Follow-Up Friday – March 27, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight awesome comments, answer reader’s questions and generally just wrap up my week.

You Make Me Smile – March 22, 2015

Golden Lab

You see me here, don’t you?

Jan K said, “Luke sits at the door as well if we go outside without him. Cricket will usually get on the back of the couch in the office to watch. They are usually in those same positions when I get home from work too. I wonder….do they stay there all day, or do their inner clocks tell them when it’s close to time for me to be coming home?”

Many times my guys are waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I come home. But there are just as many days where they come out of one of the bedrooms when I come home, so I know they are not there all day.  I think they somehow know when it is time for their peeps to come home and then get up and wait.  I know when I’m home and waiting for Hubby to come home, there are many times they just get up and go wait for him, either at the top of the stairs or in front of a window.

Jan said, “It’s taken a long time to convince my dogs that there is no back door in the bathroom. I would prefer not having eight eyes watching me do my “business.””

You’re so lucky! They only watch you?  I swear sometimes I can’t do anything without Delilah 8 inches away from my face, and that includes the potty!

Damn I Wish I’d Gotten THAT on Video

The road is cold and hard, a nice bit of grass to sit on would be nice.

Where is the Pupparatzi?  Is that them over there? Do I need to get a head shot for my portfolio?

Cupcake said, “Mom laughs her head off when she is in the kitchen and hears running, sliding, banging, and squeaking coming from the living room. When she peeks in, she sees me playing with 3 or 4 toys at once – zooming and jumping on and off the couch and chair and throwing toys to myself along the way. She calls it playing with the jackasses in my head.”

BWA HA HA, the jackasses in your head.  I LOVE IT!!

Daisy said, “We often say we wish we had shoulder cams like cops do so we could record all those who-saw-THAT-coming moments of Daisy’s. The best stuff never makes it to the camera. :)

Monika said, “I’m sure Go-Pro cameras were created especially for characters like D-Dog! :)

We do have a Go-Pro Camera!  I’ve got to figure out how to record her, she is a freaking hoot sometimes!

Jan K said, “Our beagle Kobi was never really a big mischief maker, but the time he spit out a dead mouse at my feet was definitely a classic!”

OMG what did you do?  One time Sampson actually had a LIVE mouse in his mouth.  If I remember the story, my daughter found it, was showing it to my mom when the mouse jumped out of her hands.  Sampson must have thought it was a game of catch, because he caught the mouse as he made the leap.  He stood there with the mouse’s tail hanging from his mouth, while my daughter freaked out.  My mom had the presence of mind to say, “Drop it.” And he did.  Then they had to find the mouse because it hid. 

Sand Spring Chesapeakes said, “Holy cow, glad it was just a butter knife and not a real one. ”

Me too!  Since we didn’t get it on video, we are guessing she didn’t have the whole knife if her mouth, and that some of it might have been sticking out on the side we couldn’t see.  Still as I said to my vet, I’m down to three spoons…

Frankie and Ernie said, “So was Delilah saying…… “Come on you two… SPREAD that food around” ?”

BOL oh Frankie and Ernie, you guys are so witty!

Sherrie Petrie for Pepper said, “I was very, very bored one day because Mom & Dad weren’t playing with me so I was looking for something to do. My favorite pastime is ripping Kleenex to shreds. So I put my front paws up on the coffee table where they are kept and Mom yelled at me to get down. I waited until they weren’t looking and jumped up ON THE COFFEE TABLE. Boy did that get a response out of Mom, I just stood there while Mom turned RED and Dad was gasping from trying NOT TO LAUGH.  ”

Oh my word Miss Pepper, please don’t tell Delilah or give her any ideas she could actually stand on such places as tables, counters, stoves.  I shudder to think about it!

Glacial Status

Emma said, “That is usually the story of our life here in Minnesnowta. We had grass for a few weeks, but got a fresh load of 10″ of snow on Sunday night. We all love it since we didn’t get much snow this winter, but it is melting fast…this year from the top and bottom. It will be gone soon and I bet you will see grass soon too.”

Minnesnowta, LOL Emma.  Actually, we’ve had some warmer days, and are no longer at Glacial Status, but you can keep your snow, I’m waving the white flag.

Elaine said, “Oh, I hate it when that happens. The poor dogs start to walk on the crusty top and then break through. Haley ripped one of her dew claws from that.”

That is definitely concerning. In our case, the snow was very solid and could hold my weight. I try and keep the dogs off the snow if I’m not sure it’s stable.

Shhh, Stop Barking

Barking Dogs

She says, JUST  a cat.  Like a cat in our yard doesn’t matter!

Frankie and Ernie said, “WE confess…. We are Yard Yappers…. We need to join BA . That is what Mom says, anyway.  PLUS Ernie Barks at EVERY Animal he sees on the TV… and THAT gets on M & D’s Nerves… Hello I am Frankie and I’m a BARKER… Hello I am Ernie and I am Also a BARKER

You guys always make me laugh.  Yard Yappers.

Hey how about a song about it?  Sing it to the tune of the Dr. Pepper song.
I’m a barker, he’s a barker, she’s a barker we’re all barkers, wouldn’t you like to be a barker too?

That’s it for me, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Shhh, Stop Barking – Barks and Bytes

In last week’s Barks and Bytes, Barking Dogs, I posted about some of the constantly barking dogs in our neighborhood.

Patricia Stover said, “Unfortunately mine seem to think a leaf blowing in the wind or someone walking by while I am in the shower or on the pot is THE most opportune time to bark incessantly at what ever bird, squirrel, child coming to/from school. Which being stuck in the situation I am in keeps me from controlling said behavior….  Any advice as to how to keep barking to a minimum would be greatly appreciated.”

I replied with this, “I use treats.  When my dogs are barking at the door or window, I will check it out, then I’ll say, “It’s okay, it’s just the garbage truck, let’s go get a cookie.”  I try to distract them with treats.  They are much better now than they used to be.”

I thought it might be good to elaborate a bit on that.  FUF is not the best post to get long-winded, because it’s typically pretty long to begin with.

My dogs bark.  Make no mistake about it. 

The difference between me and my neighbors is,  I don’t let them bark without checking out what they are barking at and then letting them know, I’ve got it under control and redirecting them or taking action, whichever option suits the situation best.

Let’s break it down shall we:

The Bark: Hey, I see a squirrel/deer/cat/person/other dog walking, you might want to check it out.

Barking Dogs

You think if we stand here long enough she’ll give us a cookie?

The Response: I go to the door/window, look out.  I say, oh, it’s just a cat, or I don’t see anything.  I pet each of the dogs calmly and say, let’s go get a cookie. Cookies fix anything

The Bark:  OH MY DOG, someone I love is here!!  They’re here!! I see them in the driveway, oh please, please, please let me out.

The Response: I open the slider door and let them stand on the balcony greeting our guests.

Sampson pretty much keeps to those two barks.

Golden Lab

I’m a lover, not a barker.

Delilah however, she has a third bark. Her third bark is generally saved for people/vehicles she doesn’t know.

Two different examples.  The garbage truck collecting our or our neighbor’s trash and a neighbor getting a delivery.  When she spies one of these trucks her barking becomes insane.  I will calmly pet her and reassure her it’s okay, but the thing that works best for her, is to distract her from the window.  Just offering a cookie isn’t always a great deterrent, so I try something a little different.  I take a handful of small treats and scatter them on the floor, just like I was throwing bird seed. I do this two or three times and by then, the bad thing, the thing that makes her panic, is usually gone.

The second example is worse. Poor Delilah, when the truck or service person is actually in our yard, she loses her shit.

If we are getting an appliance delivery, I secure her in a room behind a gate.  Typically, if she can see what’s going on, she’s okay with that, as long as I am home and showing no signs of distress.

Oil deliveries are another story. Our fill pipe is right by the French door and it’s a full glass door.  Delilah is right there at the window, frantically jumping and barking, her teeth are gnashing and she wants a piece of that action.

I can only imagine how many times our oil delivery man has had to clean out his shorts after delivering oil.

Putting a curtain up won’t work, she will only pull it down with her jumping.  lately I’ve taken to trying to have the oil delivered on Saturdays, so that way there’s a chance that someone will be home.  The last time it was delivered on Saturday I brought her into the bedroom, shut the door and the curtains, and fed her treats as long as she was calm.

It did work, but we haven’t done enough counter conditioning for her to actually tolerate someone at our back door.

That is how I handle their barking Patricia.  And if they are outside in the yard and start barking, I always go outside to see what it is and will call them inside by offering a cookie.

Finally for your amusement, I will share the time I forgot the bug guy was coming and left the back door open.

I was in the kitchen and saw him walk across the deck at the same Delilah saw him.  She took off out the back door and I ran right behind her, slamming the door in the process.  (That was to keep Sampson inside, because he saw us running and wanted to follow us.)  Of course, her four legs went faster than my two and luckily the bug guy had the sense to jump up on the wall.  This didn’t stop her of course, she ran right up to the wall and put her face right in the general area of his crotch and told Jimmy and the Twins in no uncertain terms, intruders weren’t welcome in HER yard.

Thankfully he was very understanding and accepted my apology.

Heart Like a Dog
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Glacial Status

Last week Hubby said, “We’ve reached glacial status.”

I’m pretty sure I got a titch of whiplash when my head whipped around.  “What the hell does that mean?” I know things are frosty between us but I didn’t think it was that bad!

“It means, the snow is hard enough for us to walk on top of it, the weatherman said so this morning.”

So I went right outside to see if I could walk on the snow.

Turns out he’s right.  A grown ass woman really can walk on snow.

Funny things dogs do.

Shhhsh, don’t tell him, he’s not right very often in our house. He could get a big head.

The funny thing is, the snow has been steadily melting.  In fact, we are probably down to between six to eight inches in the yard.

So how does it happen, melting snow is hard enough to hold the weight of fully grown adults at the end of March?

Well I’m not a meteorologist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn a couple of times so I’ll give it my best shot.

The snow seems to be melting from the bottom, because when you are out walking, despite the freezing cold, the water from the melted ice is running down the street.  Yet the top snow, the snow exposed to the cold and wind is staying frozen.

And so, it’s March 24th, four days into spring, a week before the 1st of April and we’ve reached glacial status.

Can someone, anyone, send some warmer weather our way?

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