Follow-Up Friday – April 18, 2014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the post where I highlight reader’s comments, answer questions and generally wrap up my week.

You Make Me Smile – April 13, 2014

Jan K said, “Don’t you just love the determination of dogs?”

Yes I do.  I wish I was as determined as she is.

Roxy the Traveling Dog asked, “Is Sampson sad he can’t join her?”

Yes, Sampson is very sad.  I think he’s even sort of depressed and I can’t blame him.  He’s so limited in what he can do.

I Know Why They’re Called Labradors

Emma said, “Perhaps a general dogstacle would be appropriate as we all seem to be in the way of you busy humans. I guess there could be a catstacle as well. We often hear that we make better doors than windows at our house.”

He he he, yes I think both species are effective at being obstacles.  The cats I had always liked to be weaving around underfoot.

Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s mom said, “Callie will let you step over her; but unless she’s sound asleep, Shadow will get up in mid-step and send you falling flat on your face.”

Yup.  I can relate to that, although Delilah’s gotten better at letting us step over her.  HOWEVER, if she’s awake you better watch out.

Are you saying I could be on T.V.?  Siriusly? That's Doggone awesome, who do I talk to?

Are you saying I could be on T.V.? Siriusly? That’s Doggone awesome, who do I talk to?

Blueberry’s Human said, “You know – I said it once and I’ll say it again…you need to have a video camera going at all times at your house. ;) That is reality TV that I would love to watch!”……”I call Blueberry the Ninja Dog because she is always slinking in behind me and scares the crap out of me when I turn around and there she is.”

OMG you’d hear an awful lot of yelling and swearing. LOL

Colby said, “Unfortunately, a blind person cannot see Labradoors. As part of our guide dog puppy training we work with our Labs and do our best to make sure they are not obstacles for their blind handlers.”

That’s awesome Colby.  You have my undying respect for that.  I’d love to learn some of those skills.

2 Brown Dawgs said, “From small puppies my doggies learn the phrase “gotta move”. That means get the hell out of my way. Only I say it real cheery: “gotta move”. ..happy voice. But I am thinking the other.”

I usually say, “Beep, Beep” but when that doesn’t work I usually yell and swear.  I’m a horrible dog owner.

Delilah and Me

Jessica asked, “I’m trying to decide if it’s *better* to know that Delilah is capable of loose leash walking or *worse.* What do you think?”

For me, its better knowing she’s capable of it.  It gives me something to work towards.  

Jenna, Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady says, “Three huskies who all want to be in the lead, and the only thing that has helped me with it has been using different harnesses to help with the pulling.”

I recently got a harness for Sampson that’s working rather well, BUT he is not at full capacity yet.  So I can’t say with certainty it will help.  But when he is 100% I’ll have them both on harnesses and let you know.

Who’s Been Pooping in my Bed?

Jessica asked, “How strange. Is Sampson still on medication?”

Yes he is.  He’s on Tramadol and Carprofen.  But he’s never done that before.  He only ever pooped in the house once and he was probably 3 months old when he did that.

Lauranne said, “Wow there are so many things wrong with this post – I’m not all squimish and stuff but yuck bare hands and even bigger yuck you offered it to your dog to eat!! You may have just earned the crazy dog lady title 2014!!  I also worry far too much – do you think there is a way to get paid for it??”

First I should tell you raw fed poop is very hard and dry.  I honestly couldn’t tell what it was until I’d picked it up AND I would NEVER let her eat the poop, it was an impulse just to see what she would do.  To your question I would say, I wish there was, but I don’t think so.

Sheena asked, “Are you sure YOU didn’t leave that poop in the bed so your scent was there for Sampson? Lol! Perhaps you have totally lost YOUR mind and you we’re sleep pooing?”

No, I’m certain I did not poop in the bed, it was definitely one of the dogs.

Emma said, “Obviously you are way off track on this one. You can’t just blame the dog! I don’t think you have a cat, but if you do, that would be the perp in this case. What about hubby? He is the one that is usually in that bed isn’t he?”

No to the cat and no to the Hubby.  He and Delilah have been sleeping in the other room.

HLAD 4-17-14

Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s mom asked, “And, by the way, what’s that on YOUR pillow?”

It is just the way the blanket is draped and the darkness of the photo.  I can assure you there is nothing on my pillow!

Frankie and Ernie said, “So you are saying… you had a CRAPPY experience????”

BWA HA HA yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Jen K says, “wow, it just occurred to me the morbid conversations we dog owners will candidly have with each other….”

Yes, yes we do.

Jan K said, “You would have laughed if you had seen me at about 4 am this morning trying to get back in bed when Luke had taken over my spot when I got up to pee.”

I can picture this as I have gotten up many nights myself and lost my spot.  There have been times where I just end up sleeping somewhere else, because it’s just not worth the fight. :-)

Blueberry’s Human said, “Maybe it was Sampson’s version of a mint on the pillow?……I can’t say my reaction would be the same as yours at finding out the “rock” turned out to be a turd. LOL – puzzlement??? I would have shrieked and flung it. ;) And best. line. ever. – “…what if he had a little one left in the chamber and when he went to sleep it shot out?”.

OMG mint on pillow!!  That cracks me up.  I’m glad you liked that line.  When I giggle writing it, I’m pretty sure that someone else will find it funny too.

I’m glad you all realized the post was intended to be funny.  

That’s it for me, I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter.


Who’s Been Pooping in my Bed?

Delilah and the Baby Gate:

Sampson and I have been sleeping in the Recovery Room that Hubby and I made for him.  Anytime we aren’t home, Sampson is locked in this room via a walk through baby gate.  Last week we were told we could give him a bit more freedom, so I tried using a plastic baby gate in the hallway.  I shut the bathroom door so he couldn’t go in and slip and I wedged the gate between the walls.  This would give him access to his room and the den.  Typically the den is Delilah’s.  She has a little bed in there and she lays there watching for us to come home.  But I figured, hey she has access to the entire house including the bedroom, so she can suck it up for a few weeks.

The first morning I heard my mom getting ready to leave so I called Sampson in to the den so we could go out on the small deck and say good morning.  I slid open the door and there was this humongous crash and Delilah came tearing into the den.

Scratch the plastic baby gate in the hall.

Who’s been pooping in my bed?

You all know by now that I’m a worrier.  It’s what I do best.  If I could get paid to worry, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.

Monday I came home from work and went to let Sampson out and I noticed something in the bed.  It looked like a small rock so I went in and picked it up.  Upon closer examination I realized I was holding dog poop.  I was puzzled. How on earth did dog poop get in the bed?

And then the following thoughts raced through my mind:

  • Could Sampson have pooped in the house and then cleaned it up himself, even though he’s never pooped in the house before? (You missed one dude.)
  • Why would Sampson poop in the house?  Oh god, what if he really does have Degenerative Myleopathy and he’s losing feeling in his back end and doesn’t even know he’s pooped?
  • What about Delilah?  You know she’s a shit eater.  She was snuggling in here this morning.  What if she brought something in from outside to enjoy in bed, like most people enjoy crackers?
  • Sampson did poop this morning.  Maybe he didn’t get it all out, what if he had a little one left in the chamber and when he went to sleep it shot out?

Then I decided it wasn’t worth worrying about, I left the room to dispose of the poop and I met Delilah in the hall.  What the hell, I thought.  She eats shit anyway.  I held out my hand.  She gave me the nastiest stink-eye and turned her head.

My DOG woman, you never cease to amaze me.  Poop eating is discretionary.  At MY discretion.

My DOG woman, you never cease to amaze me. Poop eating is discretionary. At MY discretion not yours!

What? (For those of  you not in the know, the poop of raw fed dogs is very different from non-raw fed dogs.  It is very hard and compact.  This poop looked like a small rock or a very large piece of kibble.  I think the fact it looked like kibble is that gave me the above idea.) ;-)

Where does the Mama sleep?

Please take note of this photo.  Can you see where the pillow is?  That’s typically where I should be resting my head.  Do you also see where Sampson is?

HLAD 4-17-14

Yes, I take my job of keeping the Mama warm very siriusly.

Yes, most nights I wiggle my way between the dog and the wall.  The things I do for my dogs.

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Heart Like a Dog

Delilah and Me

I mentioned a while ago I thought Delilah would be very content as an only dog.  While she’s fiercely independent, she’s also jealous of attention given to another dog and she’s competitive.

There is no where her competitiveness comes through more than when she and I are walking with Sampson.  And it doesn’t matter if I’m walking both of them, or Hubby’s walking Sampson.  Delilah will pull to the end of the leash to get ahead of Sampson.  It’s not quite so bad if he’s off-leash, but if they are both on leash, she wants to lead the charge.

Having two dogs with different exercise requirements can be somewhat challenging.  Sampson has to have timed walks.  We started out at five minutes twice per day and are currently working ourselves up to fifteen minutes, preferably this would occur three times per day, but logistically that’s hard for me.

First thing each morning, I get up, throw some clothes on and take Sampson for his first walk.  We live practically smack in the middle of a hill and I discovered early on, it’s easier for Sampson to start the walk by ascending the hill and finish the walk with the descent.

After our walk it’s time for some range of motion and weight bearing exercise, then I ice him up, ready the dog’s breakfast and go get myself ready for work.

Once I get home I prep the dog’s dinner, fix their snack and grab Sampson for his second walk of the day.  Delilah needs to stay inside because when I leave her out, she tries to exit the yard with us and when I leave her, she barks her fool head off.    There is nothing enjoyable about a walk, when you can hear your stinkin’ dog barking like a loon.

Once Sampson’s back home I follow the same schedule as the morning in terms of physical therapy and icing.  Then it’s Delilah’s turn for a walk.  Typically Delilah chooses our walk and I simply follow along.  As long as I’m outside with her, it doesn’t matter to me where we go.

The whole walking two dogs is a pain in the ass, but in spite of this challenge something really awesome happens when it’s just Delilah and me.

I'm glad you're holding onto that leash Mama, I don't want you to get lost.

I’m glad you’re holding onto that leash Mama, I don’t want you to get lost.

Can you see it?  No?

4-15-14-1 How about now?  No, it’s not the toes that need a manicure!  It’s the loose leash!!

Notice how I have gathered it in my hand?  She is actually on about 4 1/2 feet of leash, walking like a princess beside me and not pulling at all!

It’s totally Amazeballs to have a nice, leisurely walk without having my arm pulled out of the socket.

Have you noticed competition with your dogs?  How do you handle that?

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