You Make Me Smile – April 19, 2015

You make me smile (or laugh), the sweet, funny, loving things my dogs do on a daily basis, that brings a smile to my face or a laugh to my lips.

Sampson, the way you pass out while enjoying a beautiful spring day…

Golden Lab enjoys the sun

You make me smile.

We had an amazing spring day yesterday and Sampson took full advantage of Hubby being outside cleaning out his jeep. 

I snuck up on him to capture this photo.  

How’s the weather where you are?  Have you and your pets been outside enjoying it?


Follow-Up Friday – April 17, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight reader’s comments, answer questions and generally just wrap up my week.

You Make Me Smile – April 12, 2015

Golden Lab

My favorite way to reconnect with Sampson.

Sophie said, “I think, you might just be the biggest recipient of that special bond(:”

I would have to agree with you there.  He is one special boy.

Jan K said, “Mine are way too wound up to snuggle when I first get home. We have to have treats, and then play some ball. Snuggling comes later!”

Delilah used to be like that, she’s settled down a lot though.  Now most days she greets you with a toy in her mouth and then lies down to wait for rubbies.

Is She Going to Fart And…

Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s Mom said, “OH! MY! GOD!!! I am laughing so hard that my side aches!! ”

I was hoping it would turn out to be funny.  Sometimes I feel like I think it’s funny but it’s not. LOL

Val said, ” My question is….was the bubble gum flavored and if so, did her farts smell like the bubble gum!! LOL”

As a matter of fact, it was flavored but sadly, her farts still smelled like farts.

Jan said, “If the vet’s office has Caller ID, I bet they all want to take your calls. I love how they always say “Keep an eye on her” after our hysterical calls. Like we couldn’t figure that out.”

I often times wonder if it’s the opposite, they see my name come up and do rock, scissors, paper to see who gets me. :-) And I agree with you, I wouldn’t be calling you if I wasn’t keeping an eye on her. LOL

Jan K said, “HAHAHAHA… could have been rich!!”

SO RICH. Private jets to fly us to Nashville. ;-)

Sand Spring Chesapeakes said, “damn, I want to see a fart gum bubble!”

This is the best I could do. ;-)

Fart Bubble

I suppose you think this is funny. I do not! You are cruel Mama. Cruel!

Scanning Your Pet at the Vet

Tenacious Little Terrier said, “I try to have Mr. N scanned every time we go to the vet. Two years ago, I had him scanned to discover that there was no trace of his microchip.”

Wow, it’s a good thing you had him scanned, can you imagine if you were to become separated.  It is just a little extra peace of mind.

Emma said, “Everyone but Mom is chipped at our house, Katie and I have two chips, European and US. Turns out in the US, most readers don’t pick up European chips and they are also located in a different spot. Our vet always takes a read when we go in too.”

I did not know that about the European and US readers.  It’s good to know.  Is mom resistant to the chipping, is that why you haven’t had her chipped? ;-)

2 Brown Dawgs said, ” We had all of our pets chipped as puppies and without anesthesia. It was no big deal. I cannot imagine putting a dog under just to implant a chip and most puppies don’t need procedures which require anesthesia.”

Well I already told you what I’d say about it. ;-)  But I will add this, it may not have been a big deal to you, but I wonder what the dog would have said if they could talk? ;-) I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree.  As for the anesthesia, if you were getting your puppy spayed or neutered, it would be a fine time to chip. IMO.

Jackie Bouchard said, “I didn’t realize it was best to do the microchipping under anesthesia. (Sorry, Rita!) ”

I don’t know if it’s best, these are just my thoughts after having seen the needle.

Microchip syringe

Image courtesy of Small Dog Place.

Kari said, ” I marvel at those stories of dogs reunited after years because of the chip. And my heart breaks, because we lost Mia for a hour a few weeks ago and that was rough!”

I’m glad you got Mia back. It is so heartbreaking.  My sister’s dog was lost for 12 days in October and there is a local woman whose home was broken into and her dogs either escaped or were stolen.  She has been following every lead for over a year. 

KB said, “I cannot believe that the hold time is 3 and 0 days for dogs and cats in Chicago. That’s outrageous. I hope, with all my heart, that none of my dogs ever gets lost.”

I agree, it is outrageous.  I hope the people of Chicago speak up and insist on change.

This Little Piggy…

Meagan & Merlin said, “I have a theory about Sampson “swimming” in the carpet after he’s been sprayed is I think its cos hes trying to smell like himself again if that makes sense.”

It makes sense to me!  Thanks for sharing that.

We Live in a Flat said, “It doesn’t even have to be a pig does it? Yesterday, Donna got all exciting over a tub by the side of the road – -”

LOL no, it doesn’t have to be a pig.  For my dogs most of the things that pique their interest are statue type items, but they also get excited by weird looking sticks in the road too.

Emma said, “As for the bitter spray thing. Mom sprayed some of our houseplants with some yucky stuff to keep the cats from chewing on them. They still chew, didn’t phase them a bit, but Mom has tasted it many times…seems to last forever…and it is awful, can’t get it out of her mouth! Her hands sometimes touch the plants when she waters or trims them and sometimes she accidentally touches her mouth for some reason and then there are a lot of loud, not so nice words.”

Oh I agree.  I did not taste it intentionally! I put his booty on then grabbed a poop bag.  I like to open the bags before I stuff them in my pocket (so it’s easier when pick up time comes) and I wet my fingers to help grip the back and YUCK!

2 Brown Dawgs said, “Maybe at one time they wanted light in that part of their yard to deter marauding beasts?”

You go with that. I’m going with the entrance to Narnia. :-)

Lamp Post into Narnia.

Does it look used? No, no it does not. For all intent and purpose, this post has no purpose.

Mary Hone said, “What a week you’ve had my friend. I think you should touch the pole, just for shits and giggles.”

Oh Mary, you made me laugh. If I thought I might be able to sneak up into their yard, without them wondering WTF I was doing, I would totally touch that pole!

Monika said, “Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hear what the D-dog has to say!”

YOU my friend are very brave. I imagine the D-dog has a LOT to say. LOL

Blueberry’s Human said, “Poor Sampson. Maybe if you took him to Narnia his foot could be healed miraculously over there. Don’t take Delilah though. You are right – she’d start talking and well…we both know that probably wouldn’t be a good thing.”

Maybe this weekend on our solo walk…but you are right about Delilah, I don’t think it would be a good thing.  Sampson would be all peace and love and Delilah would probably go all white witch on me.

Jan said, “Some people just take dog walks through their neighborhood. Jodi fantasizes about going into Narnia. How I wish we could walk with you.”

I’d love to have you walk with me Jan! Anytime you’re in CT…

Laura Elizabeth said, “I don’t think I’d be able to resist! Hold onto those leashes and report back!”

Okay, but if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, you know what happened.  Remember time is different in Narnia then it is here.

Jen Gabbard said, “Why do they have that lamp post? I’m curious as well; it’s not like it’s even in a spot that you’d normally have a functioning light. It’s just there – in the middle – as an ornament.”

No idea.  It seemed a very odd thing to me as well.

Well my friends, that is it for me, thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure.  Have a great weekend.

This Little Piggy – Barks and Bytes

This Little Piggy Went to Narnia

I hesitate to even put this in writing lest I jinx us, but it seems like spring might actually have arrived in our neck of the woods.

With nicer weather comes all the fair weather dog walkers, (hey jackass, newsflash, your dog likes to walk in the winter too) and of course people outside working in their yards. I notice these things as we walk because I am constantly on alert, but Sampson and Delilah who are determined to sniff and pee on all things do not.

They of course noticed the people working in the yard, but they didn’t pay enough attention to WHAT they were working on, which is how I saw the piggy a whole day before they did.

I was busy when they spotted it. I was taking pictures of the lamp post that leads to Narnia.  Don’t believe me?

Explain this.

Lamp post into Narnia.

Do you see a sidewalk? A reason for this light to be there? No. No, you do not.

Lamp post into Narnia.

You see the woods just beyond it? Yes, yes you do.

Lamp Post into Narnia.

Does it look used? No, no it does not. For all intents and purposes, this lamp post has no purpose. Except to transport me to Narnia.

It’s okay, I can’t explain it either.  I want to go up and touch it, but I’m worried.  Will the dogs go through with me if I’m holding their leashes, or will they have to touch the lamp post themselves?  If I go through while holding their leashes will I be able to pull them through? If we all go through, will the dogs be able to talk because they weren’t born in Narnia? If they can talk will Delilah then give me a piece of her mind?  Will I be able to find my way back home?  Will I want to?

Oh touch the post. PLEASE! I have so much to say to you.

Oh touch the post. PLEASE! I have so much to say to you.

All of these questions remain unanswered so I haven’t touched the post yet.

Anyhoo, so while I was busy snapping pictures and pondering the finer points of touching the post, Sampson and Delilah noticed the pig. Which of course, piqued their curiosity and naturally we had to go investigate.

The things dogs see

Stop snapping pictures of that pole Mama, there’s something there!

Why couldn’t they have noticed the post? I would like to investigate THAT!

Oh I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Home Owner, my dogs dragged me across your lawn, you know, the one that doesn’t have a sidewalk but instead has this lamp post in the middle of the yard…How weird you have a lamp post in the middle of the yard…Has anyone ever mentioned how much you look like Tilda Swinton?… Is that a snowflake?…Why no, I wouldn’t like any Turkish delight, thank you very much. Sampson, Delilah, it’s time to go!

I don’t know what the dogs thought.  Maybe they thought it was another dog, or maybe they knew it was a pig, or perhaps they thought a dog met a pig and they had wee pog babies, but whatever they thought, they both needed to inspect the little pig.

Ornamental pig

Help me! I’ve been turned into a statue by the White Witch.

This Little Piggy Cried Wee Wee Wee

With the warmer weather comes the icky bugs, so every day before our walk I spray the dogs with my natural bug spray.  After he’s sprayed, Sampson for some reason known only to him, runs into the living room and rolls around, ‘swimming’ on the carpet. You know, he lays on his side and puts his front paws up and brings them down. Looks like he’s swimming.

Monday as I was spraying Delilah and Sampson was rubbing it in (as I call it) I heard him yip. I looked at him, couldn’t see anything wrong so I just assumed he’d rubbed the wrong way with the harness on.

Tuesday when I got home and we were reconnecting, I noticed one of his dew claws looked odd. Sort of like one nail was growing on top of the other.  I touched it to check it and I could see it was sore for him, so I called the vet and took him in. (For those keeping score, 2 calls to the vet this week, 1 visit.)

After examining the nail, Dr. Allen determined that he had completely split his dew claw on one side and partially on the other.

I had two choices.

The first was to give him some general anesthesia and remove as much of the nail as possible.

The second was to remove the dead part of the nail, put some Bacitracin on it and wrap the crap out of it, in hopes of giving the nail time to heal and hope the swelling will go down.

Dr. Allen suggested the later along with some Carprofen to help reduce the swelling of the quick and I happily agreed.  After trimming the nail, she wrapped it really, really well and then rubbed some bitter apple on the wrapping.  Of course, someone wasn’t exactly happy with the wrapping.

Golden Lab

Must I wear this silly bag? Must you take my picture wearing it?

And I wasn’t happy either after trying to jam his foot into the booty yesterday morning then putting my hand in my mouth. 

It’s bitter alright, but it sure didn’t taste like any apple I’ve ever eaten.

But if we can keep it dry, and give it time to settle down, hopefully we have a shot at helping it to heal up without surgery. 

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