Follow-Up Friday – October 24, 2014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight reader’s comments, answer questions and generally just wrap up my week.

You Make Me Laugh – October 19, 2014

Ooooh, something delicious must have been here.

Ooooh, something delicious must have been here.

Cupcake said, “Mom laughs at me when I am sniffing the grass so hard and so fast, and then one blade of grass pinches me and I jump a mile and give that ouchie piece of grass the skunk-eye.”

LOL Cupcake, sometimes Delilah jumps for no apparent reason too!

Pamela asked, “How do you keep from getting down on all fours to see if you can figure out what she’s smelling?”

Um…that’s easy Pamela.  I know what the dogs do on that grass. :-)

That’s a Wrap Folks…

Emma said, “No, we didn’t participate because Mom said we had nothing to write, but over the course of it all we thought of lots of things, but never got to writing about them.”

I though maybe you and mom would have written about your lip surgery or even Katie’s arthritis.  :-D  If you decide to write a post, let me know and I’ll add it to the page.

Beth said, “I learned so much and also feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only one that sometimes feels overwhelmed by the stress that comes with caring for ill pets–we have such an amazing community!”

Thank you Beth!  I was hoping that’s what the Community Page would accomplish.  To let others know they are not alone and there are many times different choices.

What’s Lost is Found

Bandit is home!

Bandit is home!

Lauranne said, “And the happy news has completely overcome my embarrassment at taking over half of that post to figure out what on earth a BIL was – i thought it was something nasty that a doctor may need to look at ;0)!!”

Oh my dear, I’m so sorry.  I was trying not to write Brother-in-law 15 times! LOL  Then I went back and read it and realized I wrote it out, abbreviated it and wrote it out.  There was no consistency in that post. LOL

Chelsea Price said, “Thank you for this post. Wow – 5 miles is quite a distance for such a small dog! There has been a local yellow lab missing since August in our area…it just breaks my heart.”

That is so heartbreaking.  We have a town about 15 miles away and the two little dogs were either taken or escaped during a burglary.  Their “mom” has been searching for then since February.  The not knowing is the worst part.  I think even if the news were bad, at least there would be closure.

Mr. Grouchy Pants

Genevieve said, “Overreacting after the fact – maybe. It must be awfully tempting to leave a poop bomb on that lawn, though.”

Aren’t you kind.  Poop is mild compared to what I was thinking. ;-)

Emma said, “Mom always takes it personally and gets upset when humans bark at us for something we didn’t mean to do or something like what happened to you. ”

I think it’s hard not to take it personal.  Especially when you are THAT dog owner, that is responsible and respectful.

Retro Rover said, “Ugh! People who don’t like dogs are the worst Ive been asked by people not to have my dogs go on the curb across from their buildings”

WHAAAAT?  How?  That’s not even…’s the city’s curb!!  

Sue said, “First, thanks for the warning. I sent Rudy out of the room ;-) So, um, this guy thought you were waiting so you could take your dogs up into his yard to poop or something?”

LOL Sue, poor Rudy!  I have no idea what he was thinking, if I was going to sneak poop into his yard it wouldn’t be in broad daylight!

2 Brown Dawgs said, “Next time your reply should be: “They aren’t on your lawn they are on the right of way. The city is nice enough to let you use it. Right now my dogs are using it.””

I wish you’d been there. LOL I hate confrontations with people.

Slimdoggy said, “My mom used to say to me whenever someone hurt my feelings was “Consider the source” – an obvious jab at the person to put it back on them…so I say – The guy’s an asshat…don’t let him spoil your walk.”

You called him an asshat.  I love you Kate.

Jessica said, “Seattle is pretty dog friendly but I am aware that some people just don’t like your dog on their lawn period. When we are out on walks, I make every effort to keep them from walking on people’s lawns. We have sidewalks though. You didn’t have a choice. As you said, technically you weren’t on his lawn. He’s the dumb asshat.”

Out here when we have sidewalks, there is usually a patch of grass between the walk and the road.  Is that how it is in WA?  If we had that I would make every effort to keep them doing their business on that patch.  But without the sidewalks, they kind of have to go on the lawns.

Flea said, “Some people are just crotchety. Must be really sad being him. I’m glad you’re not like him. Bring him some cookies. Take the dogs with you. Right up onto his porch.”

That’s a great idea!  I love how you think.

FRANKIE and ERNIE said, “No WONDER the poor guy is such a GROUCH… He obviously does Not share his life with a Dog.”

You know Frankie and Ernie, that’s exactly what I said, once I got over the hurt and shock.

Hawk said, “Some people! Really! Glad he’s not my neighbor! I think he needs a dog…but I wouldn’t want to be the dog!”

I don’t blame you for not wanting to be the dog!  I suspect he wouldn’t be a great dog owner. :-(

That’s it for me folks, have an awesome weekend!

Mr. Grouchy Pants-Barks and Bytes

Warning, there are some bad cuss words coming your way if you choose to read this.  You’ve been warned.

Two weeks ago we had an encounter with a neighbor I’m calling Mr. Grouchy Pants.

Okay, technically he’s not my immediate neighbor (he lives two streets down.)

Okay and maybe, just maybe he wasn’t exactly grouchy, but our encounter left me feeling very disgruntled.

Here’s what happened.

I went home at lunch to take Sampson and Delilah for their walk.  My boss was gone so I figured I could take a few extra minutes and walk the dogs around the block.  Plus it was a lovely day and I didn’t want to go back to work. :-)

We approach this house and I notice the garage door is open and I hear a car start up.  I surmise a person is backing out of the driveway so I move the dogs off to the side so the person can back out.

The road is cold and hard, a nice bit of grass to sit on would be nice.

The road is cold and hard, a nice bit of grass to sit on would be nice.

Mr. Grouchy Pants (humor me, okay?) is facing us on the road and motions for me to walk forward.  

I smile and shake my head and use my hand to motion him to go first.  In retrospect if I knew what was coming I would have made a different hand motion, but I was clueless.

So Mr. Grouchy Pants pulls forward and stops next to me.  Thankfully I had the good sense to tighten Sampson’s leash as he has a tendency to want to jump up on cars to say hello.  Delilah having received her treat is sitting patiently on the grass.

Mr. Grouchy Pants rolls down his window and says, “What’s going on?”

I smile, shake my head and reply, “Nothing.”

The Mr. Grouchy Pants says, “Well I don’t like the dogs on my lawn.”

I very politely say, “I’m sorry.  I stopped them so you could back out of your driveway.”

“Oh, okay.” He responds and drives off.

I couldn’t believe it. I’m shocked.  Stunned.  Hurt.  I won’t lie.  I cried.  I felt like he had slapped me.  

First, my dogs were just sitting there.  They weren’t tearing his lawn up and they certainly weren’t pooping there.

Second, we have no sidewalks in our neighborhood and so the town has about five feet on each lawn (give or take) for a right of way.  I’m assuming this is in case they decide to install sidewalks.  So technically my dogs weren’t on HIS lawn.

Then I got pissed and thought, what I should have said was, “Oh I’m sorry, I stopped the dogs so YOU could back up, but don’t worry, that won’t happen again.  The next time you can hit me you grouchy old fuck and then I’ll sue your grumpy old ass and own your house and my dogs can stand wherever the fuck they want.”

And then I thought a whole bunch of other things.  Like ways to make his life miserable, but then I remembered our friend Karma.  She’s a real bitch.  Besides who needs that negative Juju?

What do you think?  Am I over reacting?

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What’s Lost is Found

Bandit is home!

Bandit is home!

I shared this on my personal Facebook page yesterday.  My sister’s dog, Bandit who went missing on the 12th of October has been found!!

October the 12th was a Sunday afternoon, on Monday my sister found out he’d been spotted shortly after he went missing, at a farm about 1/2 mile down the road.

My sister and brother-in-law did all the right things. They alerted all their neighbors as well as authorities.  They contacted local vet hospitals, they put up posters, they set food out by the farm and a pillowcase with their scent on it, they had volunteers helping to search, and of course, they walked the path to the farm every day.  But Bandit eluded them.

This past weekend my sister and BIL were down for a visit and my sister was fairly certain that Bandit was dead.  The farmer on the property Bandit was spotted on, told my sister the Coydogs had raised a ruckus both Sunday and Monday nights.  Typically the coydogs are only heard in their neck of the woods when they score a kill.  My sister and I parted, both with heavy hearts.

Then yesterday afternoon, almost five miles from where he went missing, Bandit was spotted again, this time by the grandson of the man who used to own the company my BIL works for.  When the grandson said he’d seen the dog, his grandfather said, “That’s Ron’s dog!” And promptly called my BIL who lit out of work like the hounds of hell were on his back.

Thankfully the people who spotted Bandit kept him in their sight so when my BIL arrived they could direct him.  When my BIL called to him, Bandit ran.   This is not surprising.  Most dogs who are lost get in the flight zone, all they can think of is escaping whatever it was that scared them. (If you are interested in learning more about how to find a lost dog, check out Mel’s posts at No Dog About It.)

Thankfully my BIL despite his emotional state had the sense to sit down.  Then he began speaking softly to Bandit.

“Bandit, want to go swimming?” (This dog LIVES for the water.)


He tried again using the names of their other dogs, “Bandit, want to go home and see Gordon and JD?” 

At those words Bandit launched himself at my brother-in-law.  He’d recognized something!

My brother-in-law took him immediately to the vet.  Bandit was in rough shape.  He’d lost weight, he had cuts and scratches and at some point he’d had an encounter with a porcupine.  

All told, he lost almost four pounds, had 16 quills removed and his sugar levels were high.  Thankfully the vet felt that the sugar levels were elevated due to stress. The quills were removed, he was given an antibiotic and a rabies shot and was sent home. 

My sister reports he jumped off the couch and greeted her at the door, following her around until she sat.  Then he promptly climbed into her lap where he sat for an hour and a half. 

I want to thank everyone who sent messages or reached out in some form when Bandit was missing, for all who shared his photo and said prayers, it is greatly appreciated.

If you have a lost dog, I want to offer you encouragement and tell you DO NOT GIVE UP!!  Dogs can be found after long periods of time.  They can cover great distances.  Little 18 pound Bandit covered almost five miles in 8 days. There is hope, and believe it or not, happy endings still exist.  It did for Bandit.

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