d share it here with you as well.

Here’s what you’ll need

Bowl or container of your choosing

Canned or freshly stewed pumpkin

Sliced peaches, bananas, blueberries or the fruit of your choice


Here’s how I did it.

Put a layer of pumpkin in the bottom of your container


Lay the pieces of fruit on top


Pour the Kefir in making a design of your choosing


Freeze for at least two hours

Remove treat from container and serve.

What I love about this it’s quick, easy and healthy and very versatile.  You can customize this treat to include the fruits that your dog loves.  In fact, I have a very special one in the freezer right now.  Which I will share with you tomorrow, when we celebrate a certain someone’s birthday.

Some words of advice.

Choose your container carefully.  I chose clear plastic container not thinking about how the treat would come out.


Epic fail.

If you have a hoover dog like I do, this treat won’t last long.  


Delilah had the treat finished before Sampson and I even made it out the door.

Do you make treats for your dogs?  

Welcome to the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop hosted by Kol’s Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever.  Hop along and discover a bunch of other tasty treats!

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